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  1. Name:  Nina Okabe
  3. Age:  Seventeen
  5. Gender:  Female
  7. Birthday:  May 4th
  9. Ethnicity:  French and Japanese
  11. Occupation:  Student
  13. Orientation:  Heterosexual
  15. Marital Status:  Single
  17. Arcana:  The Sun ( )
  19. Persona:  Eos
  22. 🏡 Looks 🏡
  24. Pretty pale.
  26. She's 5'2" and weighs around 100 lbs.
  28. Her eyes are hazel and she has sandy blonde hair that she usually wears in some sort of ponytail or braid.
  30. The clothes she wears are trendy and fashionable, with tops that are loose fitted and comfortable to wear.
  32. Her frame is slender due to her fast metabolism.
  35. ❀ History ❀
  37. Born to a French mother and Japanese father, Nina came from a "well off" family and was privileged in many aspects of her life. With parents who were fairly wealthy and both taught at a private school, they enrolled their daughter as soon as they could, and she began her education at a young age.
  39. With her parents' guidance, she proved to be an attentive and hardworking student. They saw to it that she devoted time and diligence to her studies, and her grades and presence in the classroom reflected such...but all wasn't well.
  41. Nina's lifestyle led to her being the target of resentment among her peers. While her parents had established a small social circle comprised of their friends' and colleagues' children for her to interact with, she was regarded with scorn and jealousy outside of that "circle." Before the first year of her adolescence, Nina began to notice that the majority of her classmates seemed to harbor some form of contempt towards her. From the nice clothes she wore, to her foreign features like her natural blonde hair and hazel eyes, and having parents who taught at the school she attended, the young girl became a target others used to project their envy and insecurities onto. Despite that, she remained courteous and friendly to her peers, and maintained the belief that people are inherently good at heart.
  43. Still, Nina found herself wanting more. Her lavish lifestyle and circle of pre-determined acquaintances didn't fill the emptiness and longing to fit in that nagged at her. Often times she found herself questioning what good high grades, nice clothes, and wealthy parents were, when her classmates were too jealous or intimidated to approach her. As a result, she found herself feeling alienated, wishing she was "normal." This quickly became the least of her problems.
  45. At home, she bore witness to her parents falling out of love. Once a happily married couple, their workload as teachers for a prestigious private school gradually began to consume their lives. It started to take its toll on their bond as husband and wife and, more importantly, a family. Nina had grown up with stories of true love and romance that withstood the test of time. Those fairy tales, her optimism, and her faith in her parents' love for each other didn't prevail. For years she watched her mother and father's affection and passion for each other diminish. Short after her seventeenth birthday, the divorce had been finalized. She was left to abandon the life she had, and was to return with her father to his hometown, Inaba.
  47. Upon unlocking her Persona, Nina gradually learned more about Eos' capabilites, and how to leave aspects of her past behind. She began to branch out a bit more among her peers, despite the majority of her focus remaining on her studies. However, memories of the TV World, the man who threw her in there, and the sudden death of her friend Yuu continued to haunt her. Though she learned how to better embrace her emotions rather than punish herself for feeling them, a result of defeating her Shadow, the memories (and sometimes nightmares) were recollections she kept to herself.
  49. Now, Nina continues to strive towards her aspirations in life. With the constant attempts to fit into her new home at Inaba and her eye on fashion school in the future, things seem to have settled down. Yet, with Yuu’s death fresh in her mind and the TV World a vivid memory, she can’t shake the feeling that the small town’s peaceful, quiet days are numbered...
  52. ❀ Persona ❀
  54. Nina's Persona is Eos, resembling the titan goddess of dawn. In Greek mythology, every morning she was known to rise from her home to overcome the night, as bringer of the early light. She also served as a symbol of hope and rejuvenation for mortals, as her light gave them the energy to face their duties in life. In appearance, Eos towers over Nina. She has long brown hair, rosy fingers, arms, and facial features, reddish brown feathered wings, and wears a diadem, and saffron robes embroidered with flowers.
  56. Nina was only able to unlock Eos as her Persona when she released the weight of the past and situations she could not control or change, embraced the future instead of dreading the unknown, and discovered that there is no "right" or "wrong" way to live. As such, the light that Eos brought upon her arrival gave Nina the strength and courage she needed to truly begin her new life in Inaba.
  58. Now, Nina is more confident in herself; from her vision in life and approaching others, to her femininity and sexuality. She wields her ambition and charisma as her strongest attributes, and uses the mistakes she makes as learning experiences. Perhaps the perfectionist within her will never fade. Nonetheless, unlocking her Persona made her the woman she is today.
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