Sick and poor little Shy

Jan 12th, 2019
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  1. https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/33123980/#q33137352
  3. > Be Fluttershy's older brother
  4. > Living in alt. universe, where Hillary won.
  5. > Not long after some hard working muslim refugees decided to promote their status in gang and killed your parents.
  6. > Police came by, but instead of investigating, you got arrested for Islamophobia and mansplaining for talking with a female 911 operator. And the same day Zephyr got shot for manspreading in the ambulance while he was beaten and half-conscious
  7. > Since it was impossible to live here anymore, you were forced to sell everything and move to a different country
  8. > And since your house got robbed a couple of times, and with a new cis tax, you didn't get much money from it.
  9. > A few seasons later, very tight on budget, you're working your ass off every day to support both your needs and saving for Fluttershy's future education.
  10. > Fluttershy. She hasn't even graduated from school
  11. > It wasn't easy for her. At all.
  12. > You spend all your free time with her, mosty laying on the couch and hugging her weepy form.
  13. > Bonding
  14. > While before she was a little annoying and cowardly, and you haven't had the best relationship with her, now you throw everything to support each other. You grow to love her even more.
  15. > She's the most precious human being in your life now, and you must protect her from everything at all costs.
  16. > And failing at it, apparently. Since she decided to save some stupid fallen nestling under pouring rain.
  17. > Now your little sister got sick and some street cat lost his dinner. And you can't afford any doctors right now. Or even a cat food.
  18. > The last few megabytes of traffic went for searching how to treat her, instead of shitposting
  19. > And the next days you need to be even more glued to her, but you can't take a day off from work, or you're gonna lose it.
  20. > But on the other hand, taking care of her became enjoyable to you and your world become a slightly less shit
  21. > She likes it when you're touching her forehead to check the temperature, preparing her warm food and even carrying her to the restroom and back. Sometimes she refuses to let go. Pressing her soft and warm body to you, asking to lay with her for a while.
  22. > The next morning, when taking the fresh bed sheets from the bin, you found her bra in it. And she only has one.
  23. > Makes sense, since you need to wear less clothes to cool down your body. She tends to get sweaty and she's also aware that she got quite the size in certain places. And you told her to sleep without the blanket.
  24. > Oh well
  25. > While entering her room, you saw that she's still asleep and facing the other side. And her water bottle is full.
  26. > You carefully check her temperature, left some food on the table and wrote a note [DRINK MORE WATER YOU CRINGY GREENPEACE VICTIM. I TOLD YOU. TAKE A PILL IF FEVER WILL GET WORSE. AND TRY TO EAT SOMETHING. WENT TO WORK. LUV U]
  28. > It was a busy and long day at work, but the paycheck whispered to you that you can buy some goods for your sick little sis without pissing off the landlord a second time. Or maybe even afford her another fucking pet. Or a less transparent shirt. Life's becoming more bearable. But you're late for a few hours already. Don't want to get her nervous. Wish you had a second phone.
  30. > After arriving at home, the next sight made your heart skip a beat.
  31. > There she's lies under the blanket on her back. Food, water, medicine untouched. Breathing is rapid. And her asshole bunny is looking at you with... worry?
  32. > You put your hand on her forehead and... yup, she's never been that hot.
  33. "Shit!"
  34. > You grab the nearby cloth, rushed to the restroom and put it under the tap.
  35. > You put a wet piece of fabric next to her, throw the blanket away and start undressing her.
  36. "Hey! Hey, sis! Fluttershy! You ok?!"
  37. > You asked, pulling her pants down, spreading her legs and wiping the area where the large blood vessels is, on the other side of the knees and... around her crotch. Which made her shiver.
  38. > "Uh, um... w-wha?..."
  39. "Your fever's got worse, Shy. Why didn't you drink anything!?"
  40. > "F-feve... uh..."
  41. > In process of wiping around her left leg, you pressed down a little too hard on it, the skin stretched and her left pussy lip slipped from her white panties, refusing to go back. With a slightly visible pink line of flesh around the fabric. You quickly grab the panty string and cover it back, accidentally flashing you for a split second more of her body than you ever intended to see.
  42. > It's so... delicate. And pink. And... she shaves down there? Why? But you only got 1 razor in the bathr... ah what the fuck is wrong with you!?
  43. > "A... A-ano... ah..."
  44. > Finishing with her legs, you pulled her shirt up, and she immediately covered her chest from your sight.
  45. > "Wha, w-w-w-what are you doing?!"
  46. "No time for this, Shy. You can natter later all you want, we need to cool you down."
  47. > You said, putting you arm behind her back, helping her to sit up.
  48. > "O-ok, I can do it m-mys.. uh..." - she didn't manage to finish, falling back on the pillow.
  49. "Jeez. Look, sis, I know you're embarrassed, but If we call 911 and put you in hospital now, we can be thrown away and live on the street. And I'm not a stranger to you, let me help you, ok? And I saw you naked already."
  50. > Yeah, maybe back when you were kids. And she DID grow after that.
  51. > She nods, still covering herself.
  52. > You pull her shirt up around her back, and...
  53. "Shy. Raise your hands."
  54. > ...
  55. "Shy..."
  56. > And she did. And... oh wow. This is the first time you saw her puppies. Despite some downblouse sideboob malfunctions here and there, but never this clear. Two healthy mounds with tiny light-pink nipples at the right place. And now you're about to...
  57. > "Hm-mph..."
  58. > It's so soft and warm. Softer than you ever imagined. But Is it wrong to grope your sister like that? Maybe back at home you'd be executed right now. Or castrated. Speaking of... you'll hit your growing bulge with a rolled newspaper later.
  59. > Quickly moving a wet cloth around her chest, belly, and under her armpits, you lift her right boob and wipe under it. And she suddenly found strength to roll on her stomach.
  60. "Oh, sister..."
  61. > You went back in the bathroom, then grabbed a bucket with water, soaked the cloth again and started working on her back and legs. And some butt.
  62. > What she did didn't help to calm down your growing tent, since her panties become transparent at this point.
  63. > You wipe her back, shoulders and area around thighs, while she starts shaking.
  64. "You ok, Shy?"
  65. > "C-cold."
  66. "I know. I know it's cold, but that's the idea. Don't worry, you'll feel better real soon, I promise. But only if we cooperate."
  67. > ...
  68. "Sis. Roll back and sit down so we can continue, ok?"
  69. > "O-ok..."
  70. > She didn't hesitate this time. She did, slowly sitting on the edge of the bed, while you give her medicine. She downs it with water and tries to lay back.
  71. "Nuh-huh, drink as much as you can. Then the same amount in 30 minutes. And again."
  72. > "M-m-p-h!"
  73. "Sorry, girl. But you have to."
  74. > The next few minutes you're trying to make her to drink more, while holding her naked back and shoulder. She seems to be more casual about her nudity right now. Much more casual, in fact.
  75. > And now she hugged your torso, slightly pressing herself on your side.
  76. > "I'm... I-Im sorry, brother. I felt too weak-"
  77. "Aw-w, come one, don't be! You know it's not completely your fault."
  78. > "B-but I did, it is! And... I'm really sorry f-for being embarrassed. I-I know that I can trust you, but... but..."
  79. "Sh-h. Come on now."
  80. > You said, pressing a finger to her lips.
  81. "I just hope that you can get better. You can rest now, but not for long. How about I make you your favourite tea this time?"
  82. > "A-as in...?"
  83. "I bought some honey."
  84. > "Oh. Y-you did? Thank you, big brother. For everything. I d-don't know what I would do without you. And, um..."
  85. "What is it?"
  86. > "C-can you lay with me? I f-feel safer that way. I need my big teddy bear back" - she said with a small smile.
  87. "Sure thing, sis. Anything you want."
  88. > "Aaaand..."
  89. "Hmm?"
  90. > "B-bathroom. Can you..."
  91. "Oh, ok. Grad onto my neck"
  92. > This is gonna be a long night.
  93. > There she is, laying in her bed and hugging you from behind. Still shirtless for some reason. Pressing her goods on your back and tossing and turning in her sleep.
  94. > God, you really feel like touching yourself right now. Why does her half naked form make you feel so hot on the inside? This is so wrong. Or maybe...
  95. "A… achoo!"
  96. > Shit.
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