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  1. [2019/01/15 16:50]  Ap'zen Drathir leaned on the counter with a quiet sigh expelling from his lips. Such a busy past few days... sparring with Vox, fighting to help Vox, scanning Angi and fighting a connection... and then getting his butt nearly kicked by Gage... he started to think about a vacation or something. He worked at a flipping bathhouse! No one else around... who would stop him from taking a bath?
  3. [2019/01/15 17:18]  Sari: would like to note his entire fucking life seemed to be filling up with /Vox/. From morning, to noon, to evening. Mind. Body. How gay was that? The shambling creature drug her bleary ass out of bed well after she should've, making no pains to ready herself as she made her way to the bath house. A few things were left there for such occasions as this, when she was running late, so she wasn't worried about it. Felix and his self-musing would be interrupted by the sudden arrival of a soaring pair of snow-sogged boots and a vest, as well as the most miserable yawn ever to be voiced. The scent of cooling coffee drifted about on steamy air, "Can you find me a joint from the counter, pup? I've suck a goddamn headache right now..."
  5. [2019/01/15 17:32]  Ap'zen Drathir felt the boots hit his still sore ribs with a canine-like whine coming from his pained face. "Fuck..." He swore, putting the boots down along with hanging her coat up. "Good morning to you too..." He said as she just woke up and had a cup of bean juice ready to drink. Heaving a few heavy and labored breaths, he brushed his hand down his chest before looking her over with a small grin. "Hello Phae~" The drycan teased her with the secret name as he went to Sari's 'secret' drawer that he watched her go for a joint every time.. "Why?" He asked in response to her headache, moving to light the joint and take the first few deflowering puffs before handing it over her way. "I assume you made well on my second courting gift to you?" OH yeah... a defeated rogue wolf for her? That's a fucking courting gift in Ap'zen's book."
  7. [2019/01/15 17:44]  Sari: recalled the events of the day prior with some additional working of the cognitive gears. Ah, right. He'd been half-killed himself before Felix managed to turn tables on the blacksmith. It was an odd gift from an odd man to an odd woman. The fingers of one hand tugged roughly through her hair, its pair setting the cup of bean juice on the counter as she changed it out for the next best thing. Weed. His working the stick to a proper burn garnered some appreciation. Sari pulled in a few drags before answering, "It was that very gift, actually. Tapped into some less...ah, practiced skills on 'im. Being half-dead made his ass easy to command." She inspected her nails a moment. "'re not...the boots. I wasn't entirely there when I tossed them. Lemme know if you want anything, aye?"
  9. [2019/01/15 17:53]  Ap'zen Drathir nodded slowly when she started to explain what she did with Gage. "Uh... command?" Should he have some fears to think about? Well... ah well, if he's under her command right now, he didn't seem to care too much! "Don't worry about the boots... It's better than what you did to me right there." He pointed to near the door where she knocked the daylights out of him. Though the brain-damblaged lycan forgave her for that. Striding around the corner, his hand made for the small of her back as he leaned in to give a slow kiss to her cheek. "There's something I want..." A dangerous wink as he looked down the hallway that could host someone at any possible second. The same hand that touched her pulled away, motioning to her coffee now. "Maybe you should finish that first.. you might be too tired." With a smirk on his lips, he gave her a lusty stare before returning to the ledger he worked on the day before.
  11. [2019/01/15 18:12]  Ilsevel Rin (pheradoc): I'm semi-afk, so don't mind. Lol Working on dinner before I get going proper. )
  13. [2019/01/15 18:14]  Cosima: curled her fingers around her sisters fingers and hugged her arm a bit "Are you sure we should go to a PUBLIC bath house? I mean, remember the past mistress how she wanted the merchandise a secret..." she mentioned then looked at her "Do be fair where ever we go your advertising the merchandise. Have you been to the forest lately? she asked pushing her forward past the curtain.
  15. [2019/01/15 18:17]  Damia: squeezes her fingers back and leans towards her hug, she loves cuddling her " Of course am sure...and since we have no mistress....well...we might as well take advantage" she looked down at her bare chest and laughed at Cosima's words "I hate the constrains of corsets and such..and no...we should go soon" she removes her cloak once they are past the entrance.
  17. [2019/01/15 18:19]  Ap'zen Drathir perked up to see two ladies walk by. "Uh hello!" He called out to either of them, but as they walked by he hummed quietly to himself. "Baths are free! Towels are here for either of you! Any additional services are listed." With a huff, he turned back to look over Sari, wondering something about last night but didn't want to pick on it too much.
  19. [2019/01/15 18:20]  Sari: regained her coffee and, watching the classless motherfucker through half-lidded eyes, proceeded to reward his allusions with the most unsexy of slurps to ever be suffered -- long, loud, and thankless. A dully humored quirk overtook her mouth just after. "I'll be getting 'dressed'." That being...her work clothes for the bath house tended to cover less of her than what she wore for PJs...when she wore them. Ah-haaa. Voices echoed in from down the hall, Sari half-turning with her smoking join and the joe to see a pair of women. She winked at Felix, waiting for him to pitch, before muttering, "Work time~. Maybe later, if you sell it well enough."
  21. [2019/01/15 18:24]  Cosima: paused her hooves stalling in the door way she was so caught by her sisters tits just wiggling about that she forgot about the other people. "Self control Damia, you must be damned." she teased and looked back to the elves "hello!" she greeted with a kind tone, her accent sounded foriegn but not too foriegn, it was exoitic enough to sound exotic and humble enough to sound similar to those around her. "And Soaps sir? What are soaps worth?" she asked looking back to Damia. She looked to the other and smiled kindly tilting her head her expression off putting by her dark blackened eyes. but she seemed nice enough.
  23. [2019/01/15 18:28]  Damia: always marched on like no body's business, so she had to do take couple of steps back when Cosima halted " I am damned..." she murmured with a wiggle of her brows then looking up to elves, she smiled widely " Hallo.." making a small wave and went quiet as her sister asked, taking the time to look about the place, it was so clean and fancy, she was excited to wash after having a really depraved man at the tavern.
  25. [2019/01/15 18:31]  Ap'zen Drathir watched as Sari went off to 'change' in to something to help stand the humidity. A smile painted his lips as he watched her leave before moving to the counter. Grabbing two resin coated menus, it allowed them to stay water proof. Then he motioned to grab two towels. Offering one item to each lady, he gave a small head bow. "Here are the options, and please enjoy your stay here. Your relaxation is our goal." Folding his hands in front of his waist, he would wait for anything they may want.
  27. [2019/01/15 18:41]  Cosima: didn't seem to mind the humidty but it came with the race what she could handle. She moved to take the menus and smiled a bit "Your soaps look wonderful." she cooed and wiggled on her front of her hooves so her but eiggled back and forth. She grinned from ear to ear and then moved to look to Damia "what should I smell like Sister." she asked with that all affectionate tone "and yes damned." she lightly flicked one of her nipples.  She took the towel and thought about rubbing her face in it and then remembered what she had on her face before. "I am curious we just arrived a week or two ago, are you open all the time? also who is the owner here? Also do you allow courtesans to walk into private baths with clients if the Naked Shadow agrees to pay for any cleaning that may be required?" she asked with such a charming disarming smile on she was innocent, but the two girls probably smelt very much like debuchary.
  29. [2019/01/15 18:47]  Damia: wanted to remove all her clothes but she had to stand while her sister asked those long lines of questions, she fidgeted, her tailed curled around her leg as her black eyes blinked at the friendly elf. She yelped when her sister flicked her nipple "Hey...don't start something you can't finish...I know that dragon really gave it to you today" she chuckled and started to play with the feathers of her collar, it was very foreign looking but she was fond of feathers! "Oh it would be wonderful if the bath house agrees....." she cooed echoing her sister's tone and doing a perfect imitation of her charming smile. This is their favorite game, to be each other.
  31. [2019/01/15 18:51]  Ap'zen Drathir crossed his arms as he would watched them interact. Wiggling, cooing, and nipple flicking oh my! A small amount of blood rushed to his cheeks, turning them a hint of purple as he wondered why Sari needed to leave him alone here! "We are open so long as there is someone manning the counter." He motioned to the desk with many drawers to his right. "The owner goes by "Angi" She often wears hides, feathers, and has tribal paint across her form. Also, she smokes a lot of weed." Probably a good indicator right there... "She has normal human skin tones as well!" Aside from the feathers, Sari might have gotten mistaken for Angi! "I'm not sure... about courtesans, I believe Angi would like a cut... but that is something I would recommend direct discussion to her." This drow, for private reasons, did indeed have a strong sense of smell, and the two of them made his nose work overtime. These twins started to scare him slightly, he didn't know if he carried the energy for this. "Uh but yes...
  33. [2019/01/15 18:51]  Ap'zen Drathir: what sort of soaps
  35. [2019/01/15 18:51]  Ap'zen Drathir:  would you like to purchase?"
  37. [2019/01/15 19:03]  Cosima: looked to Damia she smiled a bit her own tail flicked out and poked Damia's she wiggled her butt and her shoulders "I can finish if I have the hot waters of a bath my darling Damia." she winked "Anyway having you a bit bothered in the morning helps the early risers you know that!" she smiled brightly then turned her attention to the elf. "Angi?" she asked just to be sure and nodded to the instructions then started to undress causally she was so used to getting undressed in front of people, to be fair she accidentally looks like she might be being seductive? she spoke very business tone to the elf and then affectionate to Damia and her actions were just seductive and probably a bit confusing to the poor drow. "That is fair, is there a time that our manager can leave a message for Ani?" she asked as she started to undo her capris already topless her volumptious breasts falling just slightly to the release of the corset. "Damia my lovely sister here will take Vanilla and sugar. Makes her
  39. [2019/01/15 19:03]  Cosima: smell like caramel and
  41. [2019/01/15 19:03]  Cosima:  she is as sweet as." she winked and then shimmied off her capri's "And I will take Cherry and Jasmine."
  43. [2019/01/15 19:10]  Damia: couldn't help when their tails touched to laugh with a little snort and pinch her sister's ass " I will let you do anything if I get a hot bath..." she licked her upper lip teasingly but she did mean it, the drow will think them strange or perhaps the idea of disgusting incest would come to mind but they were just...intimately close. "Yes that's the name Cosima..Angi" she repeated to make sure she hasn't forgotten, seeing her sister undress was enough encouragement and she proceeded to do the same, collar first then skirt. It didn't take her time at all, she was hardly dressed as per usual. "I do like vanilla and sugar...thank you my sweets...." she would lean and kiss her cheek with a little nib and bent to pick up her clothes, flashing the man all her parts "Shall I help carry your clothes Cosima?" yes they were shameless and such tarts.
  45. [2019/01/15 19:11]  Sari: "......" The woman re-emerging from the back room hardly seemed the one who'd left those moments ago, sloven and yawning. Walking through the main bath to regain her pup's side, Sari's pearlescent flesh could be seen to shimmer beneath a thin veil of misty droplets, figure statuesque and elegant. Gait languid. Sure. She radiated the aura of an aloof elven beauty from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. Alas, the striking image was fast shattered as soon as she opened her mouth. A flash of very un-elven eyes brought her attention upon the twins. Tapping ash from her roll off to the side, she smiled, "Fabulous, that start~. Are either of you /talented/ whores interested in a drink while soaking? I'd love to see more of this sisterly camaraderie -- it's a winning lure, I must admit. A touch dangerous and daringly immoral. There are topical and edible aphrodisiacs, as well, should Angi approve these your stomping grounds. Or if you just want a taste of what additives we offer."
  47. [2019/01/15 19:17]  Lady Elle: enters the room as she is exploring this new lands, glances at the magnificent creatures before her as she feels a little shy and embarrassed in case she is intruding... "Hello everyone" she says with subtle voice... "Please excuse me if Im intruding as Im new to this community and to RP" she continues
  49. [2019/01/15 19:20]  Ap'zen Drathir watched two beautiful females nude in front of him. Their sistery love between twins only adding onto the attraction of the scene. Hot damn! Faded blue hands kept folded in front of his waist band as he tried to keep a serious look. "You can leave the note with me or the other female you saw, she is Sari." He would introduce the pale beauty while she remained out of scene for now. The drycan looked to be enjoying himself, though his eyes strained in their sockets to maintain eye contact with either of them. "I can carry both of your clothes for you..." He humbly offered both of them as it remained his job to help them relax in whatever way they deemed! Sari's returned only made him smile more to see her in such clothing. Her own suggestion put the blood vessels in his nostrils to their absolute limits! What a day to work at the bathhouse! Turning he would go to the desk and grab a leaf-wrapped bar of soap that they ordered. He offered it to Cosima as she made the order in the
  51. [2019/01/15 19:20]  Ap'zen Drathir: first place. Pinching of
  53. [2019/01/15 19:20]  Ap'zen Drathir:  asses nearly missed his gaze as he maintained a healthy and respectable distance. Another walked in! Ap'zen gave Elle a kind headbow before raising his head. "Hello! And welcome... the baths are free, anything additional is offered with our menus. Feel free to grab a towel!"
  55. [2019/01/15 19:24]  Cosima: looked over to the Elf that walked by and tilted her head she was stunning, she was impressed by her words and then Cos noticed Damia's actions and she tried not to die laughing it was bad she looked to her sister "while your down there yes." she moved to try to take more off and then realized she was naked. "Ah." she laughed a bit then looked to Sari. "Courtesans." she corrected and looked back to Damia for support on that correction. She looked to Apzen and smiled "Oh thank you, Damia let the nice man carry your things, you've been dancing a long time today, no need to bend over more than usual." she moved to grab the womans arm and gasped at the pinch "silly." she scoffed and looked to Sari she didn't like her use of words, but then again women had their uses. She looked to Damia "bath time." she said as she took the soap and then bounched back to be beside her sister before walking into the bath and sighing a heavy sigh. "sister... bath time." she moaned graciously.
  57. [2019/01/15 19:27]  Lady Elle: Grabs a towel as she looks at Ap´zen "Thank you Sir, is nudity allowed at the baths?" she asks politely... "I have been traveling from far and I could relax for a while, my feet are dirty and tired" she says... "Maybe this ladies wouldnt mind to share the bath with a tired Elf? she asks, hoping for them not to mind as she could have some nice company as well.
  59. [2019/01/15 19:32]  Damia: watched the pale elf walk in, when she spoke it was contradictory to her appearance, she titled her head as she studied her curiously for a moment. She stepped back as an elf walked in, seemingly innocent and sweet "Hello..." and returned her focus to Cosima's response about their possible work and the sort of edibles they can have, she frowned a little as she thought they never needed that! "Yes Courtesans...unless...they are all lumped together here" she shrugged innocently at her sister's scoff, smiling widely to the drow when he offered to carry their clothes and walked towards him with bile leaning perhaps too close "Thank you..." maybe she doesn't know how to turn off the work button. "Sari..correct? we will be happy to come often...and if Angi as well but for now...would you like a drink Cosima?" she tried to soften her sister's cold shoulder attitude before following her to the bath, too excited by the prospect of hot water and soap. She whooped and walked into
  61. [2019/01/15 19:32]  Damia: the bath "Oooh...this is
  63. [2019/01/15 19:32]  Damia:  heavenly".
  65. [2019/01/15 19:33]  Lady Elle: Impatient as she always been, she takes her clothes and jumps into the bath cleaning her pale skin and feeling the warm water calming her from her extensive journey. She cant help but admire Cosima´s & Damia´s gorgeous bodies and golden skins, not because she is into women but because she is honest when it comes to beauty.
  67. [2019/01/15 19:39]  Sari: didn't mind a bit of cold shouldering. In fact, it amused her. An inclination of head was given to the passing Elle before she moved to stand herself behind the counter. Matter-of-factly Sari said, "I lump them together. Y'open your legs for coin, don't matter much the services what came before, see. Not to the men sticking their bits in you." A subtle look traveled over to Felix as she opened a few drawers and checked their inventory. "We've teas to energize, calm, cleanse. Other various herbal tinctures. Alcohols. Even tobacco, cannabis, opium. Any preference?"
  69. [2019/01/15 19:41]  Lady Elle: Thinks, the last thing she needs right now its an energizing tea... and giggles a little... maybe some calm would be good to accompany the relaxation after the long trip.
  71. [2019/01/15 19:42]  Lilianna: slipped inside the bath house, peering around the corner almost warily before venturing down the ornate stone hallway. Her ears would flick as she heard voices beyond the other side of the translucent curtain. Her shoulders rolled, slowly pushing the veil aside and quick to spotting a drow male and what she immediately assumed upon first glance to be an Elf working behind the counter. "I take it wouldn't be a stretch to assume you're open for business?" The faun spoke, her voice soft and inquiring. She would not be quick to take visual note of those already relaxing in the bath.
  73. [2019/01/15 19:45]  Ap'zen Drathir sighed as the two sisters moved off to their bath time and one leaned in rather close to him. Several blinks of his violet orbs later, he looked rather speechless from all of this attention. A harsh cough of his lungs, he picked up her clothing and moved briskly to fold and gently lay them down on a chair near the bathing twins. Elle got a nod from the Drycan. "Yes, nudity is allowed in the bathhouse." Ap'zen didn't want to make fun of the question as it might not seem obvious to all newcomers who visited this building of relaxation. A glance back to Sari as they made eye contact. Ears lowered as he didn't want her exactly berating the two ladies on the semantics relating to their chosen career... but, in the end Sari acted like how she wanted, and he just chose to roll with it. With a fourth customer walking in, he gave a deep head bow. "Yes! The baths are free, the towels are complimentary and any additional services are listed here." He motioned to the stack of resin coated
  75. [2019/01/15 19:45]  Ap'zen Drathir: menus to keep them water
  77. [2019/01/15 19:45]  Ap'zen Drathir:  proof. With a small smile pulling at his lips, he stepped back and leaned against the wall unless called upon for something.
  79. [2019/01/15 19:49]  Lady Elle: Spots the faun just arriving as she admires her coal like skin and beautiful green/turquoise ornaments... "Hello Lilianna, nice to meet you" she says politely... "Come Join us" she continues as she make subtle movements with her neck, trying to relax it from all its tension.
  81. [2019/01/15 19:56]  Cosima: didn't notice the woman until she walked in and then looked to the elf, but Sari's voice drowned out her sisters. She looked to Damia and sighed taking a step out she hadn't touched her soaps she smiled to Sari. "We don't need your wines or your soaps, we didn't even need to come her to pay people to rub our naked bodies down to help us relax. We didn't need our bodies to be seen by people who have seen naked bodies for a living." she said to Sari as she started to get dressed her soaps not touched. "a whore lays on her back all day she is sold at a street corner and she has no worth." she stated simply "Courtesans are groomed and hired to serve the needs of others, be that company, a friend, teacher, entertainment or sexual gratification. To man or woman courtesans are half a wife. We are the wives of nightfall. Some of us are born with a talent, but being a courtesan is more than just laying on your back and allowing someone to penetrate you or lick your labia. It is an art." she
  83. [2019/01/15 19:56]  Cosima: moved as she was dressed
  85. [2019/01/15 19:56]  Cosima:  to hand Sari her soap back. "I would rather bathe in cold water then be disrespected in a place your co-worker claims to be for my comfort. Thank you miss Sari, but your services that are the first steps to becoming a healer without putting serious work into actually studying and learning." she shrugged " I hope you have a pleasant evening none the less I am sure you will make many sales with your assumptions and clumping professions together you are a charming girl." she cooed with a kind tone then looked Lilianna and smiled winking at her as she turned looking to her sister "we're gonna go bathe in the sea would you like to join us? Hooves stick together, and my sister has the best way to warm up water." she winked to the faun and looked back to Damia she had kinda ranted but it was in the interest of telling a woman off.
  87. [2019/01/15 20:04]  Damia: stopped mid track towards the bath when Sari spoke, arching a brow she was about top open her mouth when Cosima. Such a judgmental thing to say when she works at a bath house, she went after their clothes on the chair "Come need to be riled up...we have met small minded people before" they have...loads of times in their travels. This was hardly unusual but very much annoying and unnecessary really " hmm..the sea sounds nice..." she smiled to Lilianna as she got dressed "I am thinking after ...we should have dinner..." she spoke calmly as if her sister didn't just lecture the woman about what a courtesan is,  sometimes they alternate in how chilled they are depending on the issue. " I am ready...thank you for your you" she said with a smile to the Drow and a nod to Sari.
  89. [2019/01/15 20:08]  Sari: would indeed say what she intended to and do that of which she could be bothered. How was it berating the pair to call out their profession for what it was? Not that she minded, but in the end, bells and whistles were only that -- bells and whistles. They lent a bit of decoration to something otherwise simply described, and Sari...well, she was a simple person at heart. Why waste air on unnecessary accessories? She might not have been the best with words, but she certainly had a thick enough skin to not be bothered by the bite of someone insulted after two passing comments. Still. The woman had shame enough over it to look frustrated. She ought to have kept her unfiltered mouth from running away. A cool gaze followed after Cosima. Sari silent. She didn't trust herself to speak further, only nodding to the friendlier Damia in turn. The two were left to make their way out unimpeded.
  91. [2019/01/15 20:12]  Ap'zen Drathir looked rather concerned that a cat fight of sorts might break out as he gave a worried glance in Sari's direction, turning to the ladies he sighed a bit. To him, he felt like if they did act like professionals, they would have so openly flashed and teased him. He figured higher class well... demanded a higher class of attitude. That's his own opinion no, and not matter of fact for characters. Pursing his lips, he looked like he wanted to say something, but he looked over to Sari and moved over to put a hand on her shoulder, gripping it softly. "Another day." Ap'zen expressed sullenly.
  93. [2019/01/15 20:12]  Lilianna: halted as two women ventured from the bath, declarations in mind and instigations already well-hung in the air of a place normally built for quite the opposite. But to suggest that Lilianna wasn't a sucker for the female gaze would be an absolutely blatant lie. So when one of her own kin ventured out of the bath, a lascivious wink in her eye in mere passing would occur she would be foolish to pass up. So she ventured pearlescent orbs towards the woman behind the counter. When the women ventured out of the curtain she approached the desk, shuffling in a sac strapped to her side and placed a silver coin. Something of an apologetic tip. "I'll take up a reservation for some goods at a later date, hmm?" She said, turning heel...or hooves rather and following the women leaving. Faun stuck together.
  95. [2019/01/15 20:12]  Shadovaskaya (anangrybeaver): (It's ok!)
  97. [2019/01/15 20:19]  Cosima: looked to Damia and nodded "sea breeze we can smell like home." she swooned, she made no notion to the elves, she didn't even notice the thoughts hanging around in his head on class and how attitudes were a thing by golly eh?! She looked back to her sister and then the Faun "I'm Cosima this is my sister Damia, we're new to town, but we're not dumb. Just a bad run in with people who assume. I advocate for people working how they want, but I'm not into calling people slurs unless it's in the bedroom and you want me to call you that." she said as she walked out.
  99. [2019/01/15 20:20]  Damia: was getting bored as she waited for her sister to leave, smiling at the thought of smelling sea breeze and trailed behind her
  101. [2019/01/15 20:24]  Sari: wasn't one to be worried over. If she decided to roll up her sleeves and fight, it wouldn't be a catty courtesan that felt her fists. A sharp sigh escaped her lips as Sari leaned forward over the counter. Her chest rumbling with a low growl that could match the best a shifter offered. "Don't say...anything."
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