Twilight’s Good Colt

Jan 2nd, 2021
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  1. >This wasn't supposed to happen
  2. >When you had been having trouble making friends around Ponyville, being a weird alien and all, Twilight said she had an idea to make you less intimidating to the locals
  3. >You figured it'd just be some conversation coaching
  4. >Not turning you into a fucking horse like them
  5. >You didn't want this
  6. >You liked having fingers and being tall
  7. >As soon as the dizziness from Twilight's spell had faded, you'd started to panic
  8. >She was trying to calm you down but fuck that, you didn't okay this
  9. >It's then that you feel yourself held still in her magic, fighting against it as your head is turned to look at her
  10. >Wait, what's going on with her eyes...?
  11. >They're all... swirly and stuff
  12. >"That's it Anon, just look into my eyes... just relax and stare..."
  13. >Yeah, maybe you should. That sounds nice...
  15. >You mentally shake your head and screw your eyes shut
  16. >Whatever she's trying to do to you, it can't be good
  17. >Can't look into those beautiful, swirling eyes, can't listen to that lovely, soothing voice...
  18. >Then you feel your eyelids being forced open by magic
  19. >Her face is right up against yours now, and you can feel her hot breath on your new muzzle as her eyes dominate your vision
  20. >"There you go, Anon, don't worry. Just stare and relax, watch and listen..."
  21. >You can't even think to do otherwise
  22. >It's like a fog has settled over your thoughts and smothered them
  23. >You could probably turn away or something if you wanted, but...
  24. >Her eyes are so nice...
  25. >You don't know how long you stare for
  26. >Time doesn't really exist anymore as far as you know
  27. >Nothing really does, except those eyes and her whispering words
  28. >They're just kinda worming their way into your ears
  29. >Like they're speaking down to your core
  30. >It just feels so good to listen to her and stare...
  32. >You can dimly feel a trickle of drool escaping your mouth as a dull moan makes its way out of your throat
  33. >You just sit there and mindlessly accept her instructions as they reshape your helplessly hypnotized brain
  34. >You're only aware of one final question
  35. >"Who's a good colt?" she asks
  36. "I am..."
  37. >That's all you can weakly reply before your mind goes utterly, blissfully blank
  38. ...
  39. >"...Aaaand, done. Rise and shine, Nonny!"
  40. >You blearily blink your eyes, shaking your head slightly
  41. >Where are you...?
  42. >Oh, duh. You're in Princess Twilight's bedroom
  43. >She's lying on the bed in front of you as you sit up straight
  44. >"How are you feeling, Nonny?"
  45. "A little dizzy, why?"
  46. >You answer without hesitation
  47. >"Oh, just wondering. You were feeling sick, so I invited you to lie down and rest a bit."
  48. >You were? You could've sworn you were worried about something...
  49. >As this thought occurs to you, a wave of tingling pleasure washes over you, seeming to seep into the folds of your brain and down each and every nerve
  50. >You shudder and moan lightly in pleasure
  51. >You quickly cover your mouth with a hoof, blushing
  52. "Uh, s-sorry Princess. I don't know why I did that."
  53. >She rests a hoof on yours
  54. >"It's quite alright Nonny, don't worry about it."
  55. >At her response, you think you agree. It's really not worth worrying about, when she puts it that way
  56. >Wait, what were you thinking about before?
  57. >Eh, it probably wasn't important
  59. >"Quick question Nonny, how long have you been a colt?"
  60. >Huh, that's an odd question, but you don't see why you can't answer
  61. >You go to tell her that you've been a colt since you were born twenty years ago, but...
  62. >That's... not right...
  63. >Before you can pursue this avenue of though further, you're struck by another wave of pleasure that drives the thought out of your head
  64. "I've been a colt since I was born, Princess. Twenty years ago."
  65. >You respond as soon as the wave dissipates, and Twilight sighs in seeming relief
  66. >"Okay good, it stuck. You'll be fine now."
  67. >Before you can ask her what she means, you're captivated by her eyes
  68. >Wow, they're really pretty...
  69. >You can dimly hear her speaking as your senses dull while you fall into her eyes
  70. >"And now that I'm certain the conditioning has sunken in, we're free to have some fun~~"
  71. >Instinctively, the words you speak spring to your lips as if automatic
  72. "Yes, Princess..."
  73. >Twilight smirks at you bemusedly
  74. >"Mmmm, yes, I think having a mindless sex puppet whenever I want will be great fun for the both of us."
  75. >She strokes a hoof through your mane as your universe is consumed by her eyes
  76. >"Who's a good colt?" she asks you
  77. "I am, P-p.."
  78. >You go to say "princess," but that's not right
  79. "I am, M-mistress..."
  81. >You are jolted awake by the sound of two hooves striking each other
  82. >"And awake. Rise and shine, pet."
  83. >Your ears perk up at that as you blink the sleep away
  84. >"How do you feel?"
  85. "I feel fine, Princess. A little groggy, but fine."
  86. >As you say that though, you feel a quiet roiling in the bottom of your mind, like something isn't quite right, but you can't quite place it
  87. >You make eye contact with Twilight again, and a tiny twinge of panic flits its way through your brain
  88. >Your brow furrows. What's wrong? Why are you upset? Why...
  89. >What happened to your body?
  90. >You scramble to your hooves and begin hyperventilating
  91. >"Nonny? What's wrong?"
  92. >Twilight calls out to you from her position next to you on the bed
  93. >You twist away from her, pressing yourself up against the pillows in an effort to distance yourself
  94. "G-get away from me!"
  95. >Her brow creases as she rises to her hooves, not moving any closer to you
  96. >"Oh my, why would you say that?"
  97. "I don't know! Something about you is wrong and it's making me afraid, j-just get away!"
  98. >You want this panic to stop but you don't know where it's coming from
  99. >Why are you so afraid of Twilight? You've known her for ages... right?
  100. >No, that's... that's not right...
  101. >You groan and press a hoof to your temple
  102. >Dimly, you hear Twilight make a tutting sound with her tongue and the rustling of the sheets as she rushes towards you
  103. >Before you can react her face is against yours, capturing your lips in a kiss
  104. >You're shocked, paralyzed by her action. Her lips are so soft...
  106. >The panic starts to subside. It's still there, but it's fading
  107. >You struggle meekly against the lavender alicorn, hooves trying to push her off
  108. >You feel her magic form itself into fuschia ropes of energy that wrap around your hooves, securing you in a spread-eagle position under her
  109. >She pulls back, keeping her face mere inches from yours
  110. >"Does that feel better, sweetheart? Do you remember what you were thinking about?"
  111. >She croons at you, and you find the words come sluggishly
  112. "No... I don't remember..."
  113. >"You were telling me how good my lips tasted."
  114. "No..."
  115. >You shake your head. That can't be right
  116. "What... what did you do to me? Why am I so angry, and why can't I remember anything!?"
  117. >Twilight lowers herself, warm chest fur mingling with your own
  118. >Her front hooves place themselves on either of your shoulders
  119. >"I'm rehabilitating you, Nonny. I want you to be accepted by ponies, and useful to me..."
  120. >She delicately runs a hoof through your mane
  121. >"Doesn't that sound lovely? All that fear and panic gone, and perfectly happy with your new life?"
  122. >You can't remember what you were before, but you feel hatred rising in your voice
  123. "Just get away! Put me back! I don't know what you did to me, but p-please, just fix me!"
  124. >"Oh come on, you don't mean that. Why would you want to go back? You don't even remember what you were before. Isn't it easier to just accept your new form?"
  125. >Before you can refute her, she captures your lips again
  126. >Every instinct tells you to jerk away
  127. >But warmth spreads through your lips and cheeks and forehead so quickly
  128. >The urge to fight falls away faster
  129. >Twilight tastes so good...
  131. >Twilight pulls away
  132. >What... what were you thinking about? It was only a second ago...
  133. >"Why don't you tell me about when you first met me? You can trust me, it's only a story."
  134. "I..."
  135. >Your mouth feels dry as the words spill unbidden from it
  136. "Fluttershy found me in the woods by her cottage. She took me to meet you, said you would know what to do..."
  137. >Twilight's lips felt warm, tingly, soft, distracting against yours
  138. >You push into them, trying to make the feeling last-
  139. >She pulls away
  140. >"Sorry, what were you saying?"
  141. >Your mouth is stuck in the same pose
  142. >What /were/ you saying?
  143. >You desperately try to remember, but Twilight chimes in
  144. >"You were telling me about the first time you met me. How you got a job as a mailpony, and one of your regular stops was delivering books to my old home in Canterlot."
  145. "No, that's not right."
  146. >The words feel bitter as they leave your mouth
  147. >Twilight wouldn't lie to you, but it makes no sense
  148. >You didn't know her when she lived in Canterlot
  149. >"You started to have a crush on me, the cute little librarian, and you told me how you always looked forward to seeing me."
  150. "No... no, you're lying."
  151. >"Would I lie to you?"
  152. "Of course..."
  153. >"I wouldn't. Of course I wouldn't."
  154. >Twilight presses her nose to yours
  155. >"It would be easier if you stopped resisting, you know."
  156. >Wait, resisting what?
  157. "Buck off."
  159. >That expletive seems appropriate for some reason
  160. >You gasp
  161. >Twilight begins grinding her body against yours, pressing you down into the plush bed
  162. >Namely, her slit against your sheath
  163. >Heat shoots through your body and you moan
  164. >Twilight runs her hoof through your mane again
  165. >"Tell me about our relationship," she whispers into your ear
  166. >You bite your lip
  167. >She's doing something, using some kind of magic
  168. >You try to ignore her hot breath on your ear, the warmth of her soft fur pressed up against yours
  169. >The grinding stops and her rear lifts away, her hoof withdrawing from your mane
  170. >You groan, missing the feeling. It felt so warm and intoxicating and blurry to have them there
  171. >"Unless you don't want to tell me..." she whispers
  172. "Wait."
  173. >The word spills out of your lips before you can stop them
  174. >Twilight's hoof and flank pause
  175. "You... you took me in, let me stay in your castle. I didn't have anywhere else to go. You tried to figure out how to get me home, but you said it couldn't be done. You said I was stuck here, that I should learn to live here."
  176. >That sounded right. The memory was kinda fuzzy, but sounded right
  177. >You remember the dread in your heart when she told you... something.
  178. >"Oh no, that can't be right. You slowly built up the nerve to ask me out, and we had a lovely date at a cafe in Canterlot. We were smitten with each other."
  179. "No..."
  180. >"It sounds like there's something really wrong with your memories."
  182. "What are you... hnn..."
  183. >Twilight's slightly-slick folds feel so warm and inviting against your developing erection
  184. >You try to remember what you had been saying, what you had been objecting to, but the memories wouldn't come
  185. >"Don't think too hard about it." Twilight's voice sounds so soothing, so gentle. "It'll only make the anxiety worse if you focus on the discrepancies. Just let me remind you of what's true."
  186. >Twilight kisses you again, but it doesn't feel like the others
  187. >It makes your mouth dry and your head light
  188. >It makes you feel tired and cold and sleepy, instead of warm and happy and... what was the word?
  189. >"There, now. Very good. Doesn't it feel so nice to be so empty?"
  190. >You blink slowly and unevenly
  191. >Twilight makes it sound nice; she must be right
  192. >"You have been my loyal, loving coltfriend for years now."
  193. >You blink again
  194. "I... have?"
  195. >"Of course, do you not remember?"
  196. "N-no..."
  197. >Twilight's groin grinds into yours again, and you moan
  198. >Hadn't you been cold a moment ago?
  200. >That can't be, your member and chest and face felt so warm
  201. >"Doesn't my touch feel so familiar to you?"
  202. >She leans in and kisses you again. It tastes incredible, the best you've ever tasted
  203. >The only one you've tasted, that you can remember
  204. >You melt into the kiss, roll your eyes back and move your tongue to focus on it better. She feels so intoxicating...
  205. >"Tell me, do you remember our first time making love?" The whispered words tickle your ear, warming you and teasing you
  206. >You move your mouth but no sounds come out
  207. >Your lips feel so cold without hers against them
  208. >"Here, let me refresh your memory."
  209. >She touches her horn to your forehead and her eyes glow a gentle violet
  211. >You and Twilight are snuggled up in a different bed, in her old library in Canterlot
  212. >Your sides are pressed against each other, reading a book together by candlelight
  213. >While her eyes are fixed on the page, you sneak a kiss upon her cheek, which quickly turns pink from a blush
  214. >She giggles and returns the kiss, but on your lips
  215. >You both smile against each other as your lips move in tandem, teeth parting to tangle your tongues together
  216. >Her hoof traces down your withers and along your spine as the passion of the kiss ramps up
  217. >The hoof hovers at your flank and you shift slightly against the growing erection pinned beneath your body
  218. >Reluctantly you pull apart for air, gasping and panting as you stare into each others' eyes
  219. >"Nonny, I... I'm ready. I want you."
  220. >Your heart swells
  221. >The mare you're in love with, after all these months, is finally ready to share herself with you in that most intimate of ways
  222. >And you're overjoyed
  223. >You want to make her first time special, you want to please her
  224. >You gently roll her over and are overcome with love at the sight of this adorable, beautiful mare spread out on the bed
  225. >You bury your face in her neck, kissing and licking in a frenzy of passion
  227. >Twilight moans cutely above you, and you take that as encouragement to continue your ministrations
  228. >You work your way down her body, peppering her fur with tiny kisses and licks and the occasional tiny nip of the teeth, eliciting a delightful squeak from her
  229. >Finally you reach her treasure, her folds slick with arousal nestled between her thighs
  230. >You plant a kiss on the pearl at her apex and draw a long, experimental lick from bottom to top along the outside
  231. >Twilight's hips buck at your touch, and her hind hooves cross themselves over your neck, trapping your head in
  232. >Not that you mind
  233. >You lick again, alternating between long draws and quick laps at her outer folds until you finally delve inward, tongue desperately seeking more of that nectar, that ambrosia
  234. >Twiligh audibly pants as your tongue explores her insides, washing over every bump and crevice
  235. >"Nonny, please... don't stop..."
  236. >You're all to eager to oblige as her legs pull you in further, pressing your muzzle into her flower
  237. >You redouble your efforts, taking all the little squeaks and breathy moans into account
  238. >Hearing and seeing her in so much pleasure fills you with joy and purpose
  239. >You're so hopelessly in love with this mare
  240. >Pleasing her and making her feel good and happy is all you can think about
  241. >Twilight's pants and moans increase in frequency and pitch, and you can tell she is approaching her peak
  242. >"Nonny, I'm close, I'm so close, please keep going..."
  243. >You obey her instructions with glee, diving as deep as you can into her folds
  244. >One hoof snakes its way up and begins rubbing at her clit, drawing circles with it
  245. >Eventually her little body can't take it anymore and she cums
  246. >Twilight screams your name into the dark library home, her throes of passion echoing all around the two of you
  247. >Her orgasmic ecstasy is palpable and as you despearately drink down the sticky-sweet marecum flowing from her, you feel pleasure dance through your stiff cock like lightning
  249. >When her shaking dies down she uncrosses her legs and you pull yourself up to eye level with her
  250. >Her chest heaves with each breath as she stares into your eyes, and you feel adoration and love swell within you again
  251. >The memories replay themselves in your head
  252. >Of the desperate intimacy when you two made love
  253. >Of your eventual confession that you wanted her to dominate you, and her resounding agreement
  254. >Of her inclusion of magic and hypnosis into your play, subtly altering your mind and implanting triggers in you
  255. >Of being triggered to sleep, to obey, to go blank, to rut, to forget
  256. >Of being so blissfully and utterly in love
  257. >Of being so euphorically and wonderfully submissive
  258. >Of being so completely and mindlessly obedient to your lover, your Twilight, your Princess
  259. >...
  260. >You rise from your trip down memory lane, still pinned under Twilight, chest heaving under her body
  261. >She's smirking at you with that face she gets when she's feeling dominant
  262. >"Did that help you, Nonny?"
  263. >You smile and peck her lightly on the lips
  264. "Yes, my love. Thank you oh so much."
  265. >She sighs contentedly
  266. >"I'm so glad you're feeling better. I love you to pieces, you know that right?"
  267. >You laugh and nuzzle her
  268. "Of course, my Princess. I love you too."
  269. >You both just lay there for a bit as you bask in her presence, overcome with love and adoration for the violet alicorn
  270. >"You know Nonny, I can still feel you down there~"
  271. >She whispers huskily into your ear, moving her belly against yours and reminding you of the rock-hard erection pinned against the downy fur of her hips
  272. >You whimper as pleasure sparks through you at the sensation
  273. >"Would you like me to take care of that for you, my little pony?"
  275. >As she says that last part, you feel your mind fog and cloud
  276. >All your thoughts slow down and your body grows heavy and warm
  277. >Words spill forward from your mouth in a breathy murmur
  278. "Yes."
  279. >"Yes, what?" She whispers
  280. >You know instinctively what She means
  281. "Yes, Princess..."
  282. >You correct yourself, knowing that you must refer to your divine and wondrous Princess with the respect She deserves
  283. >You feel your Princess slide Her folds against you, rising up and placing your tip just within Her folds
  284. >Even just barely in, you can feel the intense, unbearable pleasure that your Princess always brings
  285. >She rights herself, straddling you with Her forehooves on your chest as She begins to sink onto your member
  286. >You want to throw your head back and moan but you keep your gaze firmly fixed on your Princess, the way you know She wants you to
  287. >It feels so good to obey Her, and the mind-melting pleasure of your cock being enveloped by Her only serves to reinforce this fact in your lust-addled brain
  288. >As She finally reaches the base and you hilt inside Her, She leans down and kisses you again
  289. >Your eyes roll back in your head as Her tongue forces its way into your mouth, dominating yours in a fervent kiss
  290. >And then, She starts to rise again
  291. >Rising off your member until just the tip remains in, and then dropping back down again
  292. >She breaks off the kiss and chuckles at you as a throaty moan escapes you
  293. >Princess repeats the process of rising and falling on your cock, her breath hitching audibly each time she hilts you as her thrusts gain in speed and frequency
  294. >Your hips buck as the pleasure courses through you like fire, erasing every other thought from you as Princess rides you
  296. >"Yeeeessss, good, that's a good pet. Keep going, just like that. You're doing so well."
  297. >The praise feels just as good as the thrusting, except this time you can feel her words sliding into your mind, embedding themselves, making themselves true
  298. >But in the back of your mind you know, even as you approach your climax, that you can't release unless She tells you to
  299. >"Do you want to cum, pet?" She croons into your ear before lowering her head to nip and peck at your jawline, words intermittently interrupted and punctuated by her body crashing against yours and the slapping sound of flesh on flesh
  300. "Yes Princess, pet wants to cum, please..."
  301. >You moan out your response to her inquiry, desperate to obey and please
  302. >"Then earn it," she says. "Recite your mantras."
  303. >Automatically, the coded words that assert your position beneath her bubble forth and spill from your lips at her command
  304. "I am pet. Pet belongs to Princess. Pet must obey Princess. Pet must please Princess. Pet wants nothing more than to please Princess. Pet must be mindless and empty for Princess. Pet must stay hard and horny for Princess. Pet is helpless before Princess's power. I am pet..."
  305. >You recite the mantras over and over and over again, in time with the thrusting
  306. >Each repetition sears them into your mind further and further, engraving them as fundamental and undeniable facts of this universe
  307. >And each repetition makes the pleasure that consumes your body and mind double impossibly
  308. >Your entire being is awash in the sea of Princess's glory as you train yourself into even deeper obedience and submission to Her
  309. >Princess is moaning atop you as well, and the knowledge that you are pleasing Her fills you with joy and fulfillment
  310. >And then, She says it
  311. >"Cum for me, pet."
  313. >You climax together, Her heavenly walls clamping down on your cock as it twitches and spasms violently, spurting your load deep inside Her
  314. >You feel your mind and thoughts and will vanish with each throbbing rope of cum that shoots into Her, still mindlessly repeating your mantras of submission
  315. >And it keeps going, your entire mind drowning in pleasure as the time between the seconds drags on in bliss
  316. >Somewhere in the back of your mind you know that you should have stopped cumming by now
  317. >But you are lost in hypnotic pleasure, the ecstasy pressing forward, going on and on
  318. >Your mind falls into bliss, and the last thing you can feel running through you before your mind vanishes completely is-
  319. "I obey."
  320. >...
  322. >Sunlight dances delicately across your eyelids, fluttering them open
  323. >Your body is heavy and unresponsive, partly because you've just woken up and partly because of the alicorn cuddling you
  324. >Twilight Sparkle is wrapped around you, holding you tight as she snores ever so quietly
  325. >You can't help but smile at her
  326. >You remember being triggered into Pet mode last night and the unknowable pleasure that it brought
  327. >You close your forelegs around her withers and nuzzle into her mane
  328. >Still asleep, she smiles and snuggles closer to you
  329. >You smile too
  330. >Even before the hypnosis, you knew that you'd do anything for this mare
  331. >And her ascendt to Princesshood didn't change that
  332. >You would forever be with her, be it by her side as a friend, in her bed as a lover or at her hooves as a toy
  333. >You are completely and hopelessly in love with this mare, and you know she feels the same
  334. >You close your eyes and let sleep reclaim you, breathing in the scent of her
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