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  1. Pokemon I think Need to be, Should be, or Will be banned in the future of XY
  3. Need to Be:
  5. Mega Kangaskhan:  While the need to ban mega Kangaskhan is approaching universal common opinion, I still have to say it anyway because of just how ridiculous it is.  I've made a number of posts on my opinion regarding this in the Kangaskhan thread:
  6. http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/kangaskhan.3489934/page-27#post-5038469
  7. http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/kangaskhan.3489934/page-25#post-5037124
  8. Kangaskhan is a pure case of being over-powered, and is simply too much to handle in any metagame where the average BST of Pokemon isn't 650+
  10. Should be:
  12. Mega Lucario:  There are a lot of problems with Mega Lucario that add up to it being too powerful.  The first and foremost is its base Speed, because simply losing the ability to outpace it removes a huge number of Lucario's traditional checks-- namely all the Fighting and Ground types.  The fact that Lucario now out speeds Keldeo, Garchomp, Terrakion, Landorus-I, Landorus-T, and Gliscor completely changes the dynamic of this Pokemon in the metagame.  While not problematic currently, this Speed also makes the Special sets viable.  Lucario no longer NEEDS priority to sweep, because it resists many common priority moves and outspeeds so much of the meta.  This frees it up to use sets like NP + Aura Sphere / Shadow Ball / Luster Cannon or HP Ice.
  14. The second major change for Luke is the sheer power Adaptability brings, and it's had a major impact on how Luke's STAB attacks work.  For instance you now NEED a Resistance + defensive investment to handle Luke's Close Combat now, since it always 2HKO's Skarmory and comes awfully close to 2HKO'ing Hippow (who honestly, is not that common or good in this meta).  Being able to one shot most walls at +2 is power out of control, especially when CC isn't the only thing to benefit.  Bullet Punch being just as strong as Extreme Speed makes Lucario much harder to control and predict, and Luke's Steel STAB removes Fairies and many other Pokemon from being good checks-- for example it makes it much harder for Ground-types to switch in, regardless of whether Luke is using Ice coverage.
  16. Aegislash:  To put it simply, Shadow Ball hits too hard-- with LO, and even without.  While at first I did think the Kings Shield + SD sets were ridiculous (and they pretty much are if not checked), the metagame has adapted around them.  That's when the wall-breaking Special attacking sets appeared.  These frankly, are utterly ridiculous.  Shadow Ball destroys every physical wall in the game, and just has too few resistances in this meta.  The only Pokemon that resist Shadow Ball and are at all common (and at all good) are Tyranitar, Greninja, Clefable, and Mega Kang,  1 of which needs a ban and all of which have no business switching in on a wall breaker Aegislash (Sacred Sword and Iron Head...).  Even Pokemon like Ladorus-T and Landorus-I aren't assured of a 1 on 1 victory because they can't OHKO through shield form, and ARE OHKO'd if the enemy uses HP Ice.  Shadow Sneak secures 2HKO's on a ridiculous variety of foes, and 3 Attack + King Shield is both impossible to Pursuit trap, and insanely difficult to take down.
  18. A Pokemon that can defend with 150 defenses (and surviving Super effective Ground attacks from Sheer Force Landorus and Landorus-T) and retaliate with 150 offenses (that 2HKO almost every defensive Pokemon) is ridiculous.  Add this to the power of insane STAB coverage-- the metagame is simply not equipped to handle such powerful Ghost attacks.  Mandibuzz is the meta's best answer.  Not only is it terrible in general, but it's not even that great a check to Aegislash as there's little it can do beyond walling Aegislash's attacks.
  20. Talonflame:
  21. While the metagame has kind of adapted around Talonflame, I just don't see this Pokemon as being healthy for it.  Talonflame's STAB priority Flying attacks put such a damper on the meta, threatening to sweep it at any corner.  While this threat is not so dangerous when Heatran, Rotom-W, and to a lesser extent Tyranitar are on basically every team, that doesn't mean that this is the way the metagame should be.  Honestly, Talonflame's abilities have yet to be fully explored, and Will-o-Wisp is a major problem for TTar, and also makes issues for Rotom-W (just wait until we start to see Toxic Talonflame...).  Its CB U-Turn also does significant damage to both Rotom and TTar.
  23. Thundurus-I:
  24. Simply put, this Pokemon was too hard to control, and still is.  Thundurus-I is much more common higher up in the ladder, and there's a reason-- better players know that this Pokemon is still much too hard to handle.  There are no good checks or counters to it, and like Mega Gengar, it'll be broken as soon as people start Focus Blasting the TTar switch in.  Its Speed, coverage, and the nuisance that comes with Priority Thunder Wave are all still too much for the metagame to handle.  The Pokemon that were its best checks in BW have gotten significantly worse comparatively (Gastrodon), and the metagame hasn't really given us any new ones except Trevenant sorta (Trevenant sure loves facing those Taunt sets...).
  26. Will Be:
  27. To clarify, these Pokemon are not quite unbalanced, nor am I calling for them to be banned.  Rather, many of them even have a balancing effect on the current metagame (though this simply comes from how ridiculous the metagame is).  Instead, these are Pokemon I predict becoming too powerful as the metagame develops, and certain key threats get banned.
  29. Genesect:  Genesect's big problem is that there's still virtually no good switch into it, and nothing that can take it on one-on-one without know its set (except for Mega Kang, lol).  It's a powerful Special attacker with incredible coverage, and yet it has a STAB U-Turn that destroys AV Tyranitar, the best check to special attackers; as well as destroying Latias and seriously maiming Goodra (not to mention both of these hate Ice Beam).  Iron Head is also a major potential threat for other would be Genesect threats, and with Talonflame around, Rotom-W can't invest the same to its Special bulk as it used to.  Sets faking Scarf are everywhere, and you can't know until you lose a Poke.  The threat of Gear Shift mixed in just pushes it over the edge.  While I would absolutely hate the current metagame without Genesect (Genesect's revenging abilities just barely make dealing with many of these OP threats bearable), as Megas get removed from the meta, Genesects over-powered features and the uncompetitiveness of U-Turn will stand tall when it's no longer a factor in keeping the meta in balance.
  31. Deoxys-S:  Too much Speed, too much power, too much coverage. Watching it one shot a defensive TTar without LO is silly, and seeing it outspeed every scarf user in the game highlights just how dumb this is.  It outspeeds and one shots every Pursuit user.  It outspeeds and one shots every STAB U-Turn user (and most of the non-STAB users too...).  If TTar got Sucker Punch I might feel differently, but as it stands with Deoxys-S's power, speed, and even potential utility (Double Screen sets are dumb as fuck when Defog users basically get destroyed by set up attackers) are stupid and bad for the meta-- things we will notice after more obviously broken Pokemon get banned.
  34. Minor Mentions:
  35. Mega Pinsir
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