荒らし対策 skript

K2Rk1o Nov 11th, 2018 (edited) 121 Never
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  1. on place of a tnt:
  2.     player don't have permission "skript.admin"
  3.     cancel event
  4.     broadcast "&4&l&ka&7&l-:=&4&lDanger&7&l=:-|&6&l%player%&7&l|&4&l&ka"
  5.     broadcast "&4&l%player%さんがTNTを設置しています"
  7. on place of a lava:
  8.     player don't have permission "skript.admin"
  9.     cancel event
  10.     broadcast "&4&l&ka&7&l-:=&4&lDanger&7&l=:-|&6&l%player%&7&l|&4&l&ka"
  11.     broadcast "&4&l%player%さんが溶岩を設置しています"
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