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Apr 18th, 2013
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  1. On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 10:30 AM, BitPay <> wrote:
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  9. marketing
  10. Apr 18 04:30 am (EDT)
  12. You’re chosen! And you should know it’s high time to earn Bitcoins!
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  16. Did you miss the opportunity to be an early adopter of Bitcoin?
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  22. Now comes a new opportunity...
  23. Join the world’s first online Bitcoin Multi Level Marketing network! Earn
  24. the
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  29. BTCMLM is the first online Multi Level Marketing system for bitcoin users.
  30. It will
  31. be the most effective and formidable MLM in the world, which, combined with
  32. its
  33. open APIs, boosts the sales and profits of online products and services.
  35. BTCMLM is now in the first phase of the first stage (see below), only 21
  36. initial
  37. invitation codes will be sent. Please apply for invitation code as soon as
  38. possible!
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  42. BTCMLM Development Stages
  44. Stage 1: Open registration
  46. BTCMLM will only release 21 initial invitations, and that’s all. No initial
  47. invitation
  48. will ever be added within one year. After that, BTCMLM will release only 12
  49. more
  50. invitations each year.
  52. Everyone interested in joining BTCMLM, should have valid invitation code to
  53. register successfully.
  55. Commissions will be sent according to systematic calculation every 24
  56. hours.
  57. (GTM00:00) (See detail commission plan)
  59. Stage 2: Open APIs
  61. After BTCMLM has more than 2,100 registered members, we’ll release BTCMLM
  62. APIs to the public, by which developers can sell their own virtual products
  63. or
  64. services through the formidable BTCMLM sales force.
  66. At the same time, BTCMLM will exhaust every possibility of cooperating with
  67. online companies who have already accepted BTC as regular payment, and sell
  68. their virtual products and services.
  70. And, this means members of BTCMLM will have an endless stream of virtual
  71. products and services to sell, which means continuous profiting
  72. possibilities.
  74. Stage 3: Go IPO in the Bitcoin community
  76. After BTCMLM has more than 21,000 registered members, BTCMLM will sell 10%
  77. shares to the public, and the first 21,000 members of MLM have preferential
  78. rights to
  79. buy the shares. BTCMLM will always publish its revenue book in real time
  80. after its
  81. initial launching.
  83. Request an initial invitation code<>
  85. Why join BTCMLM?
  87. BTCMLM is in essence a powerful and effective distributing system, ideal
  88. for selling
  89. virtual products and services.
  91. It’s powerful, because BTCMLM is the world’s first online BTC Multi Level
  92. Marketing
  93. system, and it’s enjoying the pioneer advantage inherited from the nature
  94. of the Internet.
  96. It’s effective, because it will be the most formidable sales force in the
  97. world. While the
  98. individuals in the network are sellers, they are also investors, leaders of
  99. their own
  100. network, which they’re building, maintaining, and sharing.
  102. It’s ideal for selling virtual products and services, because it only
  103. accept Bitcoin, the most
  104. prevalent and influential virtual currency in the world, and therefore has
  105. an innate power
  106. related to Bitcoin which has already had a huge population of users.
  108. BTCMLM is unique in that it’s immune to the accusation of scam. Since the
  109. largest
  110. market in the world now is that of virtual products and services, think of
  111. software, music (mp3),
  112. movies (avi), advertisement (click) or any website or apps that provide
  113. valuable functionalities,
  114. any one of members in the BTCMLM system has endless opportunity to sell and
  115. profit.
  117. Another more important reason is that BTCMLM was design to be rational,
  118. with a triple
  119. powered network mechanism, and with a 10-level distribution system, the
  120. least number
  121. of members in a network of a top level BTCMLM member is only 310 = 59,049,
  122. which is
  123. a realistic prospect.
  125. Another advantage of BTCMLM is it’s online! To develop your own network,
  126. you’re not
  127. necessarily being with your acquaintances or relatives. You build your
  128. network online,
  129. using valid reasoning and vivid descriptions to persuade those who are
  130. rational and
  131. visionary. Posting on twitter, facebook, or tumbler is only a snap efforts,
  132. but is already
  133. enough to recruit members from any country on the Earth. Or you can build a
  134. static
  135. website (which is extremely easy nowadays) and attract infinite visitors by
  136. invest some
  137. money on Google Adsense... The best of all, you’ll enjoy the profit of your
  138. own network
  139. for good.
  141. Request an initial invitation code<>
  143. This email is a service from BitPay.
  144. Message-Id:ZHXXM9FP_516faf33adaa7_3538128b06c8232ae_sprut
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