Sekiro apparitions

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  1. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Headless and Shichimen Warriors guide
  2. For /ssdtg/ and /dsg/ on 4chan
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  5. Basic information
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  7. Headless and Shichimen Warriors are mini-bosses that require more resources to kill than regular mini-bosses, since they're Apparition-type enemies that inflict Terror build-up with their attacks. Because they are Apparitions, sword attacks deal little to no damage to their health bars, making Posture Damage harder to build up. The Terror status effect meter, once filled, will instantly kill you.
  9. While formidable, these mini-bosses are well worth killing because they drop unique tools rather than Prayer Beads.
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  12. Recommended equipment
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  14. Pacifying Agent and/or Mottled Purple Gourd
  15. -Pacifying Agents can be bought from various vendors throughout Ashina, eventually infinite stock from Fujioka the Info Broker for 100 Sen each. They can also be farmed from the prisoners near the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance (the zombies that take two deathblows to kill).
  16. -Mottled Purple Gourd can be bought from the Exiled Memorial Mob near the Mibu Village Idol for 1,600 Sen.
  18. Divine Confetti
  19. -Can be found as loot throughout Ashina.
  20. -The blue-robed Ashina swordsmen in Ashina Castle can be farmed for them. The Upper Tower - Antechamber Idol has a reliable farming cycle where two can be backstabbed in quick succession between Idol rests.
  22. Phoenix's Lilac Umbrella (Loaded Umbrella upgrade)
  23. -Tier 4 Prosthetic Tool Upgrade, requires 1,000 Sen and various upgrade materials.
  25. Anti-air Deathblow Text
  26. -Sold by Blackhat Badger for 1,200 Sen. He can be found at the back of Ashina Castle, just a jump down from the Old Grave Idol.
  28. Malcontent (Finger Whistle upgrade)
  29. -Tier 5 Prosthetic Tool Upgrade, requires 1,500 Sen, Malcontent's Ring and various other upgrade materials (2x Adamantite Scrap, 2x Grave Wax, 4x Magnetite, 4x Fat Wax).
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  32. Basic strategy
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  34. Before beginning the fight, consume a Pacifying Agent or sip the Mottled Purple Gourd, and then use a Divine Confetti. The Pacifying Agent/Mottled Purple Gourd will increase Terror resistance, allowing you to take more hits before having to clear buildup with another one, while the Divine Confetti will allow you to deal meaningful damage to their HP, and thus inflict Posture damage.
  36. The most basic way to win the fight is to inflict as much HP damage as possible while the Divine Confetti is active, enough to break their Posture and inflict a deathblow, and consuming Pacifying Agents and your Healing Gourd to clear Terror buildup and heal any HP damage dealt. Successfully parrying their attacks will greatly reduce or outright prevent Terror buildup, this includes the Shichimen Warrior's beam.
  38. Divine Confetti will usually last just long enough to inflict enough damage to get one deathblow, so be sure to bring at least 2 Divine Confetti, though 3 or 4 is recommended.
  40. The Lilac Umbrella is very strong against both mini-bosses since it can prevent Terror build-up with regular blocks. With the Projected Force skill, it can even perform powerful counter-attacks with enough successful deflects.
  42. Anti-air Deathblow can make Shichimen Warrior a joke, since it allows you to deathblow it whenever it jumps into the air for certain moves, instantly removing a health bar regardless of HP or Posture damage.
  44. Malcontent is extremely powerful in that it can stun an Apparition-type enemy for a long period of time, allowing you to lay into it with your sword without worry. Beware, as its effect on the same enemy becomes shorter with repeated use.
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  47. Headless
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  49. Headless are melee-focused mini-bosses with a wide variety of swinging attacks, some of which chain together and can easily kill you through Terror buildup alone. They will take no HP damage at all without a Divine Confetti active, which in turn makes Posture damage difficult to build up. They create a fog around themselves that slows movement and prevents dashing, so the best way to avoid damage is by jumping to move around and parrying the sword attacks. At range, it will also sometimes release slow-moving projectiles, which can be dodged by jumping to the side. Sometimes they will disappear and teleport behind the player, attempting to perform a grab attack that does massive damage. The grab attack will only be performed if the player is facing away from them, the easiest way to avoid it is to just turn around and face the Headless, or repeatedly jump forward when he disappears to get out of range. The fog can be dispelled by dealing enough damage to stagger the Headless.
  51. Underwater Headless are different in that you can't use Prosthetic Tools or Divine Confetti while underwater, but they take damage from non-Confetti attacks and they only need to be deathblown once. They'll use more projectile attacks, which hurt a lot more, due to the different way in which movement works underwater. Your best bet is to treat the Headless like a bullet hell enemy, focus on dodging the ranged attacks and then quickly dash in for a swing or two before retreating back out of range, chipping it down slowly with hit-and-run tactics. As normal attacks will work against the Headless, item use and recovery will largely be restricted to clearing Terror buildup and healing with your Healing Gourd, meaning that you can take your time instead of being pressured to fight while a Divine Confetti is active.
  53. Headless #1 can be found in Ashina Outskirts, by taking the right-side path from the building complex between the Outskirts Wall - Stairway and Underbridge Valley Idols (the temple note warning about them leads to a tree branch that can be grappled to, and then jumped from towards the right to grab a ledge to shimmy to the spire where it hides). The inside of its lair also has a Shinobi Escape Route that leads to the Bell Demon's Temple Idol at Senpou Temple. It drops the Ako's Spiritfall, a tool that gives the Ako's Sugar buff in exchange for Spirit Emblems.
  55. Headless #2 can be found in Ashina Depths, within the Hidden Forest. It is hidden in the fog just forward from the Idol and past the Buddha statue. It's recommended to dispel the fog by progressing into the level and then coming back later. It drops the Gaichiin's Spiritfall, a tool that gives the Gaichiin's Sugar buff in exchange for Spirit Emblems.
  57. Headless #3 can be found in Ashina Castle, in the large water reservoir at the back of the castle near the Old Grave Idol. It can only be reached by using the diving ability, which is obtained at Mibu Village, and must be fought underwater. It drops the Ungo's Spiritfall, a tool that gives the Ungo's Sugar buff in exchange for Spirit Emblems.
  59. Headless #4 can be found in the Sunken Valley, and like #3 requires the diving ability. From the Under-Shrine Valley Idol, turn around and head back towards the two Gun Fort Riflemen, then past a wall shimmy to a drop-down to a shrine-like area with another Gun Fort Rifleman, along with three evil spirit blue-robe Ashina swordsmen (it will likely be twilight by the time you do this). Dive into the pool at the end, and swim through the underwater passage into a secluded above-water cave where the Headless is. It drops the Gokan's Spiritfall, a tool that gives the Gokan's Sugar buff in exchange for Spirit Emblems.
  61. Headless #5 can be found at the Fountainhead Palace, a normal one and an evil spirit-type one, both underwater.
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  64. Shichimen Warriors
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  66. Shichimen Warriors are projectile-focused mini-bosses that have only one or two simple melee attacks but which create a huge number of Terror orbs to shoot at you from all directions. It will also disappear and teleport around the arena to avoid you, often casting a Soul Stream-like attack upon reappearing after a teleport. While it can take damage from attacks without Divine Confetti active, these attacks will still deal very little damage, and have little to no chance of inflicting stagger. Staggering it with enough attacks will dispel any floating orbs and projectiles nearby. When it jumps into the air to cast orbs, it can be approached for an Anti-air Deathblow.
  68. Warrior #1 can be found in the Abandoned Dungeon, near the Bottomless Hole Idol (enter through the waterway in the well from the tutorial level), in a wide-open pit. It drops the Ceremonial Tanto, a tool for converting HP into Spirit Emblems (essentially the Blood Bullets functionality in item form).
  70. Warrior #2 can be found in the Ashina Depths, just past the Poison Pool Idol. After defeating the boss in the area, the next Idol will be greyed out, so you need to enter from the Poison Pool Idol. Fujioka the Info Broker sells the Valley Apparitions Memo for 800 Sen, which details where to find it. It drops the Malcontent's Ring, which is used to create the Malcontent upgrade for the Finger Whistle.
  72. Warrior #3 can be found at the Fountainhead Palace.
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