Tanuki Rape

Aug 28th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Breathing exercises weren’t effective now. It was too cramped, she was chilly even with her jacket, and she could feel the eyes on her. Her blue furred ears folded, eyes down, muzzle shut. The men in the four men suits didn’t say a word as the hum of the small truck provided some white noise in the otherwise silent vehicle. She had no bearings on where she was being taken, but she could hazard a guess it has to do with that incident in the alley. Perhaps she saw too much? But she was obviously innocent, it was her first night in town!
  2. Besides, these weren't beastmen thanks to their obvious human image. Her blue ears perked up.
  3. "I'm a human, too!"
  4. Instantly the tension disappeared when the man in the far right corner suddenly burst into laughter. The other three looked a him in surprise, then back at her in disapproval. Her ears sunk back again.
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