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  1. [01:50] There goes Captain Buckethead, after his trusty Sidekick, Ser Water-Wheel. The Drakanite was given a brief pat atop of her head- before she skedaddles off as well. Leaving her with the potential student. Her lips pressed together firmly as she listened to the boy speak.
  3. "You want the tools to find your individuality..." That was a first. A finger slid across her chubby-faced jaw for a moment. Deliberating to herself, when the Drakanite returned. A sidelong glance given towards the young androgynous dragon. "So be it. I like it, it certainly has a.. Point to it. With Chronomancy, I've yet to control it. But I understand it's flow."
  5. She'd say, finally turning her sights back towards Yuumi. "The Metaphysical all melts into one, and are tied fluidly together. Without Time, there would be no reality to create illusions with. Without Reality and illusions, there would be no gravity to keep us down."
  7. She'd add with a slow hum.
  9. "Come on in, and I'll see what you can glean through words, and words alone... As for you!" She'd turn her sights back onto Remei, bright blues looking over the unique specimen of Drakanite.
  11. "You're welcomed to join... And to tell me what's wrong with your voice. Perhaps I can see if there's anything I can do to fix that."
  12. (Melora cos Moralis)
  13. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. [02:00] Oh. They hadn't actually expected to be acknowledged again. Their gunmetal hues shifted from the redhead, to the felinae, and back again in silent contemplation.
  17. Then, a lift of their shoulders, which caused those large, leathery wings to shuffle with that motion. A shrug. Why not? The gravedigger shifted their weight where they stood, waiting for the young woman to lead onward.
  19. Waiting in silence, for a while. What with the struggles in speaking properly they'd found of late, the drakanite had grown ever more taciturn. Concise. Limiting their speech so they need not suffer the struggles of trying to make people understand them.
  21. So only after a relatively long pause did they actually offer verbal response. "There'th not a lot that can be done.. I think..
  23. It'th a long thtory, what happened. Thuffithe to thay I needed a replathement, and the replathement ith.. Rather uncomfortable." Not that they'd admit it to the one who'd done the work. They were grateful to be capable of speech at all, still.
  24. (Remei)
  25. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  27. [02:00] Nodding, with confidence, it comes together as he speaks the words.
  29. "..Yes. I have to prove myself. .. To me, and her. But mostly to me, of course." He declared.
  31. He drew in a light breath. The green mana around him flowed freely before eventually fading back into the ether.
  33. "Right, it comes from melding our mana with reality- and then- influencing it." He spoke, pausing. "..Ah, you don't control it yourself yet? Perhaps I can- impart what I have- to you. So you could learn the beginnings, as well.
  35. This may be helpful for the both of us," he suggests. With that, he prepares to follow in.
  36. (Yuumi Ivaniss)
  37. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  39. [02:07] Bringing the young man and the young andrognous back into her home. She'd motion for the Drakanite to sit whilst she spoke towards Yuumi at first. "I'm confident in my capabilities to understand and comprehend the metaphysical. Gravity is the paint, Illusion the finely tuned brush, and Chronomancy is the hand. Gently flowing, yet never in true control of the others." What a peculiar way to have a verbal lesson as she looked over the small Drakanite.
  41. "And you were too timid to actually tell the medic that. I assume." She'd murmur softly. "Open your mouth. Let me take a look at the replacement. It's likely a mix of the metal and swelling causing such discomfort. But, I should have a few little solutions I can try." She'd say simply as she begins to prepare for a day of work.
  43. And tutoring.
  45. "As for you?" A look back towards Yuumi. "Time is never truly within our control. We, as magi, can tell ourselves as such. But in the end we're merely influencing that. If it were within our power, than time would be something we'd turn back on a whim. Reverse aging, reverse deaths. So on, so fourth."
  47. A few medical tools, moreso focused on dental and the like, resided besides her as she kept her focus on Remei, whilst lecturing Yuumi at the same time. "I'm sure you must 'feel' that. In a sense. Whenever you draw from Chronomancy, you're like.. A hand guiding the strokes of a brush. You cannot choose where the droplets splash nor where the pain drips. But, you can perform it masterfully, and create something wonderous out of it."
  48. (Melora cos Moralis)
  49. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  51. [02:19] They didn't argue. The gravedigger paced toward the chair, and sat themself upon it while she spoke to the felinae of such concepts. Things that were beyond the young drakanite's own comprehension. They felt as if they'd never really understand those more advanced magics.
  53. When they were addressed again, they offered only a slight shrug. No confirmation, but that meant they didn't deny it either. And to her request that they open their mouth-
  55. While they did it immediately, they kept the mask down. So there was something quite in the way of seeing their mouth or any other part of their face for that matter. They didn't seem to realize the problem for a while, too.
  57. It was only when they actually caught sight of a few tools that it clicked in the young drakanite's head. And then, they lifted a clawed hand, those obsidian claws brought to lift the lower edge of the mask only part of the way up their face. Enough that she could see their open mouth, and all the sharp draconic teeth within.
  59. That, and the tongue prosthesis. It seemed to be lit with an internal glow, that of holy magic powering the thing. A mark of just who had done the work on them, most likely.
  61. She could also see the lines along their cheeks. Branching cuts, thin but once deep along their skin. Where thorns had dug into their flesh to get a hold and force their mouth open. A few of their cracked-desert-sand-like scales were still missing from that, too.
  63. The main problem? Nerves and the like were all attached well enough. The muscles were smoothly connected, and the thing was rather impressively flexible.
  65. Likely they'd moreso found an issue with mithril knocking against their teeth, given the state of their gums upon the inside of their teeth. Metal against those particular bones was quite unpleasant.
  66. (Remei)
  67. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  69. [02:19] Entering her home, he looks around with a light smile- a humble home, and certainly better than all he had in his own- a bed, with a chest.
  71. "Yes, it all works in parts.. Altering reality." He spoke, pausing for a moment.
  73. "..But I find differences. Illusion, and sound, they are merely our senses. It's altering the mind, more than time and gravity work. Time may be a perception, but it is also a law.
  75. .. And I do consider time magic to be the brush in the way that I use it. We create areas of influence when we channel the metaphysics of the world, and change their properties. Just like the trickiness of the magic, you can make time the paint, illusion the paint.."
  77. ".. Or you can use it for all three. Time is relative to how we perceive it, or alter it with our magic. Do you agree?"
  79. There was a green glow in his eyes, as he looked about the room. Even passively, he tries to slow down the seconds and take everything in. It certainly helped, at least.
  81. " while it isn't always perfect, we can control where the drops splash if we work hard enough. It's the way that time works."
  82. (Yuumi Ivaniss)
  83. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  85. [02:40] "Illusion is more than sound. It's the suspension of disbelief, the uncanny valley. To truly 'convince' someone of something, one must touch upon their leylines and circuitry." She'd hum to herself as she worked. "Even illusions have laws. Perception is it's own." She'd grimace slightly before releasing a breath of air. "Most focus on a single aspect of the metaphysical. I, am on two out of three." Stubborn as she was overconfident in her own capabilities. The Metaphysical magus would turn her focus onto Remei for a few lingering moments.
  87. "Ah... You poor thing, why would anyone make such a mess out of you..." She'd finally murmur. Mostly at the cuts and scars- and of course the missing tongue. But her sights remained upon the other, more superficial injuries that gave way to a grimace. Until she once more returned her sights onto the tongue itself.
  89. "Holy magic. Suitable empowerment. Flexible, a decent size.." Melora's fingers never once touched Remei's face. But she could feel the tongue being 'touched' by an unseen force. Moved left, to right slowly. Until their sights focused upon the Mythril causing the agitation.
  91. "Two suggestions. One, we try and make the prosthesis a bit smaller. That way it won't knock against your teeth whenever you speak. The second, is more in the tune of magic. We convince your mind, and thus, your body, that the pain you're feeling from it... Does not exist. A scribing mark should do the trick there on the flat of the tongue."
  93. She'd slowly pull her face away. The gravitational force gently 'tapping' against Remei's jaw, as if to say 'close your mouth now'. "Which would you prefer?"
  95. She'd ask the androgynous dragon. Before sliding her gaze back towards Yuumi.
  97. "I'm here to tutor Metaphysical as awhole. Not debate the finer details. The way I learned from my tutors was by listening, and then I shaped it into a way that made sense to me." She'd wipe her hands together as she spoke. "As a whole. Gravity is the paint- it is malleable. It is the most 'physical' of the three. Illusion requires finesse and fine tuning. Different brushes and different strokes for different folks. Time, is of guidance, and the other two are reliant on it."
  99. With a rise, the portly woman would shift her weight. Turning to face Yuumi. "For Time is the greatest of all teachers. Tis a shame, that it kills all of its pupils." her hand would wave to the side, a bottle of some fancy, imported wine hovering in front of Yuumi.
  101. "Take that into your hands. Certain liquors are better aged. Focus on it, and draw from your mana and surround the bottle. Yet do so carefully. Afterwards, slowly ebb it forwards. Picture yourself making careful strokes of a brush across a canvas if you need. Then hasten it. Yet not roughly, gently. You're apart of the painting and you're choosing how it's drawn. Let the rest work on its own." She'd click her teeth together sharply afterwards.
  103. "Give it a shot. You're adapted at withering and recovering. But, if you're unable to grasp the rest than, it is time to listen to the words of others and than mold it to something that resonates with you."
  104. (Melora cos Moralis)
  105. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  107. [02:54] That was quite the strange sensation. To have their body moved without any real sensation of touch, and no visible source for such movement. It made them rather twitchy, all things considered. That spiny tail of theirs lashed the air, and their wings partially unfurled.
  109. Beyond that they didn't move very much. Any tugging upon their prosthesis hurt quite a bit, as would pulling on a normal tongue, so their head remained as still as possible.
  111. They waited. They listened to the explanations the noble offered to the felinae. They listened to the descriptor of their predicament, and the supposed fixes that might be possible. And when she let go of their tongue the gravedigger snapped their mouth shut with a click of sharpened teeth.
  113. One clawed hand reached up to rub at their cheek, before pulling the mask down again over their face. They'd probably need to lift it again, but they didn't very well like not having the thing on for long periods of time.
  115. When she was finished with her explanations to Yuumi, the young drakanite spoke up. A few words, near silent, as seemed to be their typical deal. "I think.. if it'th made any thmaller that might jutht thcrew with how I talk even.. uh.. even more.
  117. Tho probably the other one." Not that they really understood how that would function. At all. But they had difficulties enough in speaking with others. Apparently.
  118. (Remei)
  119. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  121. [02:56] Yuumi almost feels reprimanded at one point.. But he remains quiet as the woman works on her medical practice. He knew when he was speaking out of turn from his time working in the manor, and would be respectful at that point!
  123. His thing was definitely less important.
  125. The wine floats, and comes into his hands.
  127. "..Right, I want to use my area of influence, like.. A canvas, and my time magic as.. The guiding hand to it."
  129. He doesn't uncork it, instead, closing his eyes as he drew in a light breath.
  131. "..Careful strokes.. The flow of time, mastery over my area of influence." He declared, speaking to himself.
  133. Green mana begins to fluctuate around him, coiling around the bottle and curling about his form.
  135. Then, it bursts around his form! It comes in rushing waves, flowing about him as his hair gets all razzle-dazzled. The wine itself seems most affected as, even though it was corked, the green mana seeps into the bottle and into the wine itself. He's wordless as he manages to manipulate the laws of time in his airspace.
  137. I am in control, and I won't follow anyone anymore. Time will follow me!
  139. The green mana stops flowing around the wine, the wine bottle, but it still seems present around Yuumi, in careful waves.. As for the wine, something has definitely changed about it. Aged, or..
  141. un-aged?
  143. It was most certainly grape juice, now.
  144. (Yuumi Ivaniss)
  145. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  147. [03:07] A quiet 'hmmm' escapes Melora's lips. She'd been hoping the androgynous dragon would accept the tongue thinning!
  149. Why... It'd be fantastic, shaping her tongue into that of a dragons or something equally exotic. Though the inevitable hisses and lisps that could come with it would be detrimental.
  151. Cute, but detrimental.
  153. However, Yuumi does catch her attention as she shfits back and makes a flicking motion. The bottle once within the boy's hand was 'popped' out of his grasp. Floated back towards Melora as she pops the cap and takes a whiff.
  155. "Grape juice! Lovely. However.. It's merely a method of regression. The opposite of withering. Aka, 'recovering'. That which you already know quite well. You have your method of influencing time. But you're stuck in one, single way. I don't use the same methods to lift, than I do to push with gravity. One requires an upwards force spread outwards to make things lighter. The other, is controlled and condensed. A nudge forward."
  157. She'd say as an example. The bottle popped into the air and lifted, before being shoved forward- where it nearly smashed into the wall. Only for her hand to yank back and pause it.
  159. "Expand your capabilities. You have your own method- that much I can see. But I want you to flow with time. Not against it, not to fully control it- but to merely influence it."
  161. And than she'd turn her gaze back towards Remei. Whew. "Are.. You suuure. I could make it like, like Wilbers!" She'd clap her hands and running from under the nearby medical cot was a fat, five foot long sewer lizard. Which immediately flopped and scrambled up into Melora's lap. Flicking its flat, snake-like tongue forward and back. "He's a good boy."
  162. (Melora cos Moralis)
  163. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  165. [03:07] Melora cos Moralis says, "Though I guess.. That would make you hiss when you speak..."
  166. [03:19] A hiss. Combined with a lisp. The young drakanite deadpan stared at the young woman, steely grey eyes never once leaving her face. Slit pupils remained near as narrow as the width of needles.
  168. The thought of it left them rather unhappy. The lashing of their spiny tail refused to cease, and their half-furled wings stretched a little further as that larger lizard creature scurried closer. Through their nostrils, they let out a soft huff.
  170. "Dragonth don't do that tongue thing.." A reference to that flicking snakey tongue. Not that they knew for sure what real dragons did. They just knew that they, in fact, did not.
  172. And so? They need not have a tongue like that. It was only sensible. On top of avoiding the hissing lisping mess that'd be. "I'm sure."
  174. That said, they snatched the end of their own tail when it came whipping around again. Ifonly to keep the thing from moving- Sometimes the thing seemed to have a mind of its own, and it was starting to get on the young drakanite's nerves.
  176. Obsidian claws picked between the cracked-earth scales of ruddy bronze, clearing out a bit of dust that had stuck there.
  177. (Remei)
  178. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  180. [03:25] As the wine is taken from him, through gravity magic, he doesn't give much resistance- after all, it wasn't his bottle, and he'd so easily managed to ruin not only the integrity of the wine, but the wine itself. So sad.
  182. ..Even so, she's not impressed. While he'd come to a new checkpoint in his mastery over healing- reversing- slowing down time, she definitely wanted to see more..
  184. Which made sense.
  186. "..Right, it's hard to try and do something different when you already have a way.." He murmured, pausing. He points out a hand, and green mana begins to flow towards the bottle.
  188. In his different method.. The bottle begins to, once again, flow backward- but this time, it's less forceful- instead, trying to weave through her control of gravity by touching certain points and trying to ease her hold over it.
  190. .. and it's mildly successful. He weaves through it instead of an area of influence as he'd been doing it for a while. Perhaps it even made for more fluid motions than static.
  192. If successful, he steps forwards to grab it and re-corks it-- and the quality of the wine would revert to before it was open.
  194. Whoa.
  196. Reversion. His one trick pony.
  197. (Yuumi Ivaniss)
  198. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  200. [03:33] "If I ever lose my tongue. I'll make sure the medic that handles it makes me a reptillian one. It sounds cool, alright." Melora was eighteen, there were still hints of childishness here and there.
  202. That and her childhood consisted of rigid tutoring and etiquette. 'Fun' was something she'd only recently come into contact with! But she nods her head a sshe makes a quiet little motion towards Remei's mask once more.
  204. "Up again. I'll extend the force to your shoulders to keep the rest of your body still. But, this will be absolutely painless. By the time I'm finished, you'll have forgotten that your tongue is fake. Tis better than the alternatives. Which is reshaping your tongue or.. Smoothing our your teeth, I suppose. I forgot about that one."
  206. She'd muse softly to herself. "If you'd prefer that, let me know. But... I feel that'd be mutilating your heritage, and that... Is something I'm against." But shaping the young person's tongue into a snake one wasn't. Alright than Melora...
  208. "Now when you open your mouth. This time I want you to stick out your tongue. I'll etch a simple rune across the prosthetic, and infuse it with my mana. From there I'll tie it to yours, and go through the tedious process of influencing the mind. I'll want you to come back regularly however, so I can check on it, and your teeth as well."
  210. She'd comment with a quick nod of her head. Before allowing Yuumi to do his thing.
  212. Indeed she was more impressed with this one. Although it was debatably the same 'reversion' as before, she'd eventually waggle a finger. Having given him full sted control over the wine bottle.
  214. "It is. Truly, but the mind must be malleable. The difference is day, and night. Whereas one you reversed the flow till its original state to go 'back' in time,rather. This time, you hastened it. Involving the actual progression of movement. Speed. Try the method on yourself sometime- the world may start to 'slow down', because your metabolism and your body, is picking up the pace. To do so wrecklessly however, may cause injury. Breaks, strains. So on so fourth."
  216. She'd add with a slow nod of her head. Before curling a finger against her lips. "Now. Try something for me. Try that 'area of influence' and combine it with the weaving with the flow of time. Do so as I shake the bottle." She'd say, once more plucking the now corked wine bottle in the air. Swishing the contents around.
  218. "What I want to see, is the liquid moving slower inside the bottle. Not by force, but by the progression of time. I believe that your little bubble of influence can be utilized in such a fashion where you can weave the flow in a method of hastening it, and slowing it down. Rather than just reversing it entirely or withering it fully."
  219. (Melora cos Moralis)
  220. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  222. [03:44] Remei continued that deadpan stare. If ever she lost her tongue the young drakanite doubted this chipper attitude would remain. They didn't bother to comment on that, nor the following speech of how exactly they'd be immobilized for the work.
  224. They didn't really like the sound of it, and would rather it be over with sooner than later. So they reached up, again, and carefully pushed at that mask of bone and raven feather.
  226. A motion which paused when mention was made of filing down the teeth. Those sharpened points they'd gotten used to over the course of several long days and weeks with them. Their thumb pressed up against the point of their canine, ruddy bronze scales stressed to the point of splitting.
  228. It was easier to do that than they'd thought. And they winced, pulling their hand instinctively away. But it proved a point, to them.
  230. The gravedigger shook their head, the mask held out of the way once more. "I'd have to bite your fingerth if you tried. I imagine that would be uncomfortable." Straight to the point. They did not like the idea of losing such an asset.
  232. That said, they sat a little straighter. Their wings seemed to tremble just the faintest bit, still held out at that half-furled position. And they opened their mouth, to stick out that prosthetic tongue.
  234. It clinked across their teeth, a faintly glimmering thing. Just plain weird to look at, compared to normal.
  235. (Remei)
  236. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  238. [03:50] * You have been awarded 4 Roleplay Points! *
  239. [03:51] With a light frown, he simply nods. She wanted something other than Reversion and it certainly made sense to him. One could be good at time magic, but if they were only good at the one part.. Then what was the point, truly?
  241. "Right, right." He spoke, pausing as he stared forward.
  243. He pointed a finger toward the bottle of wine as she shook it, and green mana began to flow from his form- toward the bottle, coiling and caressing it alike a newborn child.
  245. .. And then, it begins to 'wiggle', as it flows, trying to slow down her shaking of it. Rather than force it to stop completely, or forcing it to stop, little bits of it begin to slow down- quite literally, sections of the bottle, before eventually, it eases into a smooth slowness.
  247. .. and he breathes a light sigh. It felt over-exerting.
  248. (Yuumi Ivaniss)
  249. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  251. [03:54] "I nearly lost a finger to a gator by the docks once. A lovely boy! I'll miss him dearly..." She'd say quite fondly. Before refocusing and redoubling their efforts on making the tongue less cumbersome to deal with. A single vial was procured, a strange violet liquid which was soon dabbed upon a brush. As Melora had stated, Remei was fully restrained. Her mouth was kept open, her shoulders pulled tight, and her tongue held in place as the doctor began to apply a small, simple marking, the ink fading into the tongue and leaving no sign of it.
  253. The ink tasted of some bitter-sweet berry. That's for sure...
  255. Soon enough a tingling sensation would follow. The flow of mana binding into it from the Illusionist before she turned her gaze right at Remei's eyes. For the longest time, it'd feel as if... Absolutely nothing had changed...
  257. But after several minutes of this awkward, perhaps frightening staring, Melora would finally look away.And with it the presence of gravity faded. "Speak, move your tongue." She'd say casually afterwards.
  259. It was all a subconscious tick. Tying the minor medical rune filled with mana into Remei's own circuitry. The moment she'd begin moving her tongue, it'd feel...
  262. It'd feel like a real, normal one. The metallic taste which may have been present, gone completely. The odd 'clinks' though notable to others, went unheard to her ears. Muted. And the sensation that once pervaded and influenced her sense of speech was numbed entirely.
  264. "Now. The rune will wear off in about five years. But by then your body will be accustomed to your new tongue. If it is not, merely return in that amount of time and I'll add a new one." She'd say quite plainly.
  266. And back to Yuumi. She'd glance to the bottle and give him a nod of approval afterwards. "You've already had a hang of it. I'm sure if you just apply what I've taught you, you'll be the master of your own fate in no time. Ah- and I, will apply what you've shown me. How curious it is, ones own control..." She'd muse before standing upright.
  268. "Anyway. You two! Be free with your day, and if you're interested in metaphysical magics, young Drakanite. Merely find me."
  269. (Melora cos Moralis)
  270. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  272. [03:59] Nodding, as she inspects the wine- or rather the grape juice, and seems to approve of it.. He grins. Ah, finally.
  274. He'd done something right.
  276. "I feel like.. I've learned something. I won't be able to force my magic into every situation. I have to let it flow in, like.. water," He spoke, thinking of his other arcana. "..and if I didn't, that might be why I can't grasp it to easily." He finished.
  278. It felt like an understanding.
  280. "I wish there was a way to simply speed up my mind to understand it all better. But time magic has its limitations.." He spoke.
  282. With a light chuckle, he bows his head. "Thank you, Lady..
  284. ..Ah, what was your name?"
  285. (Yuumi Ivaniss)
  286. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  288. [04:01] Melora cos Moralis says, "Melora! Melora cos Moralis. And it was a pleasure, you've learned me, much of the same. Sometimes things need to be worked more... Forcefully in the league of Chronomancy. "
  289. [04:05] Yuumi Ivaniss exclaims, "For practical applications, I believe so!"
  290. [04:05] Yuumi Ivaniss says, "Farewell."
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