Best Buddy Weekend (Casual Sexx)

Feb 4th, 2019
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  1. >It was a sunny afternoon
  2. >It had rained this morning, so the smell of it was still in the air
  3. >It wasn't warm, but it really wasn't cold either
  4. >In this weather, you could wear a sweatshirt and a pair of shorts if you wanted
  5. >You were Anon
  6. >You were also very excited
  7. >Today was the day that your favorite little horse homie was coming down from his big, pretty castle in the Crystal Empire to visit you
  8. >Him, his wife, and that adorable little bundle of destruction were coming down for the whole weekend
  9. >Flurry was getting sent to Canterlot so the princesses and the Sparkles could baby the shit out of her, which meant that you had them all to yourself
  10. >You had spent the last two days getting everything ready
  11. >The last unit of Bugbears had been painted and varnished in preparation for the many battles that you and Shining would no doubt have
  12. >The ol' DVD player had been dusted off and movies were ready
  13. >You had also taken the liberty of stocking your kitchen with enough junk food to feed thirty people
  14. >Hopefully it'd last you the weekend
  15. >There you stood on Ponyville's one and only train station platform, eagerly waiting for their train to arrive
  16. >Twilight had wanted to be there to greet then as well, but princess duties had come up and she couldn't be there
  17. >You were pretty sure she was full of shit
  18. >Probably just wanted to go to the local hobby store so she could buy some OP bullshit and speedpaint everything so she could kick the shit out of all of you
  19. >Again
  20. >Jokes on her though, you had a deathstar of Bugmen Shamans waiting for her back at the house
  21. >You were pacing the train platform, trying not to let your excitement get the better of you
  23. >The train was supposedly running right on time
  24. >Another five minutes they'd be here
  25. >You looked down at your watch--the ten time you had done so in five minutes-- tapping your foot against the wooden floor
  26. >Five more minutes
  27. >That was it
  28. >What was another five after you had waited here for an hour?
  29. >Time would zoom by!
  30. >You'd blink and the train would be here!
  31. >Looking down at your watch, you saw that thirty seconds had passed
  32. "...Fucking hell."
  33. >A pony also standing on the platform snorted
  34. >You threw the stallion a dirty look, causing him to quickly look away
  35. >You fucking HATED waiting!
  36. >Time seemed to slow down the moment you didn't want to
  37. >The worst part was that as soon as you left the platform to go do something they'd be here wondering where you were!
  38. >You groaned, covering your face with your hands
  39. >This was bullshit
  40. >Why could--
  41. >There was a whistle
  42. >A very train whistle sounding whistle
  43. >You looked between your fingers to see a train steaming toward the platform, a grin exploding across your face
  45. >As the train grew near you bounced in place like a little kid
  46. >Steel screeched as the conductor hit the breaks
  47. >Steam filled the train station as all of the train's doors were opened
  48. >"All leaving for Ponyville please step off," someone from inside of the train called
  49. >A second passed
  50. >You heard a commotion inside of it
  52. >There was some yelling, some glass breaking, and a few hurried apologies, before your lil' horse homie launched himself out through the train's doors
  53. >His head snapped around
  54. >As soon as his blue eyes focused on you he grinned
  55. >"Anon!" he yelled with a little hop
  56. "Shining!" you yelled back, throwing open your hands
  57. >You both race toward each other
  58. >Shining, being the tiny horse man that he was, leapt into the air
  59. >Last time that he had done this had accidently sent you to the horsepital with a bad case of horn in the shoulder, but you were ready this time
  60. >You snatched the prince out of the air, pulling him into a hug that didn't quite crack his ribs, but would probably leave bruises
  61. >Shining gave as good as he got though, wrapping his hooves around you neck and squeezing as he laughed
  62. >The two of you spun around a few times, laughing like idiots, before you lost your footing
  63. >The laughter turned into cursing and yelling as you both toppled
  64. >You found yourself lying on your back, Shining standing over you with a smile
  65. >"You alright there, buddy?" he asked, nosing your cheek
  66. "I'm fine, you dork," you said, ruffling his mane. "Now let me up."
  67. >"You know, you're not supposed to fall until your Bugmen get whipped by my bicorns."
  68. "Your bicorns suck shit."
  69. >"Says the army with no mortal wounds."
  70. "Fuck you and your mortal wounds, you 5+ save nerd. Bugmen for life."
  71. >Shining helped you to your feet with his magic
  72. >You immediately leaned down, wrapping your arms around his neck and nuzzling his mane
  73. >Goddammit did you love this little horse
  74. >Shining giggled, pawing at you head until you let go of him
  75. "So, you ready for the best weekend ever?" you asked
  76. >"If you mean am I ready to make you and Twily cry with my mighty bicorn army and watch your movies until we all pass out then yes, yes I am."
  78. >You laughed, standing up to your full height
  79. "If you think that core of Dreadfighters is gonna help you this time you're out of your mind."
  80. >You looked over at the train
  81. >Ponies were making their way out of it
  82. >Some looked a little hot under the weather, others looked plain exhausted; a symptom of being near love horse for too long
  83. "You've probably already lost your mind, since you thought it was a good idea to let your wife carry all of your shit out of the train."
  84. >Shining frowned
  85. >"I didn't..."
  86. >His eyes widened
  87. >"Oh horseapples!"
  88. >He raced back into the train, weaving around mares and stallions
  89. >The platform quickly cleared
  90. >You waited
  91. >Knowing Shining, he probably brought every one of his models, so it'd probably take a minute
  92. >And you were right
  93. >A good five minutes later, Shining trotted out of the train once again, this time with a mountain of baggage held aloft in his magic
  94. >The prince looked a bit strained from the weight, a bead of sweat dripping down his forehead
  95. "You tryin' to have a twenty thousand point battle there, big man?" you teased
  96. >"S-Shut up and grab some of this," Shining replied, placing two big containers on the floor with a sigh
  97. >You took a step toward the stallion, intent on helping him, when the pressure on the platform changed
  98. >The air grew warmer, filled with... something
  99. >That something made your heart race for a moment, as well as make your stomach tense
  101. >Empress Mi Amore Cadenza, Pride of the Crystal Empire, Lady of Love, The Flower of the Immortals, stepped out of the train
  102. >Gone was her royal finery, even her cute lil' horseshoes
  103. >If not for the wings and horn and being a head taller than most ponies, she would have fit right in
  104. >She looked around the station, eyes lighting up and she saw you
  105. >"Anon!" she chirped, trotting over toward you
  106. "Condense!" you said, walking over toward the alicorn
  107. >You tried to go for a hug, but Cadence was too fast for you, darting forward to nuzzle your groin
  108. >"I missed you," she murmured, her lips brushing against your cloth-covered length
  109. >She lifted her head, nuzzling your cheek as she wrapped a hoof around your neck
  110. >You hugged her back, trying your hardest not to shake your head
  111. >You could almost feel her lust pouring off of her in waves
  112. >When she got like this, you knew from experience a normal stallion would spray his load all over the floor if she so much as looked at him
  113. >Thankfully, not being a magical boy protected you from this somewhat
  114. >It make the hairs on your arms stand up, got you a little warm, but that was pretty much it
  115. >Honestly, you don't know how Shining dealt with it
  116. >Poor guy must have been cumming all day when they started dating...
  117. "I missed you too, Candy," you said. "You guys don't come down here enough."
  118. >"The Empire needs somepony to run it," Cadence replied. "Our duties don't give Shiny and I as much time for fun as we'd like."
  119. >You made a face as she licked your earlobe
  120. >"But now we can have ALLLLLLL the fun we want for the next three days~"
  121. >Giving you one last nuzzle--and your dick a squeeze-- she broke your hug, trotting off the platform toward your house
  122. >Both you and Shining watched her go
  123. >As if feeling your gaze, the alicorn put a sway in her hips, her tail raised just enough to leave nothing to the imagination
  125. >Tearing your gaze away from her, you looked at your horse homie
  126. "She alright?"
  127. >"Yeah. You know how she gets when she comes to visit," Shining said, placing a few more containers of miniatures down. "She hasn't had sex for the past week. Said that she wanted to save up to make it extra special. It was so bad on the train that the other passengers had an orgy since we got onto it."
  128. "I can imagine."
  129. >"She misses you, you know. You really need to come visit us more."
  130. >Walking over to Shining, you gave his head a pat
  131. >He took the pats with grace and dignity, leaning into your hand
  132. "Yeah, you're right buddy."
  133. >"You could even move up to the Empire if you wanted. Me and Candy would love you have you at the castle. It'll let flurry see her uncle more too."
  134. >You picked up some of the containers
  135. "You know how I feel about castles. I gotta wait until I get my horse credit up so I can buy a house, man. Until then I gotta stay stay here and save up."
  136. >You looked back toward Cadence
  137. >The alicorn was a pink blur in the distance
  138. "So... I have a feeling the two of us are gonna have to take care of her before I can kick the shit outta this army."
  139. >"The only thing you're kicking is the trash can when you throw your army away, my monkey friend," Shining shot back. "And I'm pretty sure you're right. Candy isn't gonna let us do anything until she's had her fun first."
  140. "I'm guessing that fun is the same fun she always has?"
  141. >"Probably."
  142. "...Awesome."
  143. >"I know right?"
  145. ~_~_~_~_~
  147. >Your house was pretty nice
  148. >A lot of your neighbors said that it needed a mare's touch
  149. >You liked it just fine though
  150. >There wasn't a lot of shit, but it was your shit and that was all that mattered
  152. >The pride of your house though was the couch in your living room
  153. >It was the most comfortable couch that you had ever owned, covered in a black fabric that was completely resistant to tears and stains
  154. >Shining was sitting on that very couch
  155. >The stallion looked comfortable, his eyes half-lidded as he wiggled between cushions
  156. >"Hmmm... I know I've said this a million times, but I really love this thing," he said. "Those Cloudsdale ponies really know how to make a piece of furniture."
  157. >You were on your knees in front of the couch, knelt in front of Cadence
  158. >The alicorn had her rump presented to you, tail fully lifted
  159. >You could see everything
  160. >Her large, shoft, heart-shaped rump
  161. >Her soaked, tight little marehood
  162. >Those fat teats of hers
  163. >It was perfection given form
  164. >You licked your lips, reaching up to grab Cadence's tail
  165. >Cadence bit her lip as you wrapped it around a hand tightly, getting a good handful before giving it a tug
  166. >She knickered, taking a step back
  167. >You tugged again, watching as her clit popped out, giving you a wink
  168. "So you get those Dread flingers finished?" you asked, placing a hand on her rump and spreading her cheeks
  169. >"I got them and two whole units of Murderers," Shining replied, sounding awfully proud of himself
  170. "Murderers? Oh you and your spamming bullshit."
  171. >"It's not bullshit. It's strategy."
  172. "Don't you come into my house and lie to me, nerd. We both know that's spamming bullshit and you can't tell me any different."
  173. >Cadence, willing her hips, took a step back on her own
  174. >Her marehood was just a few inches from your face now
  175. >You could feel the heat coming off it, smell the sweet scent of her arousal
  176. >Sticking your tongue out, you gave her slit a lick from top to bottom
  178. >Cadence twitched, sucking a lungful of air through her teeth
  179. >She tried to pull away, but a hard yank of her tail forced her back, mashing your face into her pussy
  180. >"Oh fuuuuuuuuuck~!" she moaned
  181. >You felt her wink against your lips
  182. >You tickled her clit with the tip of your tongue, making her knees wobble
  183. >Out of all the mares that you had eaten out, Cadence was the best tasting hands down
  184. >All of the alicorns tasted AWESOME, even Twilight and her cute purple butt, but Candy was on a whole other level
  185. >It was like less sugary caramel with a fruity, barely noticeable aftertaste
  186. >It was awesome
  187. >Almost addicting if you were being honest with yourself
  188. >You parted her lips with your tongue, pushing your wet muscle inside of the mare, trying to get more of that taste
  189. >Cadence rocked her hips as you dragged your tongue along her walls
  190. >"Hmmmmm~"
  191. >Her inner muscles squeezed your tongue, trying to pull it deeper
  192. >You hummed, rubbing your nose against her slit as you forced your tongue as far as it would go
  193. >There was a spot that drove this little horse crazy
  194. >It was almost too far back for you to get, but if you really tried hard you might...
  195. >Your tongue brushed against a spot that felt different
  196. >Cadence tensed, eyes crossing
  197. >"O-Oh, Celestia. Oh, f-Fuck me..."
  198. >You dragged your tongue across it again, trying not to laugh as Cadence shoved her rump back
  199. >Your free hand reached between her legs to play with one of her teats
  200. >It felt warm and soft in your hand
  201. >These suckers had been pretty big before Flurry, but after the baby they had ballooned
  202. >If you closed your eyes, you could almost imagine that you were groping a human woman
  203. >You placed a kiss against the alicorn's pussy, your fingertips finding her nipple
  205. >You squeezed
  206. >Hard
  207. >You felt her rump tense as she let out a scream that shook the windows
  208. >Milk spurted from her teat, coating your fingers
  209. >You tugged on them, rolling that nipple between your fingers
  210. >Now you began attacking with a vigor, licking, sucking, and gently biting
  211. >You'd clean her slit of her juices, only for a wink to make a mess of things again
  212. >Your lips wrapped around her clit, sucking hard
  213. >Pulling back, you nipped at her rump, biting just hard enough to make her tense
  214. >Your fingers left her teat, replaced with your mouth as you began to suck like a newborn foal
  215. >Somewhere during this Cadence's back legs had given out
  216. >You were holding her up by the rump, fingers digging into that fat ass
  217. >Her scent was beginning to make your mind hazy
  218. >Everything was hot and wet
  219. >Your face was coated in her cum
  220. >You didn't care
  221. >All you cared about was making her scream
  222. >You could feel Cadence's body wiggle and shake, her wings flapping
  223. >The alicorn was panting, moaning, even neighing
  224. >Her clit was winking rapidly now
  225. >If you were a meaner man you would have slowed down
  226. >Built up her finish
  227. >But right now you needed this as much as she did
  228. >Slowly, she leaned down, wrapping your lips around her clit
  229. >You began running the tip of your tongue around it in circles, never slowing down, never stopping
  230. >That did the trick
  231. >Cadence tensed up, legs spasming
  232. >Her marehood went wild
  233. >You were forced to close your eyes as a she came, covering your face
  234. >You continued lapping at her clit, making her scream again
  236. >Her back legs gave out
  237. >You could hear her blabbering nonsense, her body twitching sporadically every few seconds
  238. >Her clit winked one last time before disappearing behind it's hood
  239. >You give spot where it would be a smooch before licking Candy clean one last time
  240. >Gently, you set the alicorn down, giving her rump a light pat, and looked over at Shining
  241. >"You always know just how to make her scream, buddy," he said with a smile, levitating a towel over to you
  242. >You took it, wiping your face, neck, and chest off
  243. "I can't get her as loud as you can, you lil champion of a stallion," you replied
  244. >"Oh, don't say that, Your tongue work is amazing."
  245. "You can butter me up all you want, buttercup, but it's not gonna help you when we play."
  246. >Cadence let out a moan, pawing at your carpet
  247. >You got up, taking a seat right next to Shining
  248. >The stallion wiggled closer to you, resting his head on your shoulder
  249. >"You smell like Cadence now," he said, sniffing
  250. "I hope so. She came all over me," you replied
  251. >Both of you looked down at the mare
  252. >"You know she's probably gonna want more when she stops twitching like that."
  253. "Yeah, probably. That's fine though. We still have all night to game, and I know a pizza place around here that stays open most of the night."
  254. >"You know a guy?"
  255. "I know a guy."
  256. >Cadence tried to rise, only to flop onto her side
  257. "How long you figure she'd gonna be like that until she's rearing to go again?"
  258. >Shining hummed, his brow scrunched up in thought
  259. >"You got her pretty good... I'd say five minutes. Maybe ten."
  260. "Hey, that's plenty of time to show ya some of the new terrain I've been working on," you said, nudging his side. "I got these ruins that I worked on for two months. I'm not gonna toot my own horn here, but they're pretty spectacular."
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