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  1. Hey there! So as the title states I'm looking for someone I can consider a friend to experience my first time with. That is probably the most important thing to me since I don't really care much about ethnicity, age, experience, etc. That being said I do believe mutual attraction is important as well so if you send me (SFW) pics I will send you some. If you aren't interested after exchanging pics then no hard feelings.
  3. Anyways I'm 23, live in Waterloo, and take an interest in all things science. However I did study biology at school so that is the field of most interest to me. Furthermore I work at a lab and while not exactly related to biology I still enjoy it since it's still science.
  5. Apart from that I also take an interest in science fiction, history, languages, video games, and soccer. In general though I'm open to discussing any topic that may come up so there's no need to limit any conversation to those topics!
  7. So if you think you'd be interested then feel free to send me a message! We'll see where it goes from there and regardless of whether things work out or not I enjoy a good conversation anyways! :)
  9. Thanks for reading!
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