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  1. Guest_SnowEstheim has joined the chat
  2. Guest_SnowEstheim: Greetings Sir -kneels at the entrance and looks down-
  3. Belonephiliac: You know I'm not going to add you. So what did you want?
  4. RainingPestilence has joined the chat
  5. Guest_SnowEstheim: i am sorry for yesterday Sir, Amara -stays kneeling with his head down-
  6. Belonephiliac: Do you even know what you did wrong
  7. Guest_SnowEstheim: i went to sleep soon after, didnt see anything on Imvu
  8. Guest_SnowEstheim: i disobeyed a direct invite from Miss Sir
  9. Belonephiliac: That is not the reason. That's just an added effect to her fury.
  10. Guest_SnowEstheim: Oh was it me leaving as soon as She entered, Miss? i had planned to go to sleep long before, Sir.. i am sorry
  11. Belonephiliac: That pissed her off too, but no that is not the reason. If you don't know then you're a lost cause.
  12. Guest_SnowEstheim: i am sorry Sir.. i am too naive.. was i rude to Hissing Sir, did that make Her angry? i didnt mean to be rude..
  13. Belonephiliac: Hissing is someone she is fond of and she didn't appreciate you questioning someone about us. If you had something to ask you go to the source, not act like a fucking child and sneak around trying to fetch information
  14. Guest_SnowEstheim: Oooh i was just trying to be playful, Sir.. You know i didnt mean any disrespect Sir..
  15. Belonephiliac: Don't try to say you weren't or come up with some excuse. I saw the chat.
  16. Belonephiliac: Do I know that?
  17. Belonephiliac: That isn't playful.
  18. Guest_SnowEstheim: i have never disrespected Miss or You or Amara, Sir..
  19. Belonephiliac: You have actually, numerous times. You just don't view a lot of what you do as disrespectful. One of the many reasons none of us want you.
  20. Belonephiliac: And why are you so infatuated with us when you have an owner
  21. Guest_SnowEstheim: I havent seen Miss May in a week or so Sir.. She has others.. i only hang out with Her when she comes on and that too for a few minutes.
  22. Guest_SnowEstheim: I have never forgotten You guys Sir.
  23. Belonephiliac: Maybe if you weren't so obsessed with taking any collar that will fit around your throat you'd find an owner better than that.
  24. Guest_SnowEstheim: i am sorry for being so childish.. i wont be childish.. if it makes You guys so angry.
  25. Belonephiliac: You have known forever that we aren't amused by that shit, but it's all you do. You aren't some little girl who can try to be cute with that.
  26. Guest_SnowEstheim: i am sorry Sir.. thats the only way i knew to amuse You guys.
  27. Belonephiliac: What makes you think we need to be amused?
  28. Guest_SnowEstheim: i was just trying to keep You happy, Sir.. my bad.. no fun as Miss says.
  29. Belonephiliac: You don't know enough to make us happy.
  30. Belonephiliac: And it isn't your job to make us happy
  31. Guest_SnowEstheim: -nods and looks down- Yes Sir.. please forgive me Sir.. i wont be childish ever again.. i didnt know it made You so angry.. i thought i was being a child like a child is to a mother.
  32. Belonephiliac: Again, I'm angry because you were questioning my friend. That is not childish or trying to be the way you think it is.
  33. Belonephiliac: That's you being a shady cunt.
  34. Guest_SnowEstheim: Oh i was questioning for on how You guys see me, Sir.. i never asked anything about Herself.
  35. Belonephiliac: Your point?
  36. Belonephiliac: It's still you questioning
  37. Guest_SnowEstheim: i mean i didnt mean to disrespect Her too.
  38. Belonephiliac: No one keeps anything from you, we are overly open about how we view you.
  39. Belonephiliac: So why would you need to bother my friend?
  40. Guest_SnowEstheim: i am sorry Sir.. i wont bother Her.. i should have stayed quiet
  41. Belonephiliac: You could have had a normal conversation but no you chose to be the fucking spanish inquisition.
  42. Guest_SnowEstheim: Whenever i speak i get into trouble
  43. Belonephiliac: Because you are too infatuated with having attention. Instead of being yourself and acting normal you try to put on this show thinking you're cute or funny and you're not.
  44. Guest_SnowEstheim: i am sorry Sir, i learned now.
  45. Belonephiliac: No, you never learn. Cass has told you all of this many times before and now I'm forced to deal with it.
  46. Guest_SnowEstheim: i thought Miss liked it Sir..
  47. Guest_SnowEstheim: i wont do it again Sir
  48. Belonephiliac: How
  49. Belonephiliac: How could you ever think that when she tells you constantly she doesn't like it
  50. Guest_SnowEstheim: It was my fault Sir.. i have an empty head.
  51. Belonephiliac: Clearly
  52. Belonephiliac: You do understand she isn't going to tolerate you anymore? She has put up with you for a long time.
  53. Guest_SnowEstheim: Aww... but i promise i wont be childish anymore Sir, i will be grown up
  54. Belonephiliac: You have promised shit like that a lot
  55. Guest_SnowEstheim: i have kept many promises, Sir.. i just needed to learn this Sir.
  56. Guest_SnowEstheim: i am sorry Sir, Amara..
  57. Guest_SnowEstheim: If i be childish one more time please banish me at that instant, Sir.. i wont be..
  58. Belonephiliac: I'm not the one you need to convince, but Cass is pretty sick of you.
  59. Belonephiliac: She has tolerated you for a long time.
  60. Guest_SnowEstheim: i have not been bad otherwise Sir.. i have been loyal.. no one can be so loyal for so long. i have never caused drama.. and i will work on not being childish anymore.
  61. RainingPestilence: How is it loyal, when you've asked me numerous times to collar you, and then in the same days, ask Goddess the same
  62. Belonephiliac: We aren't your fucking owners or keepers. What is there to be loyal to? And yes they can most certainly be loyal permanently. You saying that also shows you aren't worth keeping around
  63. Guest_SnowEstheim: i have always wished to be owned by a couple Sir, Amara.. so i didnt see it as disloyalty.. i never looked outside though. never.
  64. Belonephiliac: When you go to one and they say no so you run to the other that is scummy as shit.
  65. Belonephiliac: And you want a couple because you aren't satisfied with just one person
  66. Belonephiliac: You seek attentionf rom anyone who will give it
  67. Guest_SnowEstheim: Its not that Sir..
  68. RainingPestilence: You saying you never looked outside.
  69. Guest_SnowEstheim: Its because i know i cant keep someone happy all by myself. i dont want to be anyone's equal.. so i wish to serve a couple who have their equal partners already.
  70. RainingPestilence: you have had multiple other owners
  71. RainingPestilence: so that's not true either
  72. Guest_SnowEstheim: You think i treat Miss May as the same Owner as You guys?
  73. Belonephiliac: You should
  74. RainingPestilence: You should treat her better.
  75. Belonephiliac: She's your fucking owner you worthless swine
  76. Guest_SnowEstheim: If She had the time Sir i would..
  77. Belonephiliac: That's a bullshit excuse
  78. RainingPestilence: No matter what time she has to give you.
  79. Belonephiliac: You should be ashamed of yourself
  80. RainingPestilence: She deserves better than that.
  81. Guest_SnowEstheim: -looks down- She loses interest in people Sir.. She has many others.
  82. RainingPestilence: I've half a mind right now, to actually tell her this shit.
  83. Guest_SnowEstheim: i dont matter.
  84. Belonephiliac: I don't give a shit
  85. Belonephiliac: You put everything into your owner when they decide you're worth the time
  86. Belonephiliac: They are your owner you WILL show the utmost respect
  87. Guest_SnowEstheim: Yes Sir
  88. Belonephiliac: And you say you know you can't keep one person happy so you want to serve a couple. If you can't keep one happy what makes you think you can make two happy?
  89. Guest_SnowEstheim: i cant keep two people happy.. let alone one. Thats why i want them to be with each other and i can just serve as a toy whenever they want.. nothing more, Sir.
  90. Guest_SnowEstheim: It is like You said Sir.. its not my job to keep You happy.. if i was with one person they'd depend on me more.
  91. Belonephiliac: You clearly don't know how an owner works
  92. Belonephiliac: What makes you think they would depend on you
  93. Guest_SnowEstheim: I dont know..
  94. Guest_SnowEstheim: But to my simple mind if they had each other i see them happy already.. so i dont have to worry.
  95. Belonephiliac: You have unlearned everything you were taught and knew
  96. Belonephiliac: How do you get worse over the years forgetting everything
  97. Belonephiliac: You were a good slave when they first met you, now look at you
  98. Guest_SnowEstheim: i haven't been trained in that way in a while Sir.. i dont even remember the last time.. it was before i came here.
  99. Belonephiliac: Doesn't matter if it was a while or not
  100. Belonephiliac: You don't need to be constantly trained to retain the information
  101. Guest_SnowEstheim: i should have taken notes to remember
  102. Belonephiliac: why would that be required
  103. Belonephiliac: You aren't cut out for this life
  104. Guest_SnowEstheim: i went out of practise Sir.. its like riding a bike after many years.. You try it again and You almost stumble.
  105. Belonephiliac: No
  106. Belonephiliac: The saying is once you learn you always know how.
  107. RainingPestilence: You never forget how to ride a bike once you learn
  108. Guest_SnowEstheim: i am sorry Sir
  109. Belonephiliac: If you were then you wouldn't say that shit to me.
  110. Belonephiliac: You know I hate it just as much as Cass does
  111. Guest_SnowEstheim: i truly am though.. i dont know what else to say when i feel like this, Sir..
  112. Guest_SnowEstheim: i dont want to lose You guys.. i only wanted to make You happy.
  113. Belonephiliac: You can't handle a full time owner. You should just be the ones looking for a one time fuck and that's it.
  114. Belonephiliac: You aren't able to make me happy.
  115. Guest_SnowEstheim: Thats why i even left when Hissing joined so i wouldnt say anything inappropriate and let You guys have a good time.
  116. Belonephiliac: You're a moron
  117. Belonephiliac: You realize leaving every time she came in is rude to her?
  118. Belonephiliac: She noticed you did that and was asking why
  119. Belonephiliac: You make her think she's the reason you're leaving.
  120. Guest_SnowEstheim: i shouldnt matter to her..
  121. Belonephiliac: That's not for you to say
  122. Belonephiliac: And you don't matter to her
  123. Belonephiliac: But that doesn't mean she wouldn't take it as an offensive that every time she comes in the room you fuck off
  124. Guest_SnowEstheim: i just wanted to be helpful Sir.. i didnt mean it in offensive way..
  125. Belonephiliac: Hoiw the fuck is that helpful
  126. Guest_SnowEstheim: i didnt want to intrude
  127. Belonephiliac: You're a bad liar
  128. RainingPestilence: He was jealous or some shit.
  129. Guest_SnowEstheim: i mean it Sir.. i didnt want to stay there and take up attention.. if i was silent i would still take attention.. so i left
  130. Belonephiliac: You actually think we focus on you at all for that to even be a thought?
  131. Guest_SnowEstheim: i didnt want to intrude..
  132. Guest_SnowEstheim: At least if i am present in the room i am a nuisance.. even if silent i am still present. if i leave You guys dont have to think about me at all.
  133. Belonephiliac: You spend far too much time thinking about yourself
  134. Guest_SnowEstheim: i am all broken Sir.. a lot of faults..
  135. Belonephiliac: Clearly
  136. Guest_SnowEstheim: But i didnt mean bad..
  137. Belonephiliac: Well you did bad
  138. Belonephiliac: Real fucking bad
  139. Guest_SnowEstheim: Sir may i go to sleep please?
  140. Belonephiliac: I dont' care what you do
  141. Guest_SnowEstheim: Will You all forgive me?
  142. Belonephiliac: No.
  143. Guest_SnowEstheim: Please Sir..
  144. Belonephiliac: Leave
  145. Guest_SnowEstheim has left the chat
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