HM:StH Any% Cake Contest Notes (Gina Route)

Oct 15th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland
  2. Any% Cake Contest Notes (Gina Route)
  3. [Updated 15 Oct 2020]
  5. NOTES
  6. - You need +140G to start the first day. Different items must be sold in different shops. These include:
  7. > Ronald: Blueberry (30G), Very Berry (10G)
  8. > Louis: Copper Ore (40G), Iron Ore (60G), Moonlight Stone (100G), Pontata Root (80G), Rare Metal (180G)
  9. > Lyla: Moondrop (10G), Herb (10G), Limestone (40G)
  10. > Woody: Blue Rock (90G), Copper Ore (40G), Iron Ore (60G), Limestone (40G), Rare Metal (180G)
  11. > Alternatively, do part-time work. Brush/talk every horse = +150G.
  12. > Optimally you will buy and plant/water the corn on Spring 2 while waiting for noon (cafe opens).
  13. - Part-time work isn't as bad in this route, since it can be combined with a quick detour to gift Gina on Spring 2.
  14. - This route saves time by using Gina to obtain the Moondrop Dew instead of Katie, since her Wed/Sat location is much closer than the cafe, and since runs generally sleep until Fall dry season anyway. The gift route is tight however, and almost any undesired mild season rain is a reset.
  17. SPRING
  18. - Goddess questions: NEGATIVE
  19. - Spring 2:
  20. > Fill watering can and till the whole first plot. If you get minerals totaling 140G or more, sell them; otherwise, pitch.
  21. > Sell as necessary or do part-time work, then buy 8 corn seeds.
  22. > Head to the Lake, and weed intro+gift Katie (pocket the weed, don't toss). Don't forage for gifts.
  23. > Enter cafe at noon for CS1. Re-enter cafe and show Katie the weed 5 times.
  24. > Head home to plant and water corn. Get the recipe in the bookcase before sleeping.
  26. - Moondrop Dew day must only be Tue/Fri/Sun. This leaves
  27. - For some reason, when using Gina, the first failed cake cutscene overrides the cutscene where you give the book to Katie. Thus, make sure you exit and re-enter, or else Gina won't meet you at the Goddess Pond.
  28. - Must sleep at least 37 days to get the cow to Golden Milk status (220AP). For Fall/Winter dry season strats, this means you must do the big cutscene day/buy the animals on Summer 14.
  29. - You would thus gift Gina on: Spring 2, 3, 6, 10, 13, 24*, 27*; Summer 1*, 4*, 8, 11, 14 (* = dry season, no risk of rain)
  30. > All interactions are in her Wed/Sat location except Spring 2 (go to Villa before or after part-time work) and Summer 14 (gift inside Villa, then exit and re-enter to trigger book cutscene).
  31. > GD1 will trigger after two interactions with Gina (she gets +5)
  32. > If 2 or less days lost before Spring rainy season, you can try for a rare non-rainy Wed/Sat on Spring 17 or 20.
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