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Jul 18th, 2019
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  2. DragonSalToday at 03:04
  3. Hello, so back in april, i started noticing things wernt quite right, and i gathered some thoughts and penned this hoping it would reach the powers that be but it didnt. I speak because i care for the server deeply but dont feel listened to. it just seems so out of date and everyone else feels the same.
  4. Pastebin
  5. Hi! I know this is really none of my business to bring up but I wi...
  7. as u can see a lot of us are extremely unhappy with things.
  8. Axle15Today at 03:06
  9. oh do i know
  10. i know more then anyone i think
  11. DragonSalToday at 03:06
  12. wooo we are at an understanding
  13. but i passed that letter on to poltie expressing my concerns and nothing happened. so i tried to distance myself from the server.
  14. but i cant sit by and let things be how they are
  15. Axle15Today at 03:10
  16. I have some questions and answers to some of these complaints if you dont mind
  17. DragonSalToday at 03:10
  18. ofc
  19. Axle15Today at 03:11
  20. Firstly, who do you think has been promoted out of popularity
  21. DragonSalToday at 03:13
  22. The general consensous seems to be Lime from the people i speak to, then theres other people who frankly dont deserve there positons,. such as palmer
  23. who has abused his permissions in the past and its documented that he is not on often and quickly logs off
  24. Axle15Today at 03:15
  25. Lime is probably the most active and helpful, he gets abused a lot as well and puts up with it. I feel he deserves it.
  26. Palmer also works hard but honestly i think he's been super busy
  27. DragonSalToday at 03:15
  28. see i disagree with palmer but Lime i can give leaway today
  29. Axle15Today at 03:16
  30. As far as deadlines being pushed back, people have to realize we do indeed have a life outside of the server
  31. DragonSalToday at 03:17
  32. we realise ppl have a life outside the server, we need more higher up staff who can get these things done maybe people in different time zones
  33. Axle15Today at 03:18
  34. That's a fair point
  35. DragonSalToday at 03:18
  36. the staff team are on the same time zone. how can that work?
  37. ive been scouting round different servers and there much more feature packed compared to us and you wonder why people are bored and dont stay on long?
  38. Axle15Today at 03:20
  39. honestly
  40. thats just a coinsidence
  41. DragonSalToday at 03:20
  42. yeah and im the pope
  43. Axle15Today at 03:20
  44. Oh you are? odd
  45. anywho
  46. DragonSalToday at 03:20
  47. XDD
  48. i couldnt resist sorry
  49. Axle15Today at 03:21
  50. A lot of the questions are answered by the staff are busy
  51. DragonSalToday at 03:21
  52. hire more staff from diffrent time zones then
  53. Axle15Today at 03:21
  54. We can't simply do that though
  55. DragonSalToday at 03:21
  56. why not?
  57. Axle15Today at 03:22
  58. we could hire someone for their time zone and they could go ahead and mute everyone on the server
  59. we have to find the right people
  60. That being said, it's something ill bring up with srini
  61. DragonSalToday at 03:22
  62. all i see is excuses
  63. Axle15Today at 03:23
  64. Alright but if you get muted forever and kicked from the server from a random hire it's not my problem, and also you have to realize how scarce certain time zones can be
  65. DragonSalToday at 03:23
  66. well obviously you valet them
  67. make sure they are good enough
  68. Axle15Today at 03:24
  69. exactly, and that takes time
  70. I respect your opinions and you have some very good points, but you do need to realize some of these things take time and swear to you we are working on it
  71. DragonSalToday at 03:25
  72. how long does it take? how long as it been since the reset? if sirini isnt capable of doing it all herself why doesnt she call somebody to help? theres no shame in asking.
  73. how about the owners why dont they help? all they care about is money
  74. i think theres a communication breakdown between staff and players
  75. specifically higher ups
  76. Axle15Today at 03:27
  77. there isnt anyone
  78. to help srini i mean
  79. and honestly
  80. DragonSalToday at 03:27
  81. couldnt a fellow manager step over and help?
  82. Axle15Today at 03:28
  83. you might be right about the owners, and they are usually busy with their own servers, especially riddik
  84. the owners usually do coding stuff though
  85. DragonSalToday at 03:28
  86. yeah but they should still give a shit ya get me?
  87. but honestly thats really telling
  88. idk i dont think weve got long left tbh with ya
  89. Axle15Today at 03:31
  90. we'll see
  91. DragonSalToday at 03:32
  92. just know some staff aint happy either.
  93. people talk to me
  94. Axle15Today at 03:32
  95. trust me, i know
  96. i've talked and received complaints from them too
  97. DragonSalToday at 03:33
  98. so why does nothing get done?
  99. why is it brushed aside?
  100. Axle15Today at 03:34
  101. it ISNT brushed aside
  102. We have a list of things to do
  103. DragonSalToday at 03:34
  104. it certianly seems that way
  105. Axle15Today at 03:34
  106. hell i have a personal list of everything i've heard players want
  107. it just takes time, and as i've said srini is busy
  108. DragonSalToday at 03:35
  109. as i say maybe needs a second in command
  110. Axle15Today at 03:35
  111. maybe
  112. ill bring it up
  113. DragonSalToday at 03:35
  114. ive heard that before
  115. Axle15Today at 03:37
  116. you're right, you have. I said it earlier and added it to my list
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