What’s your experience with Reddit and Quora purchased upvotes?

Sep 3rd, 2020
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  1. What’s your experience with Reddit and Quora purchased upvotes?
  2. I’m planning on buying them soon but I would appreciate any advice to avoid being ban or flagged.
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  17. I don't know about quora, but on reddit try to not go overboard with upvotes.
  18. Stay in the same range of upvotes for the given subreddit. ;)
  19. Assuming your content is worth you should be good to go.
  20. I’m planning on buying them soon but I would appreciate any advice to avoid being ban or flagged.
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  23. The number of Upvotes and it's speed should be compatible with the range of the subreddit you choose.
  24. If you do it quickly or slowly ,it wont be as effective as you may expect and it may even result in the ban of your domain/account.
  25. This is why i always recommend to analyze the subreddit and to use manual upvotes before you start. Each subreddit has it's own rules that should be considered .If not,all your works may backfire.
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  28. Always drip feed upvotes, at least a minute between every upvote is golden
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  31. Works very well for me. Easy way to get organic traffic, but like others said you need to keep it in the right range for the subreddit.
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  36. Just drip feed votes. I recently bought Quora upvotes and the very next day my answer got deleted. So, Be careful.
  38. The Reddit voting system is complicated. An upvote from an account created yesterday is not nearly the same as an upvote from someone with 15.000 karma. So it will depend on who is providing the upvotes, how good are their accounts.
  39. I don't know anything about faking Quora upvotes, but Quora often puts answers with less upvotes on the top few positions for a question. I often see three answers with say 20-100 upvotes before I see the one with 2020 upvotes. This is only my observation as a regular user. I think Quora also puts a lot of weight on the author as well, how well versed are they in the topic, their credentials etc.
  40. Would love to hear what happens if you do buy upvotes though.
  41. Could you also tell if anything changed in reddit policy since 2020? I'm looking for buying upvotes too, but at the time I'm trying to figure out how it works by now.
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