The New Tattoo

Jan 26th, 2014
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  1. ~The New Tattoo
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  4. “That’ll be 200 gold pieces ma’am!” Said the overly cheery shop attendant, pushing her hands forward a little too eagerly.
  6. Karina looked down at the girl, who was barely the height of her chest. She considered a whole variety of witty comebacks, verbal gutshots and the odd sarcastic guffaw, but the reality was the the kid was adorable way too many way. With a pained sigh, Karina tossed her the coin pouch.
  8. “There’s 250 in there, keep the change.”
  10. “Really miss!” the girl was excited, “Wow, you’re so nice!”
  12. Karina chewed her lip to stop herself laughing. Nice was not how she was have described herself. Still, the girl reminded her of what she once was, innocent and carefree. She patted the girl on the head, “If you say so kid, if you say so…”
  14. She bid her goodbyes, especially to the tattooist who was earning her hard won coin. Magical etchings, a pre-coded spell written into flesh to circumvent such troublesome things as casting times and reagent costs. The glowing blue streams were inked down her arms, circled with runes of power and sigils of might. In a more mundane tattoo, it would have been impressive and intimidating. In the magical… well, she started grinning without realising it, her eyes alight in manic joy. The magically tinged eyes glowed a deep shade of purple.
  16. The sorceress was proud of her life choices, so much so that she dressed herself in stereotypes which made her stand out as much among her peers as it did among the greater community. Few sorcerers wore pointed hats these days, let alone bright purple ones adorned with gilded stars. Fewer still wore purple robes, which on close inspection was what she wore… despite her… alterations. Karina hated how androgynous the robes looked and set about mending that pet hate. Tucked in a seam here… let out a section there… and very quickly, the ‘robe’ barely contained her massive breasts, as evidenced by the fact that they seemed to bounce with each of her footfalls. Cleavage was one thing, but someone looking down on her would see her stomach between them.
  18. The robe sat tight on her hip and ended just below her firm, curvy arse, an asset the whole world saw when she bent over. She had no love for traditional undergarments, but this new fashion in the ‘G-string’ as the tailors called it, that drew her attention more than any other clothing accessory to date. Her slender legs, glistening in sweat from the overly warm summer’s day, were another feature she enjoyed showing off to those who would watch. Although her methods for doing so got her a few strange questions. ‘Who aside from horseback archers want high heels?’ they’d ask. She never had a good answer for that, she didn’t even know how to ride a horse let alone know how to ride one, and she had never so much as touched a bow in her life, so that was out of the question. Nope, she just like her legs, liked how they looked with the raised heels and didn’t care for whatever questions might have come her way over it.
  20. All this pride, this air of superiority was further accentuated by her purposeful strut, her hips thrusting out with each footfall as if to say, “I’m sexy and everyone knows it!”
  22. And the best part? People kept the disparaging judgements to themselves. Who really wanted to piss off a sorceress after all? Anyone who could wind-up a fireball the size of a person’s head was inherently dangerous, and Karina was known for being quite powerful.
  24. Karina found herself a deserted alley, one that lead directly into the mouth of one of the storm water drains. It hadn’t rained for a full season and the seers weren’t anticipating anything for at least three full days, so it was safe enough for the time being. She wanted to sit, the price of vanity was that her heels were bruising and blistering. Cobblestone was not a surface for these shoes. She entered in a little ways, a space shared only by the moths and the rats. She found herself a nice, raised platform to sit on, a walkway for when the waters start rising.
  26. Kicking off her shoes, she immediately turned her attention back onto the etchings and the magic that pulsed in them. Her brow creased as she went over the sigils and the signs.
  28. “Living creature? Whatever happened to fireballs?” the muttered to herself, a bad habit that she plied to keep her own thoughts straight. All that the tattooist had told her was that ‘it’s perfect for her’. It was a point of confusion because she wasn’t a summoner. Resolving herself to find out exactly what the deal was before confronting the tattooist, she cast the etchings and called forth this ‘terrible sin of a creature’ that the runes described.
  30. A portal opened into the ground and immediately tentacles spewed forth. Hundreds of them, all shapes and sizes, all different purposes and forms.
  32. She slowly pulled her hat off. She hadn’t even considered the utility of it all before, she always hated being on the receiving end of both minion creatures and entanglement spells, this creature was a horrible combination of both.
  34. At first, it brought its warrior side to bear, the creature’s tentacles that were at the fore had wicked hooks and scything blades. These weren’t just for ensnaring, they were for reaping. She immediately fell in love with the very thought of the havoc this creature could wreak. A particularly stupid rat bit down on one of the tentacles, causing the creature to respond by decapitating the rodent, a tentacle made of nothing but mouths and prehensile teeth emerged, devouring the mess left behind.
  36. She approached it, the cold stone floor against her bare feet made her wince as she did. Her heart beat elevated as she did, but not out of fear, but out of anticipation. It was exciting, it was frightening in all the right ways, the ways the impressed rather than terrified.
  38. The creature seemed to know this was her reaction and withdrew the violent limbs, replacing them with ones that had no armaments at all. Many of them were thin, barely the width of rope, while a few of them were a bit thicker and there were a couple, massively thick ones among them. She approached closer, the tentacles seemed to understand, to appreciate the gentle approach.
  40. A few of them reached out to her, a couple of the smaller ones touched her face, a few of the larger ones stroked her arms. The largest tentacle, one the thickness of a human torso, loomed in front of her, as if to give her a ‘face’ to gaze upon. She noticed quickly just how… phallic it was. It had the general shape of a cock and even a slit in the tip. Curious, she reached out and petted it.
  42. It responded well to affection, would have even cooed if it had the vocal chords. The tentacles drew closer, wrapping slowly, gently around her voluptuous frame, gently tugging, urging her gently in.
  44. As if on reflex, she reached out and hugged the giant tentacle, burying her face into the slit at the tip, snuggling into the end of the giant tentacle cock.
  46. The etchings provided a link of sorts, and because of it, she knew what these tentacles were for, love, not war.
  48. One of the tiny tentacles coiled around the top of her robes and in one quick motion, jerked it awkwardly off and revealing just how much of a woman this sorceress was when her shapely breasts practically bounced out, begging for attention. Karina slid her arms out of the sleeves, taking the time to pose slightly and run her hands across her massive, firm breasts. She stroked and massaged, teasing her nipples as she did. She even pressed against one of them, drawing the nipple up to her mouth. He tongue flicked out, playing with the nipple until it was fully erect, a slight shudder of sensation shot through her from that tip, exciting her further, making her just that much wetter.
  50. She could tell that the creature liked what it saw, and that made it all the more exhilarating. The tentacles were tightening their grip, firm but not hard. She leant as hard as she could and managed to purse her lips around that nipple, suckling and moaning. She slipped a hand down under the g-string and between her legs. She played with her clit for a moment or so before she moved onto the prize that the creature seemed to covet. She put her middle and ring fingers together and slipped them inside her soft, warm pussy. The moans she let escape her lips were a mating call that the creature understood, the slits in the tentacles weeped a sticky cast as her moans grew louder and more sincere.
  52. She stopped suckling for a moment and gave the creature a wink as she pulled her hand back up and licked her fingers clean of her own pussy juice, running it over her tongue, playing with it in full view of the creature before swallowing, relishing the tangy sweetness.
  54. That seemed to the creature’s breaking point, as tentacles of varying sizes all held onto her, lifting her off her feet and holding her in a pose that reminded her of a nice, comfy hammock. The hold was gentle despite how quickly the creature whisked her up and when it opened her legs, was quite polite about it all things considered. She knew it had the strength to be a little less chivalrous, but for a creature without a face, it was the perfect gentleman. It caressed her, all of her. Despite the sticky trail pre-cum the creature left behind with each stroke, she found the massage quite relaxing, and the foreplay quite enticing. A couple of strange, trumpet headed tentacles emerged and played with her breasts for some time, massaging, caressing. Quickly though, when a sharp breath escaped her lips, they latched onto her nipples and suckled. It certainly felt better than any she had subjected herself to, that was for sure. Without petty human limitations such as teeth or jaw, it moved and caressed in ways that she didn’t think it was possible to feel. A couple of the smaller ones were still massaging the breast as a whole, while a larger one lay itself between her bouncing tits. The tentacles all worked together, pressing her breasts together, around the massive, throbbing limb.
  56. Another group of tentacles all clustered around her groin, seemingly unsure of what to make of her g-string. After a moment’s contemplation, the tentacles seized it in multiple places and tore the fabric asunder.
  58. “Hey that wasn’t cheap-” She tried to call, but the creature seemed to understand and reassured her with a gentle stroke along the forehead.
  60. Some of the smaller tentacles gathered around the lips of her own personal temple and teased it, played with it in tender strokes and gentled fondling. Some of the tentacles moved immediately onto her clit, rubbing it in all the right way, in all the right angles. Not too hard, not too soft, lubricating it with the pre-cum to ensure that it never rubbed too raw. Karina’s head lolled back as far as the tentacles let it, the creature put a few there as a headrest for her. Her moans were growing in intensity, quickly turning into cries and if she didn’t compose herself soon, maybe even a scream.
  62. The tentacles parted slightly, as a larger one pressed up against her pussy. It rubbed around the lips, spreading its watery pre-cum all over to lubricate before pressing on. It was gentle, but it didn’t escape her just how massive it was. The throbbing member seemed to fill her completely as it pushed its way in.
  64. When it reached the deepest depths of her pussy, Karina let out a long, drawn out moan. It then pulled back and thrust, moving gently at first but each successive thrust emboldened it, causing it to pump harder, faster, deeper. If Karina looked down, she would have seen its shape emerge slightly from under her tummy. Not that it mattered, she was too busy enjoying the ride, her body urging her to writhe against it, to wring out every possible angle that she could feel it.
  66. “Oh, gods above and below, you are a fucking treasure!” she cried, never feeling more happy than she did then, “Don’t be shy darling, You’ve got more swords than I do sheaths, so start sheathing!”
  68. Her voice failed her for a moment as she let out a cry that she tried to suppress, but forced its way out, “Fill me, all of me, everything!”
  70. The creature complied willingly, and all of the tentacles started writhing about her, as if the creature was trying to jerk all of its tentacles. Meanwhile she felt a couple of the smaller tentacles cup her arse and before she could speak out, felt them lubricate it. Suddenly another large tentacle pushed it way in, but this one didn’t bother with the foreplay, it went straight on to thrusting. It seemed to know not to go too deep, in case it made a misstep and hurt her, but that didn’t stop her from trying to push into it to get it that much deeper.
  72. The tentacles inside her thrust in unison, she gyrated with them.
  74. “That’s more like it, but you’ve got more swords, be creative now, drown me in your seed!”
  76. At that a bunch of tentacles placed themselves into her hands and thrust, as if urging her to play with them. She gave them a smile and started jerking them, sliding her palms across their pre-cum slicked shafts.
  78. “I can’t wait to taste your cum, oh gods I hope I taste your cum!”
  80. The creature seemed to respond in the most pragmatic way possible, one of the larger tentacles pressed its tip against her mouth. She licked the head as a greeting, but she knew what it wanted, what it craved. She swallowed, took care to pull her teeth as far away from it as she could, paying extra mind to suppress her gag reflex. This was going to be a record and a half.
  82. She hadn’t ever sucked a cock this big before, and it was an experience she relished. At first it was like the creature was tentative, worried about suffocating her and only letting her suck the head, go shallow. Karina pulled away, “Don’t be such a pussy and actually fuck my face, treat me like the whore I am. Stop ‘copulating’, start fucking darling, fuck me with everything you’ve got!”
  84. The creature appreciated this invitation and thrust the tentacles so deep in her that it’d cause her an injury if it weren’t so wary. The tentacle in her mouth slid down into her throat. The sheer size nearly caused Karina to lose control and gag, but she managed to keep it under control and moved her head faster than the creature in order to encourage it. The attempt worked, the creature was suddenly thrusting, writhing, gyrating with almost inhuman speed.
  86. Karina couldn’t hold it anymore, the creature hit all the right buttons at all the right times. Her whole body tensed against the tentacles, but they were made of sterner stuff, they didn’t give or relent, if anything they thrust harder.
  88. Karina felt her whole body seize as she managed to let out a scream through the cock in her throat, moaning as hard as she could to let the creature know of its success.
  90. The creature let up slowly as Karina stopped gyrating, her heaving, shuddering breath told the story of how she had come harder than she ever had before. She pulled away from the tentacle in her mouth and spoke to the creature, “now that I’m done, we need to get you off. I did say I wanted to taste your cum,” she licked her lips, “I bet a beast like you still tastes sweet! Now get back to it, don’t stop until you fill me with your seed!”
  92. The creature complied, ravenously. It thrust the tentacle back into her throat without a second telling, the tentacles in her pussy and her arse surged back into motion and the tentacles on her tits and her clit were more vigorous than ever!
  94. It only took a few moments, but Karina was overwhelmed with how explosive it was. The first to come were the ones inside her, first the tentacles in her pussy and arse erupted, filling her so thoroughly that the cum spattered onto the stonework underneath, while the tentacle in her mouth receded back so that she could have her mouth filled with the seed, for taste like she instructed.
  96. When it withdrew she found herself savouring it, why wouldn’t she? The cum tasted like the sweetest honey. Soon after all of the other tentacles started shooting their respective loads, the ones in her hands first, covering her in the sticky sweetness. While she was licking her hands clean, the ones on her breasts blew, covering her in a mockery of a dress. A seductive pose was struck just for the creature and that was it, the hammock blew its load, covering her head to toe in its seed and the massive ‘face’ tentacle shot its barrage, landing right between her breasts.
  98. The creature let her down gently and seemed to approach submissively, like a puppy asking if it did well.
  100. Karina went to work lapping up that sweet, sweet cum, once again suckling her own nipples just to get it off properly.
  102. “You did good darling, you did so good. Now, that cute tattooist that gave you to me, and that adorable little number who processed the coin? I’m going to show you to them when I’m clean,” she made an exaggeratedly slow lick to impress the point that she was in no hurry, “and by the gods I’m going to let them know just how much of a gorgeous treasure you are!”
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