Konami TPP Review Event & Various Journalists

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  1. Subject: Konami TPP Review Event & Various Journalists
  2. Sources: MGOForums, GameSpot, GamesRadar, Washington Post, EGMnow, Twitter
  3. Date Compiled: August 28th, 2015.
  4. Credits: @Kazper613, who's initial tweets regarding lack of disclosure pointed me in this direction. GGHQ thread for reminding me to check out metacritic and also providing a few links to archived articles.
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  8. Summary:
  9. MagVSupreme's bootcamp review and the gifts showcased raise several questions about what sort of gifts were provided to the other reviewers, specifically the four listed below. In his bootcamp review, MagVSupreme states he was given Kaz Miller glasses and a Flight Bag. Furthermore, although not stated, the Diamond Dogs T-Shirt may have also been a gift provided by Konami. Although he compares the game to the gifts, I can not say for certain if the game was provided as a gift after the event or if he is simply stating that playing the game was even better than the gifts. What sort of role Konami played in hotel accomidations, meals and other incentives are also in question.
  11. Note: There were more individuals present, however they are not game journalists and were omitted from the file.
  13. Journalists and Articles with Potential Conflicts of Interest:
  14. 1. Peter Brown of GameSpot ( There is no disclosure of any kind in this review. MagVsupreme references having a match with Brown at the Event in his bootcamp review. Peter Brown states "@lobotomies4free They let me play a few matches at the event at Konami, but it was with someone else's base." ( This clearly indicates he was present in some capacity at the review event.
  15. 2. Dan Dawkins of GamesRadar ( He makes several references to the review event and his own presence at it within the review in progress.
  16. 3. Michael Thomsen of the Washington Post (SPOILER WARNING - He discloses his presence at the review event in his review.
  17. 4. Spencer Campbell of EGMnow ( "Primary version reviewed was for PS4. Review code was played at an event held by Konami and provided by Konami post-event." (I don't know for certain if this is referring to the same event or a different event)
  20. MagVSupreme's Bootcamp Experience Review:
  21. In MagVsupreme's bootcamp experience review on the metal gear online forums ( he details several gifts and perks that were provided to him as well as the other reviewers. "Again the staff was phenomenal in hosting us. We also was treated with these". These include Kaz Miller glasses "Discreet Hero", Flight Bag "Metal Gear Solid Collection". He is also shown wearing a Diamond Dogs T-Shirt. Is this also a gift and if so, was it provided to all reviewers?
  23. "All these great gifts were awesome to receive but nothing compared to this Game called Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain." I don't know if they were given a copy of the game or if it's simply a reference to being able to play the game.
  25. "The food, drinks, gifts, great hosting were impressive but the game was even more so and that was just unbelieveable." It would appear that the reviewers were treated 'quite' well during their time at Konami HQ.
  27. "We had a nice going away dinner and I meet the CEO of the Konami usa.  We had a few drinks some great food and sadly I had to get off at the hotel to head for my flight." I wonder if the other reviewers also met the CEO of Konami? Also, were hotel accommodations also provided by Konami and if so, did it apply to all reviewers?
  29. From Twitter:
  30. Here is another individual who attended the event, Lupe Fiasco, who is also showing off the Flight bag (, possibly also received as a gift.
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