Walnut - The Hexferry & The Bee (WIP) [Several parts]

May 15th, 2014
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  1. >Like a bird within a wealthy owners cage she was trapped in her own home.It was a nice place to walk around in every once in awhile, but eventually it all becomes dull.
  2. >Placing her face deeper into her luxurious gold pillows on her chamber bed, Queen Sweet Nectar was depressed. Hearing two loud bangs come from her chamber doors she raised her head up asking who was it.
  3. >Silent the bee pony who had knocked didn't speak for awhile before unlocking the door, and walked in wearing a light blue button up uniform with black epaulets with four tiny silver stars, dark blue pants, black and yellow coat with adorable fluff, and beautiful green eyes. Rolling her eyes Sweet Nectar recognized the bee as her joint general of the hive, Honey Pot a young mare who was head of her security & army. Not trying to give Honey Pot the time of day Nectar placed her head back onto her pillow with Honey Pot saluting, and saying "Mi'lady. I apologize for the intrusion, but there is a important emergency we must address with you sealing yourself in your room.".
  5. >Raising her head back Nectar was confused on the emergency, Honey Pot was talking about. Ordering her to go on Honey Pot continued on what they were saying "Mi'lady by locking yourself here we your trusted officials have been left in charge of taking care of the hives, and the hives are becoming extremely restless, and uneasy with us doing it. Not only that, but our mass production & economy has dropped by 5% with your absentness.". Frowning Sweet Nectar replied in a dull voice "Is that all." before Honey Pot eyes widened in shock.
  6. "What do you mean "Is that all."?" Honey Pot asked walking towards the bed. Digging her face deeper into the pillows Sweet Nectar tried to avoid listening to what Honey Pot had to say. "Have you heard the absurd rumors Mi'lady that has been spreading around the hive. They believe you are dead, and us your generals have taken over the hives upsetting the natural hierarchy that has been keeping us afloat of centuries.". Going "Uh-huh" Sweet Nectar could hear Honey Pot stop moving once she reached the edge of the bed. "Please Mi'lady. Not only I, but we the whole hives need you please come out of bed, and at least say something to one worker." Honey Pot pleaded.
  7. >Then having an idea pop into her head Sweet Nectar thought this could be her chance to escape her cage. Raising her head up, and crawling towards Honey Pot, Sweet Nectar said "If you really want me to leave my chambers then you will grant me my request.". Stopping right next to her Honey Pot tilted her head "And what is your request my queen?" she asked curiously.
  8. >"I want to go out outside, and see the nearest pony village." She said happily. Dropping their mouth in silence Honey Pot didn't say a word. "So what do you say? This is all for the hive." Sweet Nectar asked.
  10. >Still. Sweet Nectar looked Honey Pot in the eyes knowing that she was trying to figure out why she wanted to leave the hive. Why she would ask such a dumb request when her great-great-great-great grandmother Queen Eadiinurtas left the hive to visit the outside world, and met a swift end due to some encounter with bandits. Hearing nothing, but her heartbeat Sweet Nectar waited for Honey Pots response.
  11. >Then turning around facing away from Sweet Nectar, Honey Pot asked her if she was able to leave the hive just this one time to see the outside world would she fulfill her duties as queen without locking herself in her chambers, or asking to see the outside world ever again. Saying "Yes.", Honey Pot was quite again, then starting to the door she said "Alright your request will be fulfilled Mi'lady. I will have a small escort team of our most elite bees be ready in 10 minutes. So please wear something that won't make you a target.".
  12. >Buzzing happily Sweet Nectar got off her bed, and flew to Honey Pot where she grabbed & hugged her General. Sighing Honey Pot started to have a bad feeling about letting the queen leave to see the pony village.
  14. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. >The sunlights warmth was glorious as Sweet Nectar basked in it taking in a fresh whiff of air from the Outside world.
  17. >Smiling & buzzing happily on the dirt path she was being escorted on far from the hive, Sweet Nectar could hardly still believe Honey Pot would allow her to leave, and visit a pony village.
  18. >Taking a moment to stop with her convoy of mare guards clashed in black armor that hid their appearance Sweet Nectar remembered what Honey Pot said about not standing out.
  19. >Straightening out her posture, chin up, and having the appearance of respectable pony like her older sister taught her Sweet Nectar continued onward with her guards to the moth pony village.
  21. * * *
  23. >Arriving at moth village Sweet Nectar, and her guards arrived at what appeared to be a smaller version of her hives market area though she didn't quite go to mingle there for everything that was considered top tier was brought to her.
  24. >Just staring at the rows, and rows of wooden stands filled with fruits, vegetables, silks, and assorted honey Sweet Nectar was impressed by the moths.
  25. >Then catching a whiff of some alluring that smelled as if it was slowly being cooked, Sweet Nectar started to wander off leaving her guards behind till she tracked down the stand in which the alluring smell was coming from.
  26. >Stopping in front of a small grill with small slices of vegetables, fruit, and some weird dark brown spongy stuff. Smelling it the food in front of her was very tempting, and looking at the white moth with glasses on his face he offered to sell her a young pretty pony ten of the things he called Kebabs for the price of one.
  28. >Almost taking the deal Sweet Nectar was instantly yanked back by one her guards who said "Mi'lady on the orders of General Honey Pot we can't allow you to eat that. The hive has you on a set diet of synthetic foods that helps keep your figure. Not to mention its getting close to the end of the year where you meet with the other Grand Hive queens like your ancestor Colletidae, and with the Imperial Queen your sister, and you need to look presentable."
  29. >Angered a bit on how Honey Pot stills interferes on what she does even outside. Starting to pout for a bit Sweet Nectar was then walked in front of by a rusty red coated moth mare who started talking to the vendor saying" Hey Tonic what are you up to now?".
  30. >Sweet Nectar insulted by such rudeness was about to say something to the wrench, but instead remembered what Honey Pot said. >Calming down, Sweet Nectar had her guard release her while two other mare moths one dressed as servant with a dark orange mane, and another with a blonde bold cut mane in the front carrying bags of goods run up to the stand. >Scoffing she then left taking one last look at the stand that was selling the delicious looking food known as kebabs, and the rude duty red moth mare.
  32. >Though they were only a few hoof steps away excitement riddled through the mercenaries veins at his job. His employer had hired him to kidnap one of the Grand Hive Queens known as Sweet Nectar from her hive, and lucky him he finds her out in the open walking around a village.
  33. >"I wonder how glorious her screams are going to be." The mercenary thought before trotting forward to follow them, and waiting for his moment to strike.
  35. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  37. >Though she was enjoying being outside the hive her convoy of guards were very annoying restricting almost every action of hers. She couldn't eat any of the food, couldn't buy any type of plants, jewelry, clothes, she couldn't even go to the mares bathroom as the guards would on purposely block the entrance then try, and watch her go pee to make sure she was 100% safe.
  38. >Taking a seat on he bench Sweet Nectar started to dislike her guards who stood at attention. Tapping her hooves Sweet Nectar knew if she really wanted to enjoy her time outside she would need to get away from them.
  39. >Looking around Sweet Nectar could see a wave of incoming ponies to the market place with store owners taking in second help to protect their good. Thinking hard how she could use that to her advantage a crazy plan popped into her head though it only had a small percent chance of working.
  40. >Breathing in then out calmly Sweet Nectar then pointed to the sky saying to her guards" What's that?" which made them look up, and away from. Taking the chance to initiate her plane Sweet Nectar then bolted into the large crowds of ponies with her guards following behind.
  41. >Arriving at a fruit stand Sweet Nectar then started throwing all the vendors food into the crowd saying" Free food.", before bolting again making her guards stop as a lot of ponies who believed her tried to pick up the fruit with the vendors swearing.
  44. >Getting as far as she could without flying Sweet Nectar ended up near a rushing river near the village. Thirsty from her small genius plan to escape her guards Sweet Nectar decided to take a sip from the clean river despite knowing if Honey Pit, or the guards saw her doing it they would have a heart attack just because it wasn't approved by her royal testers.
  45. >Downing small gulps of the liquid the water have a slight different taste than the ones her hives give her, but all in all it was still just water. Calm, and at peace with her thirst quenched Sweet Nectar wondered about what she should do next. Being away from her guards majority of them were most likely on a wild search for her in the village, while one was probably sent to go back to the hive as fast as possible to alert Honey Pot about her disappearance, and bring in a army to lockdown the village before the word spreads to the Grand Council, and her big sister.
  46. >Starting to sulk a bit with the mentioning of her sister Sweet Nectar felt something in her heart twist a bit as she left her in charge of their mothers hive instead of staying. Looking at the sky Sweet Nectar tried not to to think about her sister as hard as possible, but wasn't working as memories of them playing Find the Honey, or Chamber Pillow Wars with the maids.
  49. >Having her lip shake Sweet Nectar thought she was going to cry until a voice spoke from the right of her saying "Nice to bee meeting you Grand Hive Queen Sweet Nectar."
  50. >Cocking her head to the right Sweet Nectar found herself looking at a weird earth pony cloaked in nothing, but bandages except where their left eye, and mouth were located.
  51. >Terrified a bit as the pony knew who she was despite wearing nothing Sweet Nectar stood up in a fake confident voice asked the pony to Id themselves. Giving a her smile the pony said" Gladly. I am a mercenary, and your soon to bee kidnapper. I was hired by a buzzing client to kidnap you out of your hive, but since your here this will bee faster than I buzzing expected.".
  52. >Frowning in annoyance Sweet Nectar was terrified about what they said, but was even more terrified at their horrible bee puns.
  54. >Taking a step closer to her, Sweet Nectar followed her instincts and tried bolting, but as she something wrapped around her hooves making her fall face on the ground. Looking down at her hooves shock riddled her face as her hooves were tied by a long pair of bandages with magical writings on the inside that lead straight back to the bandaged pony.
  55. "Looks like you got behind on my movements my dear when. Dony be jelly though." The bandaged pony said gloating to her before the bandages started pulling her to him. Shaking her hooves to escape she couldn't as he bandages were sturdy as perfectly tied rope despite being made out paper. Getting closer to the earth pony as they made senile Laughs as king why she wasn't begging him to let her go Sweet Nectar thought fast about her situation, and thinking just because the bandages were hard as rope doesn't mean they still weren't bandages.
  57. >Looking at the rushing river next to her, Sweet Nectar counted to 3 as she got a few hoof prints away from the earth pony, and flapped her wings as hard as possible catching the earth pony by surprise, and making them both fly forward dead center of the river with the bandages, and magic writing on them dissolving, freeing Sweet Nectar.
  58. >Floating down stream however with the mysterious earth pony nowhere in sight Sweet Nectar had no way out as she started to hit large rock, after large rock, after large rock until she started to lose the strength to stay up, and fell underneath the current.
  59. >Slowly floating down stream with the air from her lungs slipping out, and being replaced wit water Sweet Nectar started to regret her idea of jumping into he river, running away from her guards, and most of all leaving the hive until something took hold of her, and hoisted her up.
  60. >Coughing up water, and taking in some much needed air Sweet Nectar looked down to see the thing hoisting her up was a large pole with a grapple. Exhausted, wet, and ragged the pole that pulled her up started pulling her to the side of the ground near river where she started to hear the voices of three mares asking if she was alright.
  62. >Lying down with her eyes becoming heavy the two mares trotted up to Sweet Nectar both of them being the three mares she saw at the market. Putting her eyes on the one with a blonde mane, and bold cut style the only to cross Sweet Nectars mind when was how queer she looked before falling unconsciousness.
  64. * * *
  66. >Swimming out of the river he was wet, his magical bandages were ruined, and most of all his clients at the Union of Independent Hives were going to be pissed at him failing to capture one of the Grand Hive Queens to have one of the Grand Hives fall, and join them.
  67. >Grunting he knew he just had to find Sweet Nectar, and try to capture her again.
  69. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  71. >The work piled on her desk were starting to become annoying as they were the same damn thing. "Request from Hive #232 permission for the Queen Sweet Nectar to visit for inspection." , "Request from Hive#394 permission for the Queen Sweet Nectar to visit for inspection.", "Request from Hive #001 permission for Queen Sweet Nectar to exist Hive#000, and walk into the lobby of Hive #001.". Slamming their face down on to the hard wooden surface of their desk General Honey Pot didn't know how much more of these paper works she could take, or how long Sweet Nectar had to be away from their hive to visit outside.
  72. >Groaning a few knocks came from the door. Sitting up Honey Pot asked who it was, and got it from one of her security mares saying "I am ordered to keep the audience quite, but the guest would very much like to see you Ma'am.". Rolling their eyes, Honey Pot told whoever the guest was to come in. Unlocking the front door, and walking in the pony who wanted to see Honey Pot was cloaked in a brown hood stood tall. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who the guest was being able to easily walk into the hive without Honey Pot being alerted, or them being stopped. Sighing Honey Pot backed away from her chair, and went across her desk trotting slowly to the cloaked pony before stopping in front of them, and giving them hug.
  73. >Saying "How is it going my old Grand Queen, and Imperial Queen Saccharine." Honey Pot could feel the pony underneath their cloak give them a smile back before hugging them back. Speaking in the voice of an angel Saccharine said "I have been treated well by the Imperial Hive, General. Like you & my previous hives they are dedicated to my overall safety, and security chaining me down in a way.". Letting go, and backing away from Saccharine, Honey Pot was glad to hear that after she won becoming Imperial Queen.
  75. "So where is my little sister? I've been by her chambers, and she wasn't there." Saccharine asked curiously to Honey Pot. Quite...Honey Pot didn't know how to respond to that as she couldn't let her know that she allowed her sister to leave the hive to explore the outside world. Feeling her eyes stare down at her Honey Pot had to think on her hooves, but before she could give Saccahrine an answer one of the elite mare bee ponies that Honey Pot sent out with Sweet Nectar to go outside came busting in yelling "General! I am sorry. Sweet Nectar has avoided us, and escaped to traverse the outside world.".
  76. >Saying out loud "Oh shit..." Honey Pot face the Imperial Queen saying "Imperial Queen I-", but was interrupted by her saying "So my spies were right about her going into depression, and wanting to run away.". Quickly saying "No not run away. She just wanted to visit the outside world." Honey Pot was like a trapped mouse as she did something she knew she was never suppose to do. Calmly saying "I know. I know. I shouldn't haven't had said run away. That sister of mine honestly." Saccharine didn't seem angry with Honey Pot. Going on she said "Honey Pot please send out scout units, and scout units only to find & secure her." with Honey Pot nodding her head, and then ordering the soldier to do what she said.
  77. >Bowing her head Saccharine then started to trot out of the office saying "Until you find my sister Honey Pot do not alert the hive on this matter. Do not send out an army to look for her. She will either A) Come back on her own, or B) You bee's will find her, and bring her back okay.". Saying "Okay." Honey Pot was left standing in their office with a frown of embarrassment, and disappointment in letting their Queen journey outside, and to let them run away from her guards. And worse of all to have the Imperial Queen find out about it in front of them, and instruct them on what to do. Shaking their head Honey Pot knew she had to get back to work.
  79. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  81. >Sweet Nectars head stung with pain as she fidgeted around in her sleep thinking about that bandaged pony, and her being pulled out of a rushing river by two moth ponies she saw in the market. Opening her eyes she found herself cuddling a white, and very long pillow with the design of a zebra with a grey cloak around them covering her face.
  82. >Looking up towards the ceiling she could see that she was in some kind of log cabin based on the designs that matched the appearance of one in her books about the outside world in her grand hives library. Getting up and moving the covers of whoever's bedroom off her, Sweet Nectar was confused where she was at, and was pretty hungry as her stomach started to growl.
  83. >Thinking carefully about her situation the memory of those two moths who saved her popped into her mind that the log cabin she was in must belong to the queer looking ponies, and like normal ponies they should somewhere keep food to eat.
  84. >Exiting the room she was in passing by a small wooden drawer along the way she entered a slim wooden hallway that one the right of her lead to another room, and a bathroom. And to the left of her lead to some kind of resting area that was connected to another open rectangle area. Walking down the left side of the hallway, and entering the open rectangle area Sweet Nectar spotted what she believed to be the storage facility of the ponies food as it had a piece of paper on it reading: "Food to pick up from the market: ... " and started listing a long line of thing she never heard of, and a small latch to open it.
  85. >Opening the ponies fridge, and ignoring all the produce within it Sweet Nectar was looking for something she could easily recognize, and knew was safe to eat. After scanning through the first two shelves of the food storage Sweet Nectars eyes immediately spotted a blue jar of honey that was labeled "Stolen BuckWheat Honey", and took it out.
  87. >Though it wasn't her food, and she was still a growing Queen bee pony who needed to look, act, and be sexually mature like her big sister for her hive, and had a right to eat whatever to accomplish that.
  88. >Popping the jar lid, and scooping her hoof into the jar taking out a large amount of the honey Sweet Nectar quickly shoved it into her mouth with her stomach growling again. Using her tongue to lick off the honey, and swallow the delicious blue liquid it was delicious, and way different from the honey her own hives give her.
  89. >Smiling happily as she started to dig into the ponies food several large squeaks then came from behind her that freaked her out making her turn to her side, and drop the honey smashing it across the kitchen floor. Staring at the two ponies she saw pull her out the one with a blonde bold cut mane, and blue eyes face was red with anger at her.
  90. >Backing up... Sweet Nectar knew she was in trouble.
  92. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  94. >Sweet Nectar was backed into a corner, and in some deep shit as the blond bold cut moth kept squeaking in anger at her unable to get a word out with the rusty red moth watched.
  95. >Taking a breathe Sweet Nectar knew in order for her to escape this situation from the aggressive moth she had to fight, and raising up her hooves at them she was signaling them to bring it on which made the one squeaking at her break & try charging at her, but was stopped by the rusty-red moth who held her back.
  96. >Yelling at Sweet Nectar as she still held up her hooves the mare being held back said "So you want to go now after we saved you? Why you ungrateful bee. Come on I'll mob the floor with you, and have Amata clean it up."
  98. >Putting her hooves down Sweet Nectar said "Wait you saved me?" not remembering seeing them before except at the market. Then having a bolt of lighting hit her head Sweet Nectar remembered seeing those two after she got pulled out of the river, and yelling at them "Wait you did save me. You pulled me out of the river." she quickly apologized saying "...I-I shouldn't have eaten your honey. I was hungry, and was thinking selfishly.".
  99. >The one still holding back her friend nodded her head, and said "All is forgiven it's understandable. I'm Caramel. Carmy if you want. Nice to meet you." before letting go of her friend who went flying towards Sweet Nectar. Quick stepping out of the way the moth went face first into the wall before getting up squeaking at her friend. Laughing the moth said "This is Hexferry. Call her Hexy if you like.", slowing down her breathes & stopping her breathes the one called Hexferry started speaking normal again & was yelling at her friend saying "Damnit Caramel don't you go making friends with the pony who just ate my food after I saved them. If there is one thing I fuck around in this world with is my honey.".
  100. >Responding to Hexferry, Sweet Nectar said "But it read stolen. You obliviously stolen it from somewhere most likely a hive.", and getting "And I work hard to get it." yelled at her by Hexferry. Laughing at the two of them Sweet Nectar, and Hexferry turned to Caramel who slowly stopped. "Alright since everything has calmed down, and you apologized about the honey. Who are you bee?" Caramel asked.
  101. >About to say her identity, Sweet Nectar needed to remember that she was a Queen of one of the Grand Hives, & younger sister to the Imperial Queen who would fetch a very high bid on pony slavery markets, blackmails, and etc if they were to know who she was.
  103. >Having them look at her Sweet Nectar knew she had to come up with a new identity with those two losers, and reaching back into a far memory of hers when her sister would read her a adventure story that was only told in the hive where the bee protagonists was named of Maple Sweet, Sweet Nectar knew she could used that as her identity.
  104. >Yelling out "I'm the great bee adventurer Maple Sweet. Surely you've seen, and heard of me?" Sweet Nectar said gloat fully striking a muscular pose as she did, and smacking her tush on the refrigerator.
  105. >Rubbing her right butt cheek from hitting her self Hexferry was lost in saying "Who?" with a dumbfounded look on her face, and Caramel whispering to her "I think she might be a deranged vagabond bee." looking at Hexferry.
  106. >Raising her hoof close to her chest Sweet Nectar knew she protected her true identity from those two idiots moths who she could possibly free load until her hive came to get her.
  108. "You know since she ate my rare honey I think I just might make her my maid Caramel. Well until she does enough work to pay me off for all the hard hours I had to plan to steal it."
  110. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  113. >This was officially the worst day, and humiliating day of her life.
  114. >Looking down at the maid outfit she was forced to wear, Sweet Nectar knew if she was to look in a mirror she would look like some natural born plebeian, and maid bee's who would come & clean her bed chambers.
  115. >Walking in front of her the moth Hexferry who forced her to wear the clothing dropped a broom something Sweet Nectar had never used, but seen used multiple times.
  116. "Now sweep." Hexferry said ordering her around.
  117. >Looking at her, the broom, and then back at her the only thing Sweet Nectar could say was "You can't do this to me.".
  118. "Actually I think I can. I saved you from drowning. Took you into MY home, and kept you safe. And what to YOU do? You eat my honey." Hexferry said trying to turn it around on her
  119. >"But you stole that honey." Sweet Nectar yelled at her.
  120. "And?" Hexferry said rolling her eyes. "I don't have plans to make you my maid forever. You're going to be my maid for how long it took me to plan, and steal that honey."
  121. >"And how long did it take you?"
  122. "Three months."
  123. >"Three months!? But I can't I have important things to take care of!" Sweet Nectar said shocked as in three months her entire Grand Hive could be destroyed, taken over by a new queen or the Council of Grand Hive Queens, or join the Independent of Hive of Bee's which would be disastrous of the Council & her.
  124. Staring her in the eye Hexferry spoke in a freighting voice to her saying "You can, and will, or I'll pawn you off to Caramel.". Popping up behind her the rusty red moth named Caramel said "Hi.". Going on Hexferry said "And she won't make you her maid. She will make you something else..." which made Sweet Nectar mind go blank on what she meant by "Something else..."
  127. >Then hearing a knock on the door, Caramel left from behind Hexferry to answer it. Peering behind Hexferry who was pouting about her not cleaning up the broken glass & honey Caramel did a quick gasp at the pony at the door saying "Amata? What are you doing here?". Hearing a weird accent, and language the pony called Amata by Caramel spoke saying "Oh! Bonne journée à vous, darling Caramel.", and Caramel replying in the same language "Entrez, entrez.".
  128. >Walking in Sweet Nectar recognized the pony as the same one from earlier in the market place except for she wasn't wearing her servant clothes instead a green sweater. Taking notice of her, Amata turned to Caramel saying"Oh mon? A new friend?", and Hexferrying saying "Well temporary worker."
  130. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  133. >Anxiety was taking over Honey Pot as she sat a golden round table stacked with papers with her co-workers.
  134. >To her left there was a large empty golden chair where Grand Queen Sweet Nectar was supposed to be seated, and to her right were three mare bee ponies in the same uniform as her, but with different job positions within the hive. The Secretary of the Hive Representation & Development. Monofloral, her sister Secretary of the Hive Interior & Justice. Polyfloral who were twins with pure blue eyes, short curled black manes, small fluff, and short wings. Next to them was Secretary of the Hive Energy & Finance. Heather who had a blonde mane, black eyes, and had her mane in a bun with large fluff that came up to her mouth.
  135. "Joint General Honey Pot. How do lose the Queen? Do you understand how much trouble we are in? The workers are already spreading rumors of us stealing power from the queen, and are making up excuses why she wouldn't come to see them." Secretary Heather said looking Honey Pot in the eye. Taking a deep breathe Honey Pot nodded her head saying "I know of the current crisis Secretary Heather.". "Then why would you let her go outside?" Secretary yelled at her.
  136. >Responding Honey Pot said "I would never think she would run away? Being cooped up all day, working 16 hours a day you think she would deserve some time to enjoy herself.". "Yes, and she's obliviously enjoying herself either being attacked, mugged, tortured, or possibly raped Honey Pot! If I was still Joint General none of this would be happening." Secretary Heather said in a smart alex remark. Provoked at her comment Honey Pot said "Well you're not. So deal with it Heather."
  137. >Taking in a deep breath, and exhaling Secretary Monofloral spoke saying "Joint General, and Secretary Heather enough. We are facing a crisis here, and you two want to picker?".
  140. >Apologizing, Honey Pot went on to say that Monofloral was right while she continued talking saying "General have you meet with your military staff, and gotten any reports of Grand Queen Sweet Nectars location?".
  141. >"I have met with them, but we've haven't received a single report of her." Honey Pot said looking at Monofloral, and her short curled mane. Continuing her sentence Honey Pot said "Following the Imperial Queens-", but was stopped by Secretary Heather who blurted out "The Imperial Queen? She knows already!? Do you know how much you fucked up Honey Pot?".
  142. >Trying to defend herself Honey Pot said placing both her hooves on the tab;e"She came by surprise when I was at my weakest point, and as the former queen of this Grand Hive it was hard for me not to break.". Rolling her eyes, and leaning back in her chair Monofloral said "Oh my.. We are in a very difficult position."
  143. "Sister." Monofloral said getting Polyfloral who was quiet during the discussion. "Hmm?". Speaking Polyflora said "Going off on all the information we know what kind of damage are we expecting?" Monofloral asked questionly.
  144. "The inner hive security forces are large in number, and are able to lockdown an estimated 132 hives at once, but with the secrets we are keeping from the hive, the queen gone, and the Imperial Hive most likely going to take control and either A) Keep complete control of us, or B)Shift us all to a new queen & her staff until we get a new queen we are going to see widespread chaos from the worker bee's with them overpowering the military, the inner security forces, and if we aren't captured, or killed we might get an invitation to leave the Council of Grand Hives to join the Union of Indepedent Hives." Polyfloral said bluntly.
  147. >Going off what her sister said Monofloral said "If we did get an invitation from the Union the Council would be in huge trouble with one their Grand Hive's joining them, and the Union ending up becoming more powerful than the Council than its equal.". Taking a breathe Honey Pot tried to relax, and looking at everypony at the round table asked them a very simple question "As of right now what are possible options for us?"
  148. >Speaking up first Polyfloral said "Joint General if we keep building this up its eventually going to blow up in our face. With all do respect I recommend for you to call the Council of Grand Hives into session under the name of Sweet Nectar, and alert them about what is going on, & beg the Imperial Hive for temporary security intervention & ask them to give us a set amount of time to find the queen.", and adding onto that Secretary Heather stood up saying "And as a incentive to the hive & council say if we fail to find Sweet Nectar you will claim to be a traitor to the hive who was trying to tempt it into joining the Union, and that you killed the queen so all the hives anger can be focused on you so it can move on alot faster.". >Dropping her mouth Monofloral stood up, and looking at Heather said "What? That's suicide for Honey Pot.". Rolling her eyes, Heather said "But still not a bad plan if we fail to find Sweet Nectar. I mean Honey Pot is head of defense, and second-in-command of the hive."
  149. >Seeing clearly through Heathers words that she just wanted her dead Honey Pot though in the end if push comes to shove in order to preserve the hive, and keep its unity in line would have to do what she had to do even if it meant being called a traitor. Nodding her head, and speaking up Honey Pot said "Well somepony is going to be blamed for the Queen's disappearance anyways, and considering I was the one who let her out I might as well take the incentive of being called a traitor.".
  152. "Honey Pot." Polyfloral said getting Honey Pots attention."Yes, Polyfloral?" Said responding to her.
  153. "Why does Heather resent you so much?" She asked curiously. Trying to look Polyfloral in the eye Honeypot couldn't as she kepy looking away.
  154. >Taking in a deep breathe Honey Pot went on to explain Heathers reason for hating her "There is a very close bond between a Joint General & a Grand Queen always being by their side. Heather use to be Imperial Queens Saccherines lover when she was Joint General & Saccherine was Grand Queen a few years ago, only a few upper positions in the hive got to know about the relationship. Now as Secretary of the Hive Finance & Energy she hates me, and detests Saccherine for giving me her job before ascending to Imperial Queen. And the only reason I was given the job was because of Saccherines fear of Heather doing something to spite her for leaving her behind, or the fear of Heather becoming Sweet Nectors lover."
  155. >Being quiet for awhile. Polyfloral asked Honeypot one more question this time looking her in the eye and saying "So do you have the same kind of bond Heather had with Saccherine with Grand Queen Sweet Nectar?" which completely took Honey Pot by surprise, and causing her to blush & yell "Secretary Polyfloral. How could you with such lewd thoughts? She is the queen, and I am nothing more than her loyal servent. She is the perfectly bred queen unfit for any pleb bee or average pony to touch, descendent of Grand Queen Halictidae, Ruler of over 400 crystal hives, 6th Seat to the Council of Grand Hives, and younger sister to the Imperial Queen. How could you? Such thoughts of her & me together?" before looking away from her.
  156. >Going "Uhh.." Monofloral didn't know how to respond.
  159. ------------------------------------------------------------
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