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Jan 13th, 2017
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  1. nameOfPlugin: "&6[&3TicTacToe&6]"
  2. nameOfGUI: "&1&lTic&4&lTac&1&lToe"
  3. shopHeadName: "&1&lTic&4&lTac&1&lToe &4&lShop"
  5. consoleError: "&cYou must be a player!"
  6. noPermissions: "&cYou don't have permissions!"
  7. wrongUsingCommand: "&cWrong using the command!"
  8. playerIsNotOnline: "&cPlayer &3{player} &cis not online!"
  9. youAreNotChallenged: "&cYou are not challenged to this game yet!"
  10. timeOutToRequest: "&cTime to accept request to play &3TicTacToe &cis over!"
  11. youCannotChallengeSelf: "&cYou can't challenge self!"
  12. playerIsParticipatedToGame: "&cPlayer &3{player} &cis participated to one of the game!"
  13. youAreParticipatedToGame: "&cYou are participated to one of the game, yet!"
  14. alreadyBought: "&cYou already bought this character!"
  15. youHaveNotGotEnoughPoints: "&cYou haven't got enough points for this character!"
  16. playerIsInBlockedWorld: "&cYou can't play this game in blocked world!"
  17. opponentIsInBlockedWorld: "&cYou can't challenge player who is in blocked world!"
  18. youHaveNotGotEnoughPointsToTrade: "&cYou haven't got enough points to perform this command!"
  19. targetHasNotGotEnoughPointsToTrade: "&cPlayer &3{player} &chas not got enough points to perform this command!"
  20. noInteger: "&cValue is not integer!"
  21. negativeAmount: "&cValue cannot be negative!"
  22. theSamePlayer: "&cYou cannot apply this command on yourself!"
  24. youClosedGameField: "&cYou closed game field of TicTacToe! If you want continue \n&cin game write &3&n/cmd/&c, if not &3&n/cmd/&c! You have &3{time} &cseconds!"
  25. playerChallengedYou: "&7Player &3{player} &7challenged you to play &3TicTacToe&7!\n&7If you want play this game with him write &3&n/cmd/&7, if not &3&n/cmd/&7!"
  26. youChallengedPlayer: "&7You challenged &3{player} &7to play &3TicTacToe&7!"
  27. playerDeniedRequest: "&7Opponent &3{player} &7denied your request to play &3TicTacToe &7!"
  28. youDeinedRequest: "&7You denied request to play &3TicTacToe &7from &3{player}&7!"
  29. playerAcceptedRequest: "&7Opponent &3{player} &7accepted your request to play &3TicTacToe &7!"
  30. youAcceptedRequest: "&7You accepted request to play &3TicTacToe &7from &3{player}&7!"
  31. youPaidForCharacter: "&7You paid &3{amount} Points &7for buying character!"
  32. pluginReloaded: "&7All files successfully reloaded!"
  34. pointsAddSender: "&7Account balance of player &3{player} &7was credited &3{amount} points&7!"
  35. pointsAddTarget: "&7You received &3{amount} points &7from &3{sender}&7!"
  36. pointsSetSender: "&7Account balance of player &3{player} &7was set to &3{amount} points&7!"
  37. pointsSetTarget: "&7Your account balance was set to &3{amount} points&7!"
  38. pointsTakeSender: "&7From account of player &3{player} &7was debited &3{amount} points&7!"
  39. pointsTakeTarget: "&7From your account was taken &3{amount} points!"
  40. pointsGiveSender: "&7You sent &3{amount} points &7to player &3{player}!"
  41. pointsGiveTarget: "&7Player &3{sender} &7sent you &3{amount} points!"
  42. pointsBalance: "&7Account balance of player &3{player}&7: &3{amount} points&7!"
  44. topXPlayers: "&7List of top players. (Ordered by Points)"
  45. topXPlayersRank: "&6{rank}. &7{player} &3- &7{amount} points"
  47. cmdAccept: "&3&n/ttt accept"
  48. cmdDeny: "&3&n/ttt deny"
  49. cmdOpen: "&3&n/ttt open"
  50. cmdEnd: "&3&n/ttt end"
  52. clickForAccept: "&6Click if you want to accept challenge!"
  53. clickForDeny: "&6Click if you want to deny challenge!"
  55. clickForOpen: "&6Click if you want to continue in this game!"
  56. clickForEnd: "&6Click if you want to end this game!"
  58. onTurn: "&6&lOn turn"
  59. inQueue: "&6&lIn queue"
  60. playerClosedInventory: "&6&lPlayer closed game field, please wait!"
  62. playerYou: "&2&lYou: &3&l{player}"
  63. playerOpponent: "&2&lOpponent: &3&l{player}"
  64. playerInField: "&3&l{player}"
  66. youWon: "&3Congratulation&7! You won! You beat &3{opponent}&7!"
  67. youLost: "&cYou lost this game! You were beaten by &3{opponent}&c!"
  68. draw: "&7Draw!"
  69. theEnd: "&7The end!"
  70. bCastAboutWin: "&7Player &3{player} &7beat &3{opponent} &7in &3TicTacToe&7!"
  72. statsHeadName: "&7-*-*-*-*-&6[&3TicTacToe - Your Stats&6]&7-*-*-*-*-"
  73. statsPlayed: "&7Played games: &3{stat}"
  74. statsWins: "&7Win games: &3{stat}"
  75. statsLosts: "&7Lost games: &3{stat}"
  76. statsDraws: "&7Draws: &3{stat}"
  77. statsPoints: "&7Points: &3{stat}"
  78. statsSumOfBoughtCharacters: "&7Sum of bought characters: &3{stat}"
  79. statsNoStats: "&cNo stats!"
  81. infoHeadName: "&7-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-&6[&3TicTacToe - Info&6]&7-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-"
  82. infoChallenge: "&7Challenge player to game: &3{command}"
  83. infoAccept: "&7Accept request from player: &3{command}"
  84. infoDeny: "&7Deny request from player: &3{command}"
  85. infoOpen: "&7Open game field again(If you close it): &3{command}"
  86. infoEnd: "&7End game: &3{command}"
  87. infoStats: "&7Shows your stats: &3{command}"
  88. infoPoints: "&7Shows your points: &3{command}"
  89. infoShop: "&7Open shop to buy special characters to game field: &3{command}"
  90. infoVersion: "&7Version of plugin: &3{version}"
  91. infoPlayerVariable: "<Player>"
  93. shopHeadNameOfItem: "&6&l{headName}"
  95. shopNoPage: "&3&lNo page"
  96. shopNextPage: "&3&lNext page"
  97. shopPreviousPage: "&3&lPrevious page"
  99. shopInfoHeadName: "&7-*-*-*-&6[&3TicTacToe - Shop&6]&7-*-*-*-"
  100. shopInfoLore:
  101. - "&3\u270E &7You can buy own characters"
  102. - "&7to game field!"
  103. - ""
  104. - "&3\u270E &7If you have more characters,"
  105. - "&7system choose one of them to game!"
  106. - ""
  107. - "&6Your points: &3{points}"
  108. - ""
  109. - "&6Count of bought characters: &3{count}"
  111. charWord: "Character"
  112. priceWord: "Price"
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