Sleepover 1

Oct 21st, 2018
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  1. >"Nonners, put your hands on the sides of the chair."
  2. "Do I gotta?"
  3. >"Of course you gotta, silly."
  4. "But it's not gonna do anything."
  5. >"Quit being a party pooper and put your silly hands on the side of the chair you silly filly."
  6. "I am not silly and I am very much not a filly."
  7. >Pinkie and the other girls giggled as you leaned back into the chair that you were provided
  8. >You were all in Rainbow's apartment
  9. >Out of all of you, the blue girl's place was closest to where each of you lived, and because of her status as a Wonderbolt it was a good deal bigger than anything any of you were living in
  10. >Except Applejack of course, but she didn't really count
  11. >No matter what she said, that house was Granny Smith's until the old bird finally keeled over
  12. >It was a Friday night
  13. >Your professors hadn't given anyone homework except for Twilight--who had asked for some, the nerd
  14. >None of you had any pressing matters to see to for the next few days
  15. >So Ponk, in all of her wisdom, had demanded that you all have a sleepover just like the ones that you had when you were all at Canterlot High together
  16. >The girls had eagerly agreed
  17. >Ponk had just kind of showed up at your dorm and dragged you here, barely giving you enough time to get dressed
  18. >Not that you were too mad about it though
  19. >You had no desire to deal with your passive aggressive ass roommate for two whole days
  20. >Like seriously, fuck that guy
  21. >You'd rather spend two days doing whatever bullshit Pinkie wanted you all to do
  22. >And knowing her, which you did, it was going to be a whole lot more of what you were about to do
  24. >The girls, just like you, were wearing sleepwear
  25. >Pajama bottoms and some loose, comfortable shirt
  26. >Rarity's outfit was fancier obviously-- that girl loved to bejewel everything-- and Applejack had her hat, but you were pretty similar
  27. >Ponk was wearing disgustingly fuzzy socks
  28. >You were wearing pretty much the same socks, though yours was a different shade of pink
  29. >What a fucking man you were huh?
  30. >"Come on, Nonners. I wanna see those hands outta your lap and grabbing the chair," Pinkie said
  31. >You rolled your eyes, though you still did as she asked
  32. >Pinkie fist bumped, turning to the fashionista
  33. >"Alrighty. You got the stuff, Rarity?" she asked, nudging her friend
  34. >Rarity placed a hand on Pinkie's arm, guiding it toward her side
  35. >"Of course, darling," she said, giving it a gentle pat. "Give me but a moment and I'll collect them."
  36. >She made her way over toward the other end of the room, but none of the other girls spared her a glance
  37. >They were all staring at you
  38. >Twilight and Fluttershy were at least trying to be subtle about it, fiddling with pockets or sneaking peeks
  39. >Applejack, Rainbow, and Sunset were openly taking your clothes off with their eyes
  40. >Ponk just looked terribly excited, bouncing in place
  41. >"Ohhhhhhh, this is gonna be so much fun!" she chirped, her hair bouncing along with her
  42. >"Yeah. Just like ol' times I reckon," Applejack said
  43. >Sunset grinned
  44. >"So, who's going first?" she asked. "I think it should be me."
  45. "You always think it should be you," you said, getting yourself comfortable
  46. >You knew for a fact that you'd be in this chair for a good while
  47. >At least Pinkie was nice enough to get you a pillow to sit on
  49. >"It should be Dashie first," Pinkie said. "It's her house after all."
  50. >"Yeah! You're damn right I should go first," Rainbow said, puffing her chest out. "Gotta have the best go first, right?"
  51. >Despite her bravo, you could very clearly see a blush coming to the girl's face
  52. >She was also doing that cute jitterbug leg thing she did whenever she got really nervous
  53. >The sight of it always made you smile
  54. >Rarity tapped Rainbow on her shoulder, making her jump
  55. >"If you're going first, I believe I'll give you the honor of selecting the first color of the night, Rainbow," she said
  56. >She then offered the rainbow haired girl what she had gone through all of the effort of getting
  57. >Lipstick; a bunch of them too
  58. >The stuff didn't have the same use as it did back home
  59. >Lipstick here was more of a sex thing
  60. >Girls used it to "mark" guys
  61. >From what Rarity had told you, it was actually pretty hard to get a hold of, and not at all cheap
  62. >Rainbow looked over each stick carefully
  63. >A grin suddenly came to her face as he snatched one of them out of Rarity's hand
  64. >"I call blue!"
  65. >The other girls groaned
  66. >"Ya'll always call blue," Applejack grumbled
  67. >Rainbow paid her no mind, popping off the cap and twisting it so that the bright blue lipstick was pushed up from it's casing
  68. >With practiced ease she applied it to her lips, pressing them together, with a "mwah"
  69. >You remember when the girls first did something like this
  70. >Rarity was the only one that didn't get lipstick all over her face
  71. >Fluttershy had to spend a half hour in the shower trying to get it all off if you remember correctly...
  72. >Placing her hands on her hips, Rainbow turned toward you
  74. >"You ready, big man?" she asked
  75. "I was born ready, egghead," you replied
  76. >Dash puffed up at the E word
  77. >Sticking her tongue out at you, she began underdressing as Rarity handed out all the other lipstick
  78. >You watched as her top was pulled off and tossed across the room
  79. >Her pants were next, being kicked away
  80. >The girl didn't have a bra on; none of them ever did
  81. >This just let her in a pair of rainbow--because of course it had to be rainbow-- panties and knee-high socks
  82. >You took a moment to appreciate the athlete's body
  83. >She was the shortest of all the girls
  84. >Her entire body was lithe
  85. >She was muscular, but not overly so
  86. >Most of that muscle was in her lower body
  87. >Her legs were thick and her butt was nice and perky
  88. >You knew from experience that it had more than enough give in it though
  89. >Her chest was--to Rainbow's shame-- nonexistent
  90. >You could see that her nipples were already hard
  91. >Dash rocked back and forth on her heels, just staring at you
  92. >She looked like she wanted to say something, chewing on her lower lip
  93. >You waited patiently for her
  94. >Rainbow usually took her time, more so than some of the other girls
  95. >She always preferred to take things at her own pace, so you let her
  96. >Rainbow tapped the heel of her foot against her floor
  97. >She hopped from one leg to the next
  98. >And then she was a blur, darting toward you with the speed that was no doubt going to see her to the pros
  99. >You let go of the sides of your chair as she leapt into your lap with a small hop
  100. >The chair groaned under the added weight
  101. >Rainbow's legs hooked around it, keeping the two of you from falling over
  103. >Her arms wrapped around your shoulders, and she pressed herself against you
  104. >"Sup, S-Slut," she murmured in your ear
  105. >You placed your head on her shoulder because you knew she liked it
  106. "Nothing. Sup with you, dork," you said
  107. >Rainbow shifted in your lap
  108. >"You keep it up with that dork shit I'll make sure you'll be walking f-funny for the next week."
  109. >She kissed your cheek, leaving a blue lipstick mark
  110. >You almost laughed
  111. "Ten second flat, right?"
  112. >Rainbow blushed all the harder, giving you a small shove
  113. >You had fooled around with each of these girls since you guys had been in high school
  114. >You were pretty sure you weren't Sunset's first, maybe not Pinkie's either, and Applejack could have been up in the air for that
  115. >Even Fluttershy and Twi could have been up in the air if they told you a believable enough story
  116. >But you knew for a FACT that you had taken this egotistical little dork's v-card
  117. >You remember that night bright and clear too
  118. >It had been after Soarin' had chewed her out in the middle of gym class for something soccer related
  119. >She had been down, but not down enough for a sleepover
  120. >Some spiked punch had been involved, and had ended with three of the girls explaining to Dash that she wasn't bleeding to death through her cooch
  121. >A small chuckle escaped you at the memory
  122. "Alright, get your big butt off me. It's someone else's turn."
  123. >Rainbow didn't respond
  124. >She just stared at you expectantly
  125. >When you didn't do anything she frowned, offering you her cheek
  126. >Rolling your eyes, you kissed her
  127. "There, you nerd."
  128. >A grin exploded across Dash's face as she hopped out of your lap
  130. >"Ya done cuddlin' Dash?" Applejack asked
  131. >"Left his lap all warm for you, AJ," Rainbow shot back, hip checking the farmer as she passed
  132. >Applejack nodded
  133. >"I'ah guess I'm up then," she said
  134. >Taking her hat off, she tossed it toward you
  135. >You tilted your head down, allowing it to fall onto your head
  136. >Grinning to herself, Applejack began to disrobe out of her flannel everything
  137. >You watched as shirt, then pants were dropped to her feet
  138. >The farmer had apparently decided to go full commando this evening, allowing you to see every inch of her sun-kissed skin
  139. >While Rainbow was muscular, she had nothing on Applejack
  140. >The apple farmer was a shit brickhouse
  141. >She had arms that could pick your big ass up
  142. >Abs that you could grate cheese with
  143. >A pair of legs as thick as tree trunks
  144. >You had watched her crush a watermelon between them once
  145. >It was fucking rad
  146. >Her breasts were as tanned and freckled as the rest of her
  147. >They were just big enough to be a handful
  148. >You let out a whistle
  149. "You shave for me, cowgirl?"
  150. >"Course I did," Applejack said, putting her hands on her hips. "Otherwise you'd be belly achin' the whole time."
  151. >She strutted toward you, slowly, letting you get a good eyeful before sitting in your lap
  152. >"Ohhh, ya excited there, partner?" she asked, grunting her butt into your lap as she took her hat off your head and placed it back on her own
  153. "As excited as hound dog at huntin' season," you replied
  154. >Applejack opened her mouth
  155. >She then closed it, eyes furrowing
  157. >"..."
  158. "..."
  159. >"..."
  160. "..."
  161. >"Do ya always need to use that darn accent every time?" she asked, irritated
  162. >You smiled as she wrapped her arms around your neck
  163. "Of course I do--oof!"
  164. >Your face was forced between Applejack's bosom as she let out a sigh
  165. >"Yer lucky I like ya, Anon."
  166. >She wrapped her legs around your waist
  167. >You felt her muscles tense, giving you a little squeeze
  168. >With some strategic wiggling, you were able to escape the cleavage
  169. "Hey, thanks again for helping me with that math stuff last week."
  170. >Applejack snorted
  171. >"We're mighty welcome, but next time try not ta thank me when my kinfolk are in the house. Applebloom darn near walked in on is."
  172. >You felt a calloused hand run it's fingers through your hair
  173. >The touch was affectionate, though a bit rough
  174. "I'm not apologizing for that."
  175. >"Well, ya should, ya jezebel."
  176. "I don't gotta say sorry if you came like a geyser."
  177. >Applejack's legs squeeze a bit harder
  178. >You knew if she wanted she could probably snap you like a pencil
  179. >Instead, she nuzzled the side of your head
  180. >"Ya know, I've been practicin'," she said
  181. >You could hear the top of a lipstick cap being popped off as she shifted her weight
  182. "Trying to win this time?" you asked
  183. >Applejack, now sporting orange lipstick, gave your jaw a kiss
  184. >"O'course. I'ah know you'd do it if I just asked but it's funnier winnin'."
  185. >With one final squeeze, the farmer released you, mussing up your hair before she got up
  187. >You watched as she made her way toward Rainbow's bed
  188. >She put a sway in her step as she did so, obviously knowing that you'd be ogling her
  189. >And she wonders why you always try to fool around when you were at her house...
  190. >"Yoo-hoo, darling? I feel as though you're not giving me your full attention."
  191. >You turned your head to see Rarity standing in front of you
  192. >The girl was coyly smiling, fingering the hem of her shirt
  193. >"And where I was willing to put on a show for a ruffian such as yourself. What a shame..."
  194. >She lifted her shirt up just a bit, allowing you to see her tone, smooth stomach
  195. >She then blew you a kiss
  196. >She had taken the purple lipstick this time
  197. >You felt your stomach tighten at the sight
  198. >"Hey. You get over here or I'm coming over there."
  199. >Rarity giggled
  200. >"Oh? Well, a lady does as her gentlemen wishes, though we both know that you're no gentlemen, Anonymous~"
  201. >She took her time taking off her shirt
  202. >This allowed you to see every inch of flawless skin
  203. >College had only made Rarity more beautiful
  204. >She was a fucking looker in high school, but now Maxim producers would have fallen over themselves to get her on a cover
  205. >Every inch of her was like something from a sculpture, with not a thing out of place
  206. >You knew for a fact that she could have gotten any guy on campus if she wanted
  207. >Some literally threw themselves at her
  208. >But, for whatever reason, she seemed just fine with your dumb ass
  209. >You didn't know whether to be flattered or to call her out on her shit taste
  210. >Rarity seemed to relish in your stare, giving you a wink as she lifted her shift over her head
  211. >"There we go. Oh dear, are you drooling, Anon? How ungentlemanly."
  212. >She made her way toward you like a runway model
  213. >Her shirt was hooked around your shoulders as she sat down into your lap
  214. >"What would your parents say if they saw you staring at me like I was some expensive purse?"
  216. "Humna humna humna..." you replied
  217. >Rarity was always the one to tease, so you quickly wrapped your arms around her middle, keeping her right where you wanted
  218. >She let out a purr, pressing herself against you
  219. >"Needy are we? I thought our little session the other day would have kept you pacified for a few days at least~"
  220. >You hooked your fingers through the waistband on her pajama bottoms
  221. "I'm not made out of fucking stone, woman."
  222. >"You know, a male shouldn't have such a sexual appetite."
  223. >She leaned forward
  224. >A perfect, pert nipple hung just in front of your face
  225. >You breathed in
  226. >She used that vanilla soap that you liked
  227. "What, you too good to take your pants off like everyone else?" you asked, your voice breathless
  228. >Rarity rubbed her nose against yours
  229. >"We wouldn't want the fun to be spoiled early now, would we?"
  230. "...That was only that one time. Years ago too. We were like fifteen."
  231. >"Oh I remember. It's still touching that I was able to get you that excited, dear. Though, if I'm being honest, I would have liked to have seen your release go somewhere else OTHER than your pants."
  232. "...Can we drop it, please?"
  233. >"I'll have to admit, you were quite the sight. I wish I had taken pictures. Oh the faces you made."
  234. >Rarity laughed quietly, grinding her perfect butt into your lap
  235. >You had to bite back a groan
  236. "It wasn't f-funny at the time," you said
  237. >"No it wasn't," Rarity agreed, toying with your hair. "You had myself and the girls worried when you locked yourself in the bathroom and refused to come out."
  238. >You felt your face heat up
  239. "It was embarrassin--tmhp!"
  241. >Cupping your face, Rarity cut you off with a kiss
  242. >If you would have had long hair, it would have gone ramrod stiff before curling
  243. >Rarity held the kiss for a long while, staring into your eyes
  244. >You could see affection on them as she shifted her weight forward
  245. >Eventually, she did break it, allowing you to catch your breath
  246. >"It might have been embarrassing to you, but I can assure you that I've never been given a better compliment in my life," Rarity said, using her thumb to wipe some of the lipstick off your lips. "Never in a million years would I have thought that I could leave a man in such a state.
  247. >She leaned toward your ear, teasing your earlobe with the tip of her tongue
  248. >"The confidence that gave me was what helped turn me into the woman I am today. Have I thanked you for that?"
  249. "Yeah... Like a million times."
  250. >A shiver ran through you as you felt her teeth gently biting
  251. >"Well, during our... activities tonight remind me to thank you once agai--
  252. >"WHOOOOO!"
  253. >Your intimate moment was ruined by Ponk who, as naked as a jaybird, slammed into you an Rarity
  254. >"My turn, my turn! I wanna smooch Nonners on the nose! Nonono! On the forehead! No! On the neck! No maybe on the--"
  255. >Rarity let out a yelp as she was squished against you by the overly excited girl
  256. >You let out a grunt as the chair groaned in protest
  257. >It was made out of metal, and a sturdy SOB thus far, but it wasn't Ponk proof
  258. >You felt the back two chair legs buckle under your combined weight
  259. >You flailed
  260. >Rarity wrapped her arms around your head in what you hoped was a vain attempt to protect you
  261. >Pinkie let out a loud 'WEEEEEEEEEEE!' as you all landed in a heap on the ground
  262. >Twilight shook her head, looking over at a bemused Fluttershy
  263. >"Chair or not, we're getting our turns."
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