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  1. Dear mom and dad,
  3. You still haven't written to me yet. I ask TERA-9 every morning and they always say that nothing has come. Even though I'm not supposed to, I hid under the house today and cried. Jelba really doesn't like it when I go down there but she doesn't like flowers. I guess that's why? I think the lavender is really nice. Sometimes I pick some and hide it in my pillow.
  5. Jelba told me more about her family. She has a little girl and she's the same age as me! Jelba said her daughter is living with friends until she comes back so I asked her if she's married. She laughed and told me that was a rude question. Is it?
  7. Her husband went into full bloom six months ago, just like grandpa! I almost asked what type he was but I didn't. Just like you said not to.
  9. I think that means I've been really good. When I get your letter, I'll send you this one. When you get this, send me cookies.
  11. Love,
  12. Lorelli
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