Walnut-Moth Ponies: Orgins (Dragon Age: Orgins)

Dec 30th, 2013
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  1. >Be Anon sitting in a park with Cejire.
  2. >Look over to Cejire who has been staring at you for awhile. "
  3. >Hey Cejire." You said to her which made her perk up her ears, and say in a calm sultry voice "Yes Anon?".
  4. >"Where do moth ponies come from?" You asked her. Widening her eyes, and letting out a few coughs saying "Wow--....I can't believe you asking me this. Well you see Anon when a male moth pony loves a female moth pony-".
  5. >Cutting it right there you quickly interrupted her saying "That's not what I'm asking. I'm asking where they came from." which made her widen her eyes.
  6. " you want to hear the tale of the moth ponies?" Cejire asked you with you nodding your head. Exhaling Cejire simply said "Well prepare to get lost in the story."
  7. "A long time ago in Equestria before it was even called Equestria we moth ponies use to belong to a single empire in the far mountains. This empire of ours was glorious, a million moth pony strong, and ran by the wisest, strongest, & most beautiful moth pony of them all who we treated almost like a god due to her power. Our kingdom was prosperous during these days as their was enough Honey Liquor to pass off to everpony, and one of the most finest golden silk clothing to exist.
  9. However one day our glorius kingdom fell to a evil darkness that emerged from our own hearts, Anon. No matter how happy something may seem darkness is always there, and that darkness is created from our deepest desires. And us moth ponies always wanted more success for our kingdom, and that greed manifested into what we call "It." that devoured our Goddesses closest guard Divinity who wanted to see our empire expand beyond Equestria and into the world just to see our Goddess happy that she now controlled the world.
  11. When "It." came we moth ponies civilians were forced to flee with the Goddess fighting against "It" for forty days & nights. When it was all over the Goddess had sealed "It." inside the mountains in which she later split in half. The moth ponies who returned assisted our goddess with trying to rebuild what is left, and we no longer tried pursue a vast empire like we had before as all it did was cause trouble.
  13. This however wasn't the end of our moth ponies struggles as several moth ponies who returned weren't happy with the Goddesses & other ponies choice not to rebuild our glorious empire, and the great ancestors of Grand Moth Tarkin tried to usurp the Goddesses with his small army. His rebellion failed, and the Goddess casted him & his follower out into the wilderness of equestria.
  15. "Anon I'm just going to stop for today. My head hurts."
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