Chapter 1 - Stage 7

Nov 23rd, 2020
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  1. Opening
  3. Griffon: Reporting! The iron-bugs came near and launched an attack.
  4. I dont know their position, but it seems they are attacking left and right.
  5. If it continues like this, we will get hit sooner or later.
  6. Constantia: Could this be the Stalker trying make us going for him? I feel they are planning a surprise attack.
  7. Griffon: I think thats the case and if they feel they have detected our commander they will be ready to snipe him.
  8. We cant stay like this forever.
  9. Constantia: Lets try intercept them for the time being.
  10. I dont know the exact position even if you make a detour though...
  11. Master, could you give permission to start the interception?
  13. Ending
  15. Griffon: Isnt this weird? The stalker hasnt shown up,
  16. I thought he would be happy to snipe us.
  17. Constantia: There are probably other snipers.
  18. Griffon: More snipers?
  19. Constantia: The ultimate goal of the iron-bugs is to kill master not us...
  20. The stalker seems to be only aiming at places where master is.
  21. It is going to be difficult for us to return the orca.
  22. Anyways we need to find it first.
  23. What is the current situation Griffon?
  24. Griffon: They are very cautious. They havent moved near to the base.
  26. The stalker wont move.
  27. To sum up this, the objective of this iron-bug called stalker is me.
  28. I came to the conclusion that going myself would be the best way to find him.
  29. I have to tell them.
  31. Lets change strategy
  33. Griffon: What do you mean?
  35. Let me explain the details of the plan
  36. Maybe this way we can all get out of this crisis.
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