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  1.             Info: Detected mod 'ponex' at '../mods/ponex/.'
  2. Info: Detected mod 'xbox' at '../mods/xbox/.'
  3. Info: Creating Star::Root with 5 assets sources and config file: '../starbound.config'
  4. Info: Loading Star::Assets from: '../assets/packed.pak'
  5. Info: Loading Star::Assets from: '../assets/music'
  6. Info: Loading Star::Assets from: '../assets/user'
  7. Info: Loading Star::Assets from: '../mods/ponex/.'
  8. Info: Loading Star::Assets from: '../mods/xbox/.'
  9. Info: Loading Star::Root...
  10. Info: Loading Star::Configuration from '../starbound.config'
  11. Error: Error loading object file /objects/farmables/banana/wildbananaseed.object: StarException: Object wildbananaseed defined twice, second time from /objects/farmables/banana/wildbananaseed.object
  12. ./starbound_server(_ZN4Star13StarExceptionC2ERKSs+0xfe) [0xdc5c7e]
  13. ./starbound_server(_ZN4Star14ObjectDatabase4loadEv+0x3d3) [0xabe9f3]
  14. ./starbound_server(_ZN4Star4Root6reloadEv+0x18e) [0x7f649e]
  15. ./starbound_server(_ZN4Star4Root10initializeERKNS_6StringES3_b+0x115) [0x7fb345]
  16. ./starbound_server(main+0x395) [0x7c8615]
  17. ./ [0x7f76de979de5]
  18. ./starbound_server() [0x7ce47d]
  20. Warn: Missing inventoryIcon for chestplant1, using default
  21. Warn: Missing inventoryIcon for barvent, using default
  22. Warn: Missing inventoryIcon for wreckvent, using default
  23. Info: Done loading Star::Root.
  24. Info: Server version 'Beta v. Furious Koala' '635'
  25. Info: Running from : /games/ni314456_1/ftproot/starbound/linux64/starbound_server
  26. Warn: Recovering SimpleDatabase at device: ../universe/questPlanetSeeds.db
  27. Warn: Recovery finished
  28. Warn: Recovering SimpleDatabase at device: ../universe/playerQuests.db
  29. Warn: Recovery finished
  30. Warn: Recovering SimpleDatabase at device: ../universe/playerCodex.db
  31. Warn: Recovery finished
  32. Info: UniverseServer: Creating world alpha:-58164761:-92977972:-7200612:2
  33. Info: Generating 1 dungeons
  34. Info: Generating a dungeon
  35. Info: Placing dungeon at (3907, 1251)
  36. Warn: Perf: DungeonDefinition::buildDungeon millis: 1735
  37. Warn: Perf: DungeonGenerator::generate millis: 1748
  38. Warn: Perf: UniverseServer::createWorld millis: 11213
  39. Info: bind [ipv4] (9)
  40. Info: TcpServer listening on: [ipv4]
  41. Info: bind [ipv4] (10)
  42. Info: UdpServer listening on: [ipv4]
  43. Info: UniverseServer: Shutting down world alpha:-58164761:-92977972:-7200612:2 due to inactivity
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