Can't be >rape if she likes it (RDxAnon)

May 9th, 2019
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  1. >>"Ugh, ok, get under 2 minutes and I'll grant you a date..."
  4. >You grab her by the leg
  5. >"Wuh-what's--"
  6. >You don't leave her the time to finish talking that you have her pinned on the ground
  7. >"What the funny idea?! What are youoooooouuu--hey!"
  8. >You completely ignore her and start caressing her svelte body
  9. >"Hey! Stop that!"
  10. >She tries to resist, but to no avail, her little pony limbs can't compare to your superior giant ape strength
  11. >"Hey, let me go!"
  12. >Her arms and legs are still flailing around, trying to find a way out of your grasp, but you still feel her shivering as your fingertips trace the side of her barrel
  13. >"S-stop! Pleas--"
  14. >Following your predatory instincts, your teeth find her neck, of course you don't bite hard enough to draw blood, but definitely hard enough to make her submit
  15. >"Ahhn~!"
  16. >The gasp escaping her lips is more than enough for you to tell you you're on the right way
  17. >But you don't stop there, you can't, you have to keep going
  18. >So you do, your hands roaming further and further, tracing every part of her you have access to as your biting transforms into licks and kisses to soothe the injury your teeth left in their wake, only to bite her neck and shoulders some more whenever her resistance becomes a hinder to your progress
  19. >You can feel her every muscles tightening as your fingers grab and molest any patch of flesh they find on their way
  20. >On their way down
  21. >"W-wait, no, anything but that!"
  22. >Her voice cracks as your nails dig into the coat of her cutie mark
  23. "Shut up,"
  24. >You bark back at her
  25. >And she flinches in surprise, she obviously didn't expect you to answer her plea
  26. >Her legs are firmly closed by the time your hand reach her thigh
  27. "Spread them,"
  28. >You order
  29. >She shakes her head, but lets out another cooing noise as your digits dig into the softness of her ass
  30. >So you bite again
  31. >This time even harder than before
  32. >Her back arches up and her mouth opens up completely, her voice cracking again as she lets out an undecipherable sound
  33. >Sure there was pain and fear in there, but most importantly, there was something else
  35. >Something you chose to focus on, or maybe you didn't have a choice at all, your body reacting on its own before you could even blink, the desire in her trembling voice awaking something inside of you
  36. >She's still shaking as her back falls back down and your teeth let go of your prey
  37. "Now, spread,"
  38. >Another submissive moan, and a nod, and you can feel her legs parting completely
  39. >Completely displaying herself to whoever felt like looking her way
  40. "Good girl,"
  41. >She gasps as your words reach her, and her eyes find yours, right before your hand shoots for her now exposed flower
  42. >Your fingers instantly start digging into her slit as your palm squeezes her bare, unprotected clit under its weight
  43. >And just that is enough to set her off
  44. >Her back arches up once more, and the whole of her body starts convulsing as she lets out the loudest and most arousing sound yet as marecum starts pouring and spraying out of her
  45. >You lose yourself into her passionate display, and your lips find hers before you can even think
  46. >Her eyes widen in shock and tears start streaming down her cheeks as the rest of her body shakes and throbs under your touch, a moan accompanying her tongue as it starts battling yours
  47. >And just like that, you stop
  48. >She's surprised
  49. >Confused
  50. >She blinks, once, twice
  51. >Her body is still shaking and her chest heaving from the ordeal
  52. >And she simply watches as your lips retreat from hers and your hand finally let go of her engorged flower
  53. >Her lips even try to follow yours as you back up, though only until her body reminds her of its weakened state
  54. "There, that must've been under two minutes,"
  55. >She frowns a bit, her breath still hitching from the effort as she tries to process your words
  56. >"Wh-what?!"
  58. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  60. >>33827580
  61. "So, am I in?"
  62. >You try and act as if nothing happened, but it's not as easy as it sounds with a raging hard-on and a hammering heart
  63. >But you can't believe you found it in yourself to stop then and there instead of going all the way
  64. >"In what?!"
  65. "In the race? Are you going to grant me that date or not?"
  66. >It's very obvious she's not quite following you right now, her eyes frowning a bit as they search for the meaning of your words
  67. >Then it finally hits her
  68. >"Wha-wait, did you just, because I?! Are you stupid?! I was obviously talking about a lap, not... not that!"
  69. "Oh, guess you should've been more clear,"
  70. >You keep your voice as innocent as possible and give her a shrug
  71. >"The--Are you kidding me?! Do you realize what you just did?! Ponies go to prison for that less than that!"
  72. "Only if they're found out,"
  73. >Her intense expression instantly drops and she recoils a bit
  74. >"W-what do you mean?"
  75. >You can't help but roll your eyes
  76. "Oh please Rainbow, you know I'd never hurt you,"
  77. >"You just bit me!"
  78. >Huh
  79. "Okay maybe I would hurt you a little, but only the kind of hurt you want!"
  80. >"That /I/ want?!"
  81. "Yep,"
  82. >You nod
  83. >"You just raped me!"
  84. "I don't know, looked like you were enjoying yourself just as much as I was if you ask me,"
  85. >Her lips part as she tries to bark back another reply, but nothing comes, not until a few seconds later
  86. >"I..."
  87. >"I did not..."
  88. >You can barely hear her answer as she turns her face to hide the blush rising up her cheeks
  89. "The smell says otherwise,"
  91. “I said you didn't last two minutes, so am I in or not?”
  92. >It takes her a moment to finally understand the meaning of your words
  93. >”Wha-wait, did you just... because I...?! Are you stupid?!”
  94. “That doesn't answer my question,”
  95. >You try your best to look as calm and collected as possible, though it's harder than it sounds with a throbbing hard-on and your hammering heart
  96. >”A lap! I was talking about a lap! And you know I was!”
  97. “Maybe,”
  98. >You shrug
  99. >”I can't believe you would do that!”
  100. “Why? Sounded like you enjoyed it just as much as I did,”
  101. >She's taken aback by your words, and her eyes flee from yours
  102. >”I did not!”
  103. >You can still see the blush rising up her cheeks even though she's turned her head to try and hide it from you
  104. “Smells like it too,”
  105. >You make a show of sniffing your fingers
  106. >And you can see her body reacting before it gives her lips a chance to explain herself
  107. >”That-I—you! That doesn't mean anything!”
  108. “Means a lot to me, though,”
  109. >Her ears twitch at that, her eyes find yours for a fraction of a second and her lips part again, but no words come through
  110. >Maybe that was a tad too direct?
  111. >Maybe you should've kept going?
  112. >But as you ponder on your options, she turns around and meekly asks
  113. >”Why'd you do that?”
  114. >Once again her eyes look up to yours before instantly retreating
  115. >Huh, you didn't expect that
  116. “Who cares? What's important is that I did it, isn't it?”
  117. >That doesn't look like the response she wanted
  118. >”I care!”
  119. >It's your turn to be taken aback
  120. >There's hurt in her voice, and though you're unsure where she found it, it looks like she now has the courage to look you in the eyes
  121. >Well, shit
  122. >You let out a sigh
  123. “I don't know, I saw an opportunity and I took it? You've known I was into you for a while now, and when you finally decide to give me a chance, you asks me to do something most pegasi can't even do! And I don't have wings! How was I supposed to make it?!”
  124. >It's her turn to look away, in shame this time
  125. “So, yeah, I guess I got kinda frustrated and I felt like giving this a go and here we are, turned out better than I expected, too,”
  126. >”Better?! You raped me!”
  127. >You lift your hands in surrender
  128. “Woah, can't be rape if she enjoys it, ask any lawyer,”
  129. >”I did not enjoy it!”
  130. “Are we back to discussing that?”
  131. >”You do realize ponies went to prison for less than that, right?!”
  132. “Can't go to prison if nobody finds out, though,”
  133. >Her eyes widen and she recoils slightly
  134. >”W-what do you mean...?”
  135. >You have to roll your eyes at that
  136. “Come on Dash, you know I'd never do anything to hurt you,”
  137. >”You bit me!”
  138. >Oh
  139. “Okay, scratch that, you know I'd never do anything to hurt you in a way you didn't enjoy,”
  140. >”I didn't—Ugh!”
  141. “And if you wanted my ass in a jail, you'd be half the way to canterlot by now too,”
  142. >Her eyes widen as the realization dawns on her
  143. “And it's not like I'd have a single chance of stopping you as well, you're the fastest horse around after all,”
  144. >Her wings flutter before giving an experimental flap, as if she was only now remembering she could fly
  145. >And possibly fly away from any form of threat
  146. >And from you
  147. “See?”
  148. >She frowns a bit, seemingly frustrated
  149. >Maybe just as much at herself as she is at you
  150. >A single step is all it takes for you to be in arms reach, your head aiming down at her diminutive form as you loom over her
  151. “And it's okay, you don't have to feel ashamed for it, you know?”
  152. >”I-I'm not ashamed! You should be ashamed, you're the criminal!”
  153. “Well I guess I am, and I didn't expect to enjoy doing these things to you as much as I did,”
  154. >You crouch down as you say that, both hands shooting forward to grab the small pegasi once again
  155. >You weren't fast enough to catch her by surprise, there was more than enough time for her to spread her wings and take off
  156. >And yet she didn't
  157. >You can see the fear coming back to fill her eyes as her body trembles and her breath starts hitching at your touch, but with it comes the desire and longing as well
  158. >And then comes the burning shame
  159. >Her head instantly turning to the side as if to hide from your prying eyes
  160. >”Y-you're disgusting,”
  161. >Wow rude
  162. “Maybe, but I'm enjoying this way too much, and I'm sure there's something in that friendship book of yours about ponies not having to feel ashamed of doing what they enjoy,”
  163. >”I-I'm not enjoying this!”
  164. >She's gritting her teeth and closing her eyes as hard as she can as she says those words
  165. >Well that's interesting
  166. >And that gives you a very interesting idea too
  167. >With the smuggest grin you've ever had, you let go of the little mare
  168. >Her eyes instantly open wide and she turns to look at you
  169. >”W-what are you doing?!”
  170. “Nothing, I'm letting you go,”
  171. >She blinks
  172. >Once
  173. >Twice
  174. >”What?!”
  175. >You shrug as you lean back and away from her to show you're serious about this
  176. “It's just as I said, I'm letting you go, you said you weren't enjoying yourself, so I guess now's a good time to stop,”
  177. >You can see the distress in her eyes as you say that
  178. >But no words come forth
  179. “Come on, shoo,”
  180. >She doesn't budge, choosing to simply frown at you instead
  181. “Why are you still here?”
  182. >”...”
  183. “Are you going to admit it then?”
  184. >She gasps
  185. >And turns away again
  186. >”I have nothing to admit...”
  187. >Ugh
  188. >Okay let's try something else
  189. “Okay, here's what we're going to do then, listen well,”
  190. >She gazes at you from the corner of her eye but she doesn't turn around
  191. “I'll close my eyes and count to three, and if you're still here when I'm finished, well...”
  192. >Her frame fidgets a bit
  193. “I'll consider you enjoyed it just as much as I did, like I said, and then I'll just keep going and enjoy myself some more, how about that? Do we have a deal?”
  194. >”...”
  195. >Good enough
  196. “Okay, so; One,”
  197. >You start, upholding your end of the deal and closing your eyes
  198. ”Two,”
  199. >Your heart skips a beat when you hear the ruffling of wings
  200. ”Three...”
  201. >Oh shit, what if she's truly gone
  202. >Slowly, you open up one eye and let out a breath you didn't know you were holding in the first place
  203. >She's still there, blushing and shivering as ever
  204. “Good girl,”
  206. ____________________________________________________________________
  208. >She lets out a gasp and a jolt runs down her spine as your hand shoots up to pat her head
  209. >You make sure to run your fingers all the way up her twitching ear too, and you see her biting her lip to try and contain her voice, her small wings fluttering in earnest
  210. >Yeah
  211. >She's all yours
  212. “You know, I always thought you'd be into this,”
  213. >You push your back onto the ground as you say this
  214. >And her face turns up to look at you in defiance
  215. >Though it doesn't work that well with that blush on her face
  216. “Now, I know this was a risky move for me but,”
  217. >Your hands don't waste time, instantly resuming their earlier ministrations
  218. >She shudders under your touch
  219. >She even flinches as your digits reach her neck
  220. >But she doesn't budge
  221. >Her body doesn't resist anymore
  222. >It's only her eyes
  223. >”I'm not!”
  224. >Even her voice is trembling
  225. >God she's adorable
  226. “Then why are you still here?”
  227. >”...”
  228. “Why are you letting me do these things to you, Dash?”
  229. >Your right hand brushes past her barrel and reaches down to give one of her teats a firm squeeze
  230. >The surprised gasp pushing out of her throat makes her stare falter for a moment
  231. “You're not even resisting anymore,”
  232. >Her frown hardens, and a fraction of a second later, her right hoof comes for your face
  233. >You're too slow to stop it, she's fast after all, and it comes crashing into your jaw
  234. >But you barely move
  235. >Now, to be fair, it hurt
  236. >She's still a very strong pony after all, but that was nothing compared to bonking your head on door frames, which sadly happens a lot around here
  237. >Though you'd wager she didn't put her whole force into it either
  238. >And she starts squirming when she realizes her punch wasn't nearly as impactful as she wished it was, her whole body wriggling left and right as her four hooves try to push you away and let go of her
  239. >She's resisting now
  240. >Because you told her she wasn't resisting anymore?
  241. >Did she forget to resist?
  242. >Is this some kind of game to her, maybe?
  243. >”Let me go!”
  244. >It doesn't take you long to decide to play along
  245. >And it doesn't take you long to regain complete control over the situation either, starting with her front hooves, using your whole weight to pin them down as you start shifting your hips to the side and using your thighs and knees to spread hers apart and lock her in place, her rear legs now capable of nothing more than weak taps against your waist and her front hooves completely restrained over her head
  246. >She barely even tried, honestly
  247. “Now now, Dashie, good girls don't struggle so much,”
  248. >Her breath hitches in her throat, and no matter how ferocious her glare is, you can notice the upturned corner of her lips
  249. “You want to be a good girl for me, don't you?”
  250. >”Buck you!”
  251. “Ah, no, I believe the opposite's about to happen,”
  252. >Her back legs clench around your frame
  253. “But don't worry, I won't start until you ask for it,”
  254. >”In your dreams!”
  255. >You don't even bother responding to that one, instead choosing to start thinking of what to do now
  256. >With some quick maths, you realize you're rather limited in what you can do to the poor little pegasus below you with both hands occupied like that, and though you could try, you don't think holding both of them with a single hand will work out long term
  257. >But you've got just the thing
  258. >Now, needing to let go of one of her hooves means she's going to resist some, but you've got the next best thing anyway
  259. >Just as expected, she starts struggling the second you let go of both hooves, but you don't give her the time to take advantage of it as your left hand shoots for her slender throat
  260. >She gasps in surprise as your fingers wrap themselves around it, and her now free hooves desperately shoot for your arm
  261. >Your hand was only resting there at first, it was nothing but a deterrent to make her understand who was in control right now, but the more she tries to push it off, the more weight you lean into it
  262. >This doesn't stop her though, and you feel the need to explain to her the rules of the game, lest you start to actually strangle her
  263. “Hey! Hey! Calm down now, the more you struggle, the tighter it gets!”
  264. >She tries some more, and as promised, you tighten your hold
  265. >Her eyes still on yours, she finally stops
  266. “There,”
  267. >Her hooves stay glued to your forearm as you finally loosen your grip, her chest heaving as she instantly starts taking in some air
  268. “Isn't that better?”
  269. >The only reply you get is her frown deepening
  270. “See, you be obedient, and I'll be nice and gentle with you,”
  271. >You give her chest a few strokes with your free hand and softly massage her little throat to make your point
  272. >”Shut up...”
  273. >She grumbles as her eyes flee from yours
  274. “What? You'd rather I wasn't gentle?
  276. >tracing over one of the little nubs below her belly button
  277. >they're still unmistakably hard
  278. Teat pinch
  279. >gasp
  280. >where do u think you're touching
  281. >grin
  282. “I'm touching you exactly where I want to touch you
  283. >another pinch followed by a roll between ur thumb
  284. “And where you want me to touch you,”
  285. >her hooves fidget around the length of your arm and they tighten their hold onto it
  286. >”I don't! I—”
  287. “If you didn't, you wouldn't be here,”
  288. >you remind her
  289. >she shuts up
  290. >you grin even more
  291. “See, as I was saying earlier, I just knew you had to be into kinky shit like that,”
  292. >you let go of her mounds, and bring your now free hand onto your belt buckle
  293. >her eyes widen and she struggles some more the second she hears the metallic clink coming from it as you release it, not to try and free herself, but rather to have a good unobstructed view of your lower half, the arm holding her throat down being in the way
  294. >A pull later, and your belt slides off your pants
  295. >You let out a chuckle as she quizzically keeps looking down, expecting you to keep going and proceed with the undressing
  296. “The rest will come off soon enough, don't worry about it, I just needed this,”
  297. >You tell her as you brandish your belt in front of her face
  298. >You can recognize a hint of disappointment in her eyes, but then the realization, and the fear takes over
  299. >”W-what are you going to do with it?”
  300. >You blink
  301. >You didn't even think about using it THAT way until now
  302. “Oh no, I wouldn't hurt my cute, obedient little Dashie with something like this,”
  303. >Her chest heaves and she looks away for a second, still trying to hide her true feelings
  304. >Her true self
  305. “Only very bad girls get the spanking, and you're not a bad girl, are you Dash?”
  306. >She mutters something you can't catch
  307. “No, this is only to keep you from struggling too much and make things easier for me, now, lift your hooves up and above your head,”
  308. >She doesn't
  309. “Don't make me repeat myself, or I'll have to find another way to use the belt,”
  310. >”Whatever...”
  311. >She obeys, though she still tries to keep up the appearances
  312. >You heart skips a beat at the sight
  313. “God, you're adorable Rainbow,”
  314. >A visible shiver shoots all the way down her back as your words reach her, and you can even feel it when her rear legs start tightening around your waist
  315. >Some more muttering, eyes still as far away as she can force them to be
  316. >So she's weak to those words as well
  317. “My adorable little Dashie,”
  318. >Her frown falters at that
  319. >”I'm not adorable!”
  320. “Oh really? Why don't you try looking at me and saying it again?”
  321. >She ever so slightly turns her head around, just barely enough for her to be able to make eye contact, and her lips part as if ready to bark something back at you, but whatever sound she was planning on letting out stay stuck in her throat, only hot air coming out as she gives up, her head turning back to hide her shame just as fast as it came
  322. >This mare will be the end of you
  323. “See, that was adorable,”
  324. >She fidgets a bit in reply
  325. “To me, you're the cutest, most adorable mare around,”
  326. >There's not a single hint of a frown on her face anymore, even though she's clenching her eyes shut
  327. >You can feel her heartbeat hammering away through the tip of your fingers, her slender throat and small chest heaving as she gulps and exhales air faster and faster
  328. >And that makes you realize you're not faring that much better, and that's all the incentive you need to get things going
  329. >You let go of her throat, and she doesn't even react, no fidgeting, no struggling, no glaring
  330. >She just stays there, lied down and unmoving, completely offering herself to you
  331. >You ponder about dropping the act and taking her right then and there, you're sure she'd love nothing more than that, but you find it in yourself to resist the urge and proceed with your plan instead
  332. >You start leaning forward, your waist pressing more and more of your weight onto the blue pegasus and forcing her legs to spread wider in response
  333. >And a whimper pushes itself past her lips before she can stop it, her hoof shooting straight for her lips to try and contain it but coming far too late
  334. “What did I say about your hooves? Up,”
  335. >She flinches slightly as your growl comes from much closer than usual, and sure enough, her hoof goes back up
  336. >It's getting harder and harder to hold it in, but you have to
  337. >You reach forward with both hands, and start tying them up with your belt
  338. >You try not to spend too much time admiring how soft and well maintained they are, but you make a note to tease her about it for later
  339. >You also make sure to leave her limbs enough give not to strain or hurt her, so much so both your thumbs can still easily fit through the spaces
  340. >She could surely free herself if she tried hard enough, and if she wanted to
  341. >'Want' being the keyword
  342. >You lean back once you're done and spend a few seconds admiring your handiwork
  343. >Those things won't pester you anymore, and with her hooves out of the way she looks flat out defenseless
  344. >Vulnerable
  345. >Fragile
  346. >And yet...
  347. “So much for being such a strong mare, huh?”
  348. >”What?!”
  349. “I'm just now realizing how small you really are, that's all,”
  350. >With a grin, you resume your caresses, a hand going for the throat while the other roamed slightly further south
  351. >And just as planned, the barking resumes as well
  352. >”I'm not—And it's better for aerodynamics anyway!”
  353. “I never said it was a bad thing, I was just saying it's funny for such a small mare to try and act so tough all the time,”
  354. >”It's not an act!”
  355. “I know, I know how strong you are Dash, by pony standards anyways, and yet...”
  356. >You lean forward enough for your face to loom only a few inches away from hers, all the while keeping your eyes locked onto her glare
  357. “Here you are,”
  358. >It takes her a moment to find her words, and you can feel how fast her heart is beating as your palm keeps roaming her chest
  359. >”You're like, three times my size!”
  360. “But we both know that's not why you're here,”
  361. >”Y-you caught me by surprise!”
  362. “Maybe, but again, that's not the real reason,”
  363. >”...”
  364. “Do you want me to tell you why you're here?”
  365. >She shudders under your touch, before turning her face away once more
  366. >And you take advantage of this development by closing the small distance between your faces, your nose softly pressing against her cheek as you start nuzzling her
  367. >The way she flinched when you made contact tells you she expected to feel your teeth again
  368. “It's because you want to feel weak,”
  369. >Your lips are close enough for her ear to twitch
  370. >”Wha--”
  371. >She croaks out, her lips quivering as her eyes have a hard time deciding whether to glare at you or to plead you to keep doing whatever it is you're doing
  372. >Her tongue though needs but a moment to recover
  373. >”I'm not weak!”
  374. >She sounds like she's trying to convince herself more than trying to convince you
  375. “Of course not, you're one of the strongest ponies I know,”
  376. >”Then--”
  377. “But I'm not a pony, Dash,”
  378. “I'm much bigger and much stronger than you, and that's why you're here, and that's why you're enjoying this so much, aren't you?”
  379. >Her eyes lose focus as she starts pondering about the words you said
  380. >But you decide against leaving her the time to think, where would be the fun in that
  381. “I'm so much stronger, in fact, that I could do to you anything I felt like doing,”
  382. >Your hands and lips move in unison, your left one tightening its hold on her throat, not tight enough to hinder her airways but more than enough to make it impossible for her to ignore while the right one once again dips further down her chest and past her belly button to cup one of her teats
  383. “Like hurt you,”
  384. >Your thumb and index rolls around the soft flesh and quickly finds the hard nub, which you pinch mercilessly while you squeeze her throat ever so slightly harder
  385. >The terror takes back control of her body as it starts wriggling around, legs tightening around you and forehooves flailing aimlessly to try and break free
  386. >And just as swiftly, you let go of her, your squeezing and pinching turning back to caresses and massages in the blink of an eye
  387. “Or kiss you,”
  388. >You don't give her the time to adjust to your actions, and your lips are on hers
  389. >Her eyes shoot wide open as her entire body completely stops still
  390. >But this kiss is nothing like the one from before, it's nothing but a peck really, a simple taste of what could be and what you could give to her
  391. >If she's good
  392. “Or tell you how cute and precious you are,”
  393. >You lean down again but this time your lips find purchase on her cheek
  394. >You take pleasure in noticing her own lips puckering as yours approach again, only for them to kiss air
  395. >She looks utterly disoriented, but there's obvious longing in her eyes and in the sounds slipping past her lips
  396. >Again you ponder about giving in and giving her what she wants but the thought is quickly snuffed out as your lips continue their travel to the side, and then south
  397. >You kiss, peck and then nibble at her cheek, and then her jaw, and finally her neck, your hand stroking its way north to take hold of her jaw and forcing her head to the side, not unlike the many times she's tried to evade your eyes the past few minutes, and exposing more of her neck for you to kiss
  398. >And bite
  399. >Softly, gently, not nearly hard enough to damage her skin but enough for her to understand her place as the prey once again
  400. >She writhes under you as a coo escapes her throat, her hips shaking for a moment before her legs reach forward to adjust their hold onto you so she can bring her crotch against yours
  401. >Your pride throbs as the wet warmth quickly seeps through the fabric of your pants
  402. >A small voice in your head tell you to stop her, that you're the one in charge and things should go at your own pace, but your dick quickly tells it to shut the fuck up
  403. >And you lose yourself into her touch for a moment, your lips gliding up and down her neck and jaw and shoulders, sometime leaving a kiss and other times leaving a biting mark
  404. >Your right hand don't stay idle for long either and joins in on the action, though your new position makes it awkward for it to keep fondling her teats, and is forced to reposition itself, your fingers slowly gliding north-east to caress her chest and barrel before taking a daring turn and rushing south to grope at the soft flesh of her rear
  405. >”...don't—Ah!”
  406. >Her barely audible whine turns to a gasp as your digits start digging into the crack of her ass, palm groping the flesh not far from her cutie mark as you pull her firm cheeks apart
  407. >The rest of her body stiffens again as she grinds her crotch into yours even harder than before
  408. >”Anon...”
  409. >Her voice nearly cracks into another whine, and hearing her call out your name in such a state sends is enough to make you drop all pretense, your lips quickly leaving her neck as your left hand effortlessly brings her lips against yours
  410. >A surprised gasp that turns into a moan is completely muffled by your lips, her eyes closing as the rest of her body shakes against your frame
  411. >Her mouth doesn't even try to resist and your tongue easily slips past her lips and teeth to meet hers
  412. >You prod, you poke, you taste and finally you dance, until, like the rest of her, her organ submits to yours, completely following your lead and letting you do as you please as the sounds escaping her throat reach a higher and higher pitch
  413. >The you pause as you feel wetness dripping past your fingertips, your incessant groping on her lower half slowing to a crawl as the sticky wetness feel much too warm to be sweat
  414. >”Ahhmmph!”
  415. >Her lips escape yours but for a moment before your left hand bring her head back in place, her moan not stopping and only intensifying as the digits of your right hand instantly start digging into the hot, sopping cleft of her marehood after having followed the trail of her juices all the way to their point of origin
  416. >You don't tease her opening for long, instantly starting to push a first finger in, her slick walls already starting to clench and contract around the intruder before you start fighting them to push a second digit in, the first inch quickly disappearing and pushing the tight walls aside as it explores deeper and deeper
  417. >You're so focused on your task at hand to keep her in place and her face escapes your hold in a quick upward jerk
  418. >”Fuckkkk!”
  419. >She howls as you try to fit a third finger inside of her, and you're rewarded by warmth spraying past your hand and onto your crotch, making sure to mark and spread her scent on any patch of fabric that was still dry from her humping
  420. >A groan escapes your lips as your pants become even less comfortable, now not only feeling far too tight and restraining but now also wet and hot
  421. >You have to do something about that, you need to
  422. >Giving her jaw a parting kiss, you lean back and away from her enough to allow you to remove your pants, having to pull yourself free from her legs first as she keeps panting and convulsing from her last orgasm
  423. >”Wha-ah, what's--”
  424. >You don't even bother replying to her pleading gaze or her frustrated voice, your hands directly shooting for the waistband of your pants after letting go of her legs, and instantly dropping them
  425. >Her breath hitch in her throat as your hardness springs free
  426. >Fuck, that's much better
  429. >You notice her wide eyes on your cock before she starts trying to wiggle away, her back legs instinctively closing to protect herself
  430. >But you easily stop her, your hands once again spreading them apart as you lower your crotch to hers
  431. >”W-wait, you can't! You're way too big!”
  432. >You completely ignore her, knowing that your cock can maybe compete against your average stallion, but sure as hell wouldn't hold a candle to the bigger boys like mac, this knowledge being more than enough proof you need to assure you that the species barrier is no issue in this case, not that you feel like spending too much time thinking about horsecocks right now
  433. >She's just playing, you think
  434. >So you keep going, letting out a groan as you feel her warm flower winking against your balls as you hump against her, spending a moment to admire how big your cock is compared to her small body, using a thumb to push it flat against her stomach and noticing how the tip of your cock easily goes past her teats and nearly reach her belly button
  435. “And who's going to stop me, Dash?”
  436. >You start grinning as her lips move but no words come through, only another whimper as you hump against her pussy once again
  437. “There's no way I'm stopping now, if you wanted out then you could've flown away a dozen times already,”
  438. >”There's no way you'll fit!”
  439. >You roll your eyes
  440. “You'll be fine--!”
  441. >Your heart drops when you see her eyes, when you really look at them
  442. >There's real fear in her eyes, no more grin hiding in the corner of her lips or any longing shining through anymore, only fear and anxiety
  443. >Oh
  444. “Huh...”
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