NetSet Options

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  1. CLI Arguments                            
  2.     '-t' or '--terminal' Starts        
  3.     terminal multiplexer with all      
  4.     connections routed through Tor        
  6.     '-s' or '--status' prints a status  
  7.     overview of NetSet related network  
  8.     utilities and their current state.
  10.     '-i' or '--install' runs a script
  11.     designed to install all of NetSet's
  12.     dependencies and configures them
  14. Menu Options
  16.  'Usage'          - Print options overview
  17.  'Status'         - Print Status overview
  18.  'Spoof MAC'      - Spoof MAC Address
  19.  'Random Proxies' - Scrape random proxies
  20.  'GeoSort Proxies'- Scrape GeoSorted proxies
  21.  'ProtonVPN'      - Start ProtonVPN
  22.  'Tor Terminal'   - Start terminal multi-
  23.                     plexer, with all sessions
  24.                     routed through Tor
  25.  'Tor Wall'       - Configures iptables to
  26.                     force all connections
  27.                     through Tor.
  28.  'Veracrypt'      - Start encryption and
  29.             password gen menu  
  30.  'OPSEC Resources'- Display NetSet's included
  31.                     list of web resources.
  32.             Select an entry to open
  33.                     it in your default browser
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