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  7. Soolpa                                                                                             Scam Explanation Info
  8. 9/23/18                                                                                            The Global Paradise
  11. Okay so technically what happened was I have a few conspiracies about the whole situation. first off his time zone is completely switched on my time zone. Or example for him it would be 2:30 p.m . and for me 2:30 a.m.  so in the first gyazo in the pastebin.  shows that one day before the scam happened he asked if he can borrow the account he sold me. one day later my account is gone at almost the same exact time. I get off around 11 to 12:30 p.m. every night because I wake up earlier in the morning. I think that this is very awkward because for him it is the other way around and he would be on at that time because that is normally before dinner time and when people have time to play video games and such. and today when this all happened he messaged me out of nowhere ( which he never does)  saying hey what's up and I said nothing much and that he was trying to buy fortnite accounts. And at that point I instantly check to see if I still had a full access to the account ( which was promised)  and I did not have any  password to either the epic games login or the email login. I think this is weird because it was the exact same time that I get off. And then the other guy has oh it shows that the account was changed the password 25 hours ago. Which was that exact same time that he messaged me the day before. And I got off 28 hours ago which was on the account info.
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