HM:StH All Endings FAQ

Mar 24th, 2018
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  1. Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland
  2. All Endings FAQ
  3. [Updated 30 Mar 2018]
  5. Q: What are you trying to do?
  7. A: Beat all 9 alternate endings of Save the Homeland as quickly as possible.
  9. Q: Alternate endings?
  11. A: The goal of StH is to "save the village", and there are 9 subplots that achieve this. Most endings require the player to befriend certain NPCs, and involve triggering a series of obligatory cutscenes, although most of them can be skipped, so you won't actually see them play.
  13. Q: Isn't this the same as if you did each Any% run consecutively?
  15. A: No, as the game allows you to carry resources between endings if you are successful in completing them. This includes money, inventory, animals, power berries, and house extensions. While you do "carry over" all tools, any upgraded tools default to their lowest level between endings (only applies to the sickle and fishing pole). All NPCs' affection resets to zero, however.
  17. Q: Does the order matter?
  19. A: There are no hard rules on the order of endings, but because of how resources transfer, this is a significant part of the routing. Some endings might require money or animals that you can acquire in an earlier ending, and it may be more convenient to do so at that time. This is a matter that will require more runs and research to fully iron out, but I have settled on an order that I am reasonably happy with for the time being (indicated in my splits).
  21. Q: What's WR?
  23. A: Although no one has completed an All Endings run yet, you can find all HM leaderboards here: https://www.speedrun.com/hm
  25. Q: What's your goal time?
  27. A: I'm not sure yet. For the time being sub-10 would be nice, but I really have no idea what my first time will be, as these are some of my first real "runs". Hopefully as more is discovered about the game this can become a really interesting category.
  29. Q: What's the difference between "All Endings" and "All Endings NG+"?
  31. A: Due to StH's unique gameplay whereby you play the "same" year over and over while retaining resources from past endings on the same file, AND due to the fact that you can complete the same ending twice on the same file, it is possible to prepare your resources in advance (money, tools, horse, gifts, etc.) and complete all 9 endings much faster than if you started from a completely fresh file. This is the same distinction we make between proper Any% and NG+, just for All Endings instead of individual endings. I hope to tackle this category in the not-too-distant future as well.
  33. Q: I want to learn this. Can I see your notes?
  35. A: I have a lot of information about StH in general in this pastebin, and my notes can be found here: https://pastebin.com/zm8AppqE
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