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Bucky O'Hare speedrun tips for Big20 Race

feasel Apr 9th, 2015 233 Never
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  1. ROUTE:
  2. Green -> Blue -> Red -> Yellow
  4. Overall Notes:
  5. Hold B and mash A to scroll through text faster
  6. Life Is Plentiful - Don’t be afraid to take damage boosts.
  7. On ice, ducking will halt your momentum immediately.  (VERY important)
  10. Green Planet Notes:
  11. The tree in screen 2 can be a nightmare learning out. Don’t worry about the enemies, just get up it as fast as can. Take damage where needed. Try and stay towards the inside of the tree (left side of right platforms, right side of left platforms)
  13. Screen 3 has 2 swings that can mess with you. The timing is weird. Wait for them
  15. Boss:
  16. This boss can only be defeated by shooting his back.
  17. At the start of the fight, run up and get as close as possible without taking damage. He will throw his rock, wait for it, jump him, then follow him to the other side of the screen blasting him. Rinse repeat
  21. Blue Planet:
  22. Pretty straight forward, you have to use Blinky (press select) to break the ice bricks.
  24. I cant really explain the snake section (the battletoads lookin snakes) you will have to just watch, or trial and error it.
  26. Boss
  27. You’ll want to be using Bucky for this boss. The bullets he shoots move up and down in a linear pattern, the highest of these shots you wont need to jump over as you can just stand underneath the bullet.
  31. Red Planet:
  32. Skipping on pushing boulders can be very tricky, so if you have trouble doing so it’s cool to nudge them, as it costs minimal time in the grand scheme of things.
  34. Boss
  35. Make sure to get at least one power-up for Jenny, as with that you’ll be able to kill this boss with a single blast of her weapon. You can gain ricochet status by pushing yourself against the side of the green pac-man type enemy, letting you hit straight through his green shell.
  39. Yellow Planet:
  40. You have plenty of health to spare, as it’s replenished at the end of Red Planet, so you can take the first couple screens of Yellow gung-ho without any risk of death. There’s a health in the top-right of Act 4 too, should you need it.
  42. Boss
  43. For this boss, the most efficient method would be to use Jenny’s Ball power, as it causes high amounts of damage. This can be tricky to aim, however. Make sure you have Maxed Jenny’s Power
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