Blowjob artist (ponka shitpost short)

Jun 24th, 2017
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  1. What I would pay to stick my dick in there
  2. To feel the underside of my crown rub against the warm softness of her tongue, asking her to keep her mouth open, just like that
  3. To glide it in, slowly, ever so slowly, before bringing it back
  4. Then to finally push her muzzle close, to feel that moist cave trapping half of my length in there
  5. To tell her how good it feels, and to feel her smile, happy to be part of this, with my dick still pinned against her tongue
  6. To pull back, once more, one last time, to pull her lips apart with the rounded edges of my tip
  7. Before plunging in, deeper, deeper, deeper, until I hear the distinct 'glck' and see her muzzle scrunching against my pubes
  8. Asking her if everything's fine, letting her mouth adapt to the new intruder
  9. Then ask her to pleasure me
  10. And I'd finish while moaning her name, her flushing face harboring the biggest and goofiest grin I'd have ever seen on her face
  11. And she'd tend to my pride for a good minute, still licking and kissing it, lovingly, tenderly, softly
  13. Pinkie would be a blowjob artist
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