Mitama's Training - Kyouko/Felicia Edition

Oct 1st, 2017
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  1. Mitama's Training - Kyouko/Felicia Edition
  3. ======
  4. Part 1
  5. ======
  7. Kyouko: Kazamino... Mitakihara... Kamihama...
  8. While looking for witches I moved from place to place, but
  11. Kyouko: I didn't think that the city Mami was talking about would really have this many witches...
  12. Witch: !@*(!@$()!!
  13. Kyouko: Tsk...! You darting around like that is starting to piss me off!
  15. Kyouko: On top of that, I figured this out from constantly fighting the witches in this city, but they're pretty tough, huh... If I spend too much time fighting the familiars, it's my stamina that ends up getting drained...It'd be a lot easier if there was a way for me to suddenly become stronger but it wouldn't be possible for something that convenient to happen, right...?
  16. She'd probably know about something like that but...
  17. (Unfortunately, we're not that close anymore, besides...)
  18. I'll put my strength into this one move and... Take...thissss!!
  19. ???: Uraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!
  20. Kyouko: Wha!? Who's there!
  21. Felicia: BAAAAAAAM!!
  22. Kyouko: Daaaa!
  23. Witch: !@()*$!@$!?
  24. Felicia: Whewhew... I exterminated another one today...and I got a grief seed too!
  25. Kyouko: You didn't get anything...
  26. Felicia: Ah? Oh, Red-neechan!
  27. Kyouko: Not only did you steal my prey but you're not even remorseful. What's the big idea?
  28. Felicia: Naaa? Nee-chan, you were in there? I didn't notice you at all, sorry 'bout that!
  29. Kyouko: ...Haah.... Oh well... To make up for it, hand it over. C'mon, give me the grief seed.
  30. Felicia: Why should I!? I was the one who defeated it!? ...Yeah, I might've taken it but...but, I'm the one who defeated it...Ah, in that case, let's share it half-and-half.
  31. Kyouko: Half and half? Wha, hey, blondie!
  32. Felicia: There, now we're even, right?
  33. Kyouko: Haaah... well, I guess it's okay... It's not like you can get back something that's already used up...
  34. Her stomach: Guuuuuu~~~~~~kyururu
  35. Kyouko: Aah, now that I've relaxed a bit, I suddenly feel hungry...
  36. Felicia: Nya, what's with this wind? Whaaa, something got stuck to my face! Hey, I can't see!
  37. Kyouko: It's just a flyer...See...?
  38. Felicia: Ahhh geez, that pisses me off. I'm bristling...
  39. Kyouko: --!? Hey, wait a second! Take a good look at this flyer...
  41. Flyer: To all you magical girls, we have wonderful news for you♪
  42. Right now at the Adjuster's [1], we are looking for people who are willing to be taste-testers for Mitama's cooking♪
  43. Stuff like compensation for ingredients will, of course, be free
  44. To all of you reading this flyer with empty stomachs, you'll regret it if you don't come here, so when you arrive at the Adjuster's make sure talk to Mitama-san, okay?
  45. We will have a delicious dinner ready for you♪
  47. Kyouko: A meal!
  48. Felicia: Food!
  49. Kyouko: Blondie!
  50. Felicia: Nee-chan!
  51. Kyouko: If it's a free meal, then there's no reason we shouldn't go, right?
  52. Felicia: Right!
  53. Kyouko: Actually, what the hell is an Adjuster...?
  54. Felicia: What? Nee-chan, you don't know anything about it, do you? If that's the case, then I'll lead you there!
  55. Kyouko: Oh, really!?
  56. Felicia: Yeah!
  58. ======
  59. Part 2
  60. ======
  62. Felicia: Ad-ju-st-er!
  63. Mitama: Y-e-s-♪
  64. My, Felicia-chan and, a new face.
  65. Felicia: Yeah, she's uh...who were you again?
  66. Kyouko: Not 'who'... Wait, I haven't introduced myself yet, have I... I'm "Sakura Kyouko". Nice to meet ya.
  67. Mitama: Nice to meet you, Kyouko-chan. I'm "Yakumo Mitama".
  68. Kyouko: Anyway, we saw that we can eat a free meal if we came here, but...
  69. Mitama: Oh, so you were a customer for *that*.
  70. Kyouko: (That...?)
  71. Mitama: I'm soo glad, I didn't think anyone would show up today so...
  72. Kyouko: What, are you closed today?
  73. Mitama: No, I'm going to roll up my sleeves and start cooking starting now!
  74. Felicia: Oh, awesome! After all, I'm super growlin' hungry!
  75. Mitama: Yes, leave it to me! I'll make you a delicious treat!
  77. Kyouko: Whoa, hey, what's with the way you hold that knife!?
  78. Felicia: Wah, wah, don't come this way, don't come this way!
  79. Kyouko: That's why I told you, that's dangerous! Are you trying to make us eat your own finger!?
  80. Felicia: Fugyaaaaaaa--!
  82. Felicia: The knife came flying at us...It's way scarier than fighting a witch...
  83. Kyouko: To have it thrust into the ceiling like that... what's with her...
  84. ...What the hell is she trying to make?
  85. Mitama: Meat and potatoes that will...seize your stomachs?
  86. Kyouko: ...It seems like you've at least picked the right ingredients...It's just I don't want you holding a knife... since it's way beyond clumsiness, you're a weapon of mass destruction in the form of a human...
  87. Mitama: No way, how meaaan.
  88. Kyouko: We're the ones who have to suffer! But seriously, what should we do...
  89. Felicia: If you happen to have the thing that lets you peel things with a shasha then I can make it!
  90. Mitama: If you're talking about a peeler, then I have one~
  91. Kyouko: So the blondie will peel the skin and I'll cut it up, huh... (Hm...? Something's not right here. I came here to eat a free meal...)
  92. I see...So the magical girls in this city knew about your skills.
  93. Mitama: Just a bit more and I should improve but...
  94. Kyouko: Try looking up what a "bit" means in the dictionary.
  95. Mitama: My, you're harshh...
  97. Kyouko: Well, as far as prep goes, that should do it.
  98. Felicia: Red-neechan, you're amazing. It ended lickety-split!
  99. Kyouko: I stab and cut up witches on a everyday basis after all. It might be rough, but as far as cutting goes, it's really easy.
  100. Mitama: Here's where I come in, right?
  101. Kyouko: Yeah, we're leaving the seasoning part to you.
  102. Felicia: I expect something yummy!
  103. Mitama: Yes, I'll make sure to pour it in with lots of love.
  105. ........
  106. .......
  107. ...
  109. Kyouko: Alrighty then, groceries, groceries...
  110. Mitama: Eh, what, whyyy!?
  111. Kyouko: "Whyyy!?" my asss!! I've never heard of someone using "paint" as seasoning...
  112. Mitama: But it'd be more delicious if you made it a bit more brown, right?
  113. Felicia: ...It was good up until then, but it's all gone to waste now...
  114. Kyouko: Seriously...
  117. ======
  118. Part 3
  119. ======
  121. Mitama: Now, let's give making meat-and-potatoes another try, shall we?
  122. Felicia: You're going to try making meat-and-potatoes again!?
  123. Kyouko: No, I'm not gonna let you try again.
  124. Mitama: What do you mean...?
  125. Kyouko: As soon as I saw that you can't even use a knife properly, I don't plan on letting you cook ever again. Besides, my stomach's at its limit already!
  126. Felicia: Mine too!
  127. Their stomachs: Guuuu-, kyuryurin
  128. Kyouko: That's why I don't care if it's frozen food, just make it a ready-made thing, please. Besides, again, your cooking is...
  129. Mitama: I can't accept that.
  130. Kyouko: Hey, if you keep complaining like that, we'll be here all day.
  131. Mitama: No, there's a way for me to cook without using a knife.
  132. Kyouko: Haa?
  133. Mitama: I think combining ready-made food together is another form of a cooking. For example... you can put tofu and soy sauce together to make "Hiyayakko", right? [2]
  134. Felicia: True, you could do that too!
  135. Kyouko: Ahhh--... is that so... If so, that's fine by me, just hurry and make it already... I'm tired so I'll wait for you guys.
  136. Mitama: In that case, Felicia-chan! Let's go look for ready-made things!
  137. Kyouko: Haa...
  140. Kyouko: Kazamino... Mitakihara... Kamihama...I chased after witches and went from place to place and in the end
  141. .........
  142. What the hell am I doing?
  143. (I don't mind the part where I can eat a free meal. It's just, I didn't think that she'd be the worst cook the world has even seen... I guess I could just make a break for it right now...)
  144. Her stomach: Guuuuu---....hyurururu....
  145. Kyouko: (For one, my stomach's energy is gone and..) If there's finally going to be a meal at the end of this, then I guess I can stick around till the end...
  146. Felicia: Hey, Adjuster! I want this one! If you put this into your mouth, it pops!
  147. Kyouko: *whipaash!*
  148. .....
  149. 'Like I figured, the most important thing is myself...
  150. Okay...
  151. Felicia: Red-neechan, we bought the stuff!
  152. Kyouko: Guu....
  153. Felicia: What's wrong?
  154. Kyouko: ...It's nothing.
  157. Kyouko: Wha, what's with this paste...
  158. Mitama: This my charming cooking, made up of delicious ready-made things all combined together. I call it: Mitama Delicious!!
  159. Felicia: Tadaaaaaaaa!
  160. Kyouko: You look like you're having fun...
  161. Felicia: After all, it's packed with yummy things. My favorite things are in there too, so...
  162. Kyouko: You mean the popping one?
  163. Felciia: And the thing with the toy inside of the chocolate.
  164. Kyouko: Don't tell me, Blondie, that's in there too!?
  165. Felicia: No way. I made sure to take out and keep the capsule.
  166. Kyouko: Well, yeah. Maybe I was over-thinking it...
  167. Mitama: That's right, you're over-thinking it. Let's all eat it together.
  169. Kyouko: This is blasphemous against food... I knew
  170. that the act of eating food like this was something you should be very thankful for...
  171. that it was something very sacred...
  172. That's why I can't forgive it when something tries to tread on that sanctity.
  173. That's why even if I don't want to eat it...
  174. I will eat it all...!
  176. Kyouko: U, uuu... Huh? I...
  177. Mitama: Are you okay?
  178. Kyouko: You're that Adjuster... Huh? I was eating and...what happened?
  179. Mitama: You don't remember?
  180. Kyouko: Yeah...
  181. Mitama: Fufu, it was so delicious, you passed out~ Felicia-chan also passed out at the same time, so it startled me.
  182. Kyouko: Ha...
  184. ....
  186. (Just remembering it makes my stomach feel...This woman...It wasn't just her cooking ability, but her tongue's also impaired, huh...)
  187. ...Well, at any rate, my stomach seems filled but... Huh, what...?
  188. Mitama: What's wrong?
  189. Kyouko: No, what the... my body feels hot for some reason...
  190. Mitama: Ufufu, then I've succeeded.
  191. Kyouko: Succeeded? Hey, what does that mean... What did you mix in that food!?
  192. Mitama: W, Wait a second, that's a misunderstanding. You see, I k-kinda fiddled with your soul gem.
  193. Kyouko: Fi, ddled...?
  194. Felicia: Whaa! My body's suuuuper light for some reason! Hey, Adjuster! Did you adjust our gems for us!?
  195. Kyouko: Huh? Adjust...?
  196. Mitama: That's right, you see, I made your magic just a bit stronger for you.
  197. Kyouko: ...Oh, I get it. It finally makes sense. So that's why they call you the Adjuster.
  198. Mitama: That's right, that's exactly right. At the Adjuster's, friend to all fighting magical girls, I fiddle with your soul gem and make your magic stronger and stuff like that. I look forward to your patronage from now on♪
  199. Fufu, today I serviced your soul gems for you two as a reward for keeping me company today.
  200. Kyouko: ...I see, so this heat in my body is my own magic.
  201. Felicia: It'll take some time to get used to it, but you'll become reaaaa-lly strong!
  202. Kyouko: Thank you, Adjuster. Thanks to you, hunting witches will become a lot easier.
  203. Mitama: Fufu, this time, in addition! Since I caused you two so much trouble, I'll provide a special, limited-time only service to you two girls. So, for now, feel free to stop by when you can.
  204. Kyouko: That's more than I could ever want. You're a lifesaver.
  205. Mitama: Haaa, but to think, that I would fail twice in a row...
  206. Felicia: You failed twice in a row?
  207. Mitama: That's right. Just the other day, I caused trouble for some girls when I made some sweets, so...
  208. Kyouko: (This is a bit of a long shot, but...) Could that person by chance be Tomoe Mami?
  209. Mitama: Oh my, is she a friend of yours~?
  210. Kyouko: ...Sure, she's kind of like a friend. (Bullseye, huh... So Mami's still coming to this city...)
  211. Anyway, I'll make sure to stop by again so I'll be taking off.
  212. Mitama: Yes, feel free to come back anytime. I'll make sure to show off my cooking skills too.
  213. Kyouko: I have no business with you as a cook. I just have business with you as an Adjuster.
  214. Mitama: My, how disappointing.
  215. Kyouko: That kind of cooking is the kind you should only have once in your lifetime. Anyway, see you later.
  216. Felicia: Ah, Red-neechan, I'm going too!
  217. Kyouko: Ahhhh, the taste of it is still in my mouth...
  218. Felicia: For some reason I feel like my stomach's giving its all..
  219. Mitama: ....
  220. Fufu, it looks like I've gotten more new customers.
  224. =====
  225. [1] = I've always had this suspicion, but coincidentally around where Kyouko figures out why Mitama is called the "調整屋”, I also figured out that "coordinator" isn't the right translation for what Mitama is/does. Especially when Felicia used it as a verb. Looked it up and found out "adjust" is another way to translate it, and something that's closer to what she's doing.
  227. TL;DR: I'll make sure to double-check terms instead of trusting the most common translation for things from now on.
  229. [2]
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