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Sep 9th, 2013
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  1. Fluttershy and Pinkie initially didn't notice anything different about their baby dragon friend. “Oh hi, Spike. What are you and Twilight doing up so early? I'm just picking out a particular kind of lettuce that Angel likes. He won't eat his salads without it!” Spike could barely get a word in before Pinkie came to a stop in front of him and interjected. “They're coming to my super-special Just Because You're Both My Friends Picnic this afternoon! I know Twilight's going to be bringing those yummy daisy sandwiches she makes so well, and Spike said that he'd make those awesome cookies, didn't you, Spike?” He knew that there was something there was supposed to do last night. It's not like you can make enough cookies to satisfy Pinkie when you're up all night cataloging. Besides, his apron was still at the cleaners from an incident with Owlowlicious. “Uh...hey, you two notice anything different about me today?”
  3. He tried to unfold his wings, and managed to get them open a little bit. “Did you get a mane cu-oh silly me, you dragons don't have manes!” exclaimed Pinkie. “Um, did you shine your scales?” Fluttershy asked. Spike slapped his forehead with his claw. He opened his wings fully and looked up at the two with a proud look on his face. “ Y-you've got wings now. Um, just a question, but you haven't been inside my cottage recently have you?” Fluttershy asked with most of the color drained out of her face. “Oh no, Twilight said this isn't like that, I'm just becoming a big dragon now.” Fluttershy let out a sigh. “Oh thank goodness. I don't think I could stand to see one of my friends hurt us like those awful dragons do.”
  5. Spike couldn't help but feel a little sad at the last part of that statement. “What do you think, Pinkie?” She began to shake and suddenly began to pronk all around Spike. “THIS IS AMAZING! Now I can throw that Congratulations On Getting Dragon Wings party I've always wanted to! And Rarity said that it was unrealistic to plan for such an occasion,” she said with a beaming smile. She tightly began to hug Spike. “It's just soooo awesome that I know a dragon who has wings!”
  7. “Wings? A dragon that has wings?!” one of the townsponies near Pinkie screamed. “Everypony run!” The market that was once full quickly began to clear out, vendors hastily closing up shop. “W-what? No, I'm not an evil dragon I-” Spike stammered out to no avail as ponies ran in fear of him. Fluttershy quickly picked Spike and Angel up and began running, with Pinkie following. “Oh my goodness, Spike, ponies aren't really taking this well. Where in Equestria is Twilight?” “She's at the daisy stand, hopefully!” Spike screamed over the cacophony of stampeding ponies. They rushed over to the other end of the market.
  9. Daisy's stand, like all the others, was closed up and Twilight was nowhere to be seen. Crushed daisies littered the ground, pounded flat from the movements of worried hooves. “Uh...I guess we should check out the library?” Fluttershy said timidly. “Yeah, we can throw the party there instead!” Pinkie said as she pronked off with Gummy, ahead of Spike and Fluttershy. “We'd better catch up to her before she riles up other ponies,” Fluttershy said nervously. Spike anxiously said “Yeah, she'll know what to do.” Angel began whining. “Oh, don't worry Angel. Everything's going to be fine. Oh, and that goes for you too, Spike.” She began to nuzzle his face. “Thanks, Fluttershy.” It only helped a little bit, he thought. Twilight was always the most reassuring to him, though.
  11. The walk back to the library was desolate. It wasn't exactly unusual for Ponyville residents to board up their windows and hide in fear, but Spike had never felt particularly in danger when they did. This time it was different. He was the reason why they were hiding again. He hadn't grown a single inch, but his two new wings were now the most feared things in Ponyville.
  12. Twilight paced around the library. All of her friends had come over the second that they heard the commotion in town. Applejack was chatting with Rarity, and Rainbow Dash had her snout buried in the newest Daring Do. Twilight looked out the window. “I hope Spike and the others are okay, it's so easy to get caught in one of Ponyville's stampedes.” Rainbow lifted her head up from her book. “Relax, Twi. Spike can handle himself. He's got that dragon bravery thing goin' for him.” Twilight nodded, but Rarity only looked nervous. “I know my Spikey-wikey will be fine, right girls?” Applejack put her hoof on Rarity's back “Ah, yah worry too much Rare. He's a strong little fella, I'm sure he's just fine.”
  14. “Twilight!” Spike screamed as he ran into the library with Pinkie and Fluttershy following not far behind. “I know you said not to go off and make trouble but I swear I really didn't mean to this time and I know that you're probably going to be mad but I-” Again Spike's wings unconsciously unfolded. There were three audible gasps in the room, a reaction loudest of which came from the one pony Spike cared the most about. He didn't feel pride as he did when he had shown them off to Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. He blushed, and managed to spit out “Uh, hi everypony.”
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