Nov 20th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Paradox Labs
  4. $20 minimum order (before shipping)
  5. $10 flat rate shipping
  6. Free shipping on orders >$100
  7. All solutions and products are intended for research.
  8. All solutions contain propylene glycol/95% ethanol.
  10. These are hazardous chemicals. Please take care when conducting research. 1ml syringe for safe research will be included for free with all orders.
  12. It is imperative for you to research your local laws before placing an order. Research chemicals will not be shipped to states where they are prohibited. All products are intended for research and lab use only.
  14. _______________________________________________________
  16. Update below
  18. 12/05/2020 update: My allotment of samples has been exhausted so please no more emails about samples. I forgot to remove this crucial piece of info from my pastebin. It's no one's fault but my own. I will be sending a few samples to some well respected members in the community as well as those who contacted me in time to make the list. All customers that were added to the sample list will receive samples. I will reach out to them as soon as samples are ready to go out. The only real catch is you must pay the $5 shipping bc I can't spend $100+. In addition to shipping, I only ask to leave a review on Rc-scene or any other relevant community, provide some sort of proof, and I will offer you 10% off my first order. Leaving a review is not required but would be much appreciated.
  19. update, I will probably be doing a small pre-opening of
  20. fering only bromazolam and clonazolam hopefully by the end of this month. No guarantees though. I work a full time job and it gets crazy during the holidays. I plan to be fully stocked and open by sometime in January. I've had some unforeseen delays like having a hard time getting enough 5ml/10ml bottles in a timely fashion in addition to life in general.
  22. Some more relevant info to include with the update. I will not OPEN my store until I am fully ready and capable of fulfilling orders within 24h (I will still only be shipping 2-4 times a week but I'm referring to getting the packages ready to go and having plenty of inventory). Opening a business without being fully prepared is a recipe for disaster for both the vendor and customers. I want to be seen as a reliable and high quality source for your research chemical needs.
  24. ________________________________________________________
  26. Please use the following format when placing an order.
  28. Subject (email) : YY/MM/DD (ex: 20/11/25)
  30. Body to contain order details and shipping info (ex. below)
  31. - 10ml Flualprazolam 5mg/ml (50mg) = $45
  32. - 5ml Bromazolam 8mg/ml (40mg) = $35
  33. - 5ml Flubromazolam 2mg/ml (10mg) = $10
  34. Subtotal = $85
  35. - Total incl. shipping = $95
  37. *Shipping Address and Payment Details*
  38. Rusty Shackleford
  39. 3582 Cherry Blvd Apt. D24
  40. Arlen, TX 76001
  42. Payment method: Zelle/BTC
  44. I, of course, will verify the math because we all make typos and mistakes, but this makes it easier for me to read and package orders efficiently. Much more so than reading through a paragraph to find your order.
  46. I will reply with a confirmation including the amount of BTC or ETH and the wallet address to which you will send the BTC/ETH. This is both to make it easier on me and to avoid any possible mix-ups or confusion regarding your order. To all those who use this format, I thank you for your diligence and cooperation.
  48. 12/13/20 update
  49. I will maintain my product list as it will be there by February. However my current stock is less than anticipated. My current stock list is listed below (above the original price list)
  51. { Updated Product List (December-16-20) }.
  53. Bromazolam 8mg/ml
  54. 5ml (40mg) = $40
  55. 10ml (80mg) = $65
  57. Clonazolam 5mg/ml
  58. 5ml (25mg) = $25
  59. 10ml (50mg) = $40
  61. ___________________________
  63. { Product LIST (2021) }
  65. Flualprazolam 2.5mg/ml + Clonazolam 2.5mg/ml (5mg/ml)
  66. (NOT IN STOXK)
  67. 5ml (25mg) = $30
  68. 10ml (50mg) = $45
  70. Bromazolam 4mg/ml + Nitrazolam 4mg/ml (8mg/ml)
  71. (NOT IN STOCK)
  72. *very limited quantity*
  73. 5ml (40mg) = $40
  75. Clonazolam 5mg/ml
  76. 5ml (25mg) = $25
  77. 10ml (50mg) = $40
  79. Etizolam 10mg/ML (LIMITED STOCK)
  80. 5ml (50mg) = $40
  81. 10ml (100mg) = $70
  83. Flualprazolam 5mg/ML (NOT IN STOCK)
  84. 5ml (25mg) = $25
  85. 10ml (50mg) = $40
  87. Bromazolam 8mg/ml
  88. 5ml (40mg) = $40
  89. 10ml (80mg) = $70
  91. Flubromazolam 3mg/ML (NOT IN STOCK)
  92. 5ml (15mg) = $20
  93. 10ml (30mg) = $30
  95. Nitrazolam 8mg/ML (NOT IN STOCK)
  96. 5ml (40mg) = $35
  98. Please use proton, tutanota, mailfence, or when contacting me.
  99. It is imperative for you to research your local laws before placing an order. Research chemicals will not be shipped to states where they are prohibited. All products are intended for research use only. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.
  101. Thanks for looking!
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