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Dec 22nd, 2020
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  1. Current Ver.: 1.1.10
  2. _________________________________________________
  4. Moémon Mega Fire Red Ver.
  5. by Septentrion
  6. _________________________________________________
  9. The Moémon project will always appreciate having more talent on board!
  10. Join our discord at for more information.
  13. +------------------------------------+
  14. | |
  15. | Table of Contents: |
  16. | |
  17. | 1. Getting Started |
  18. | 1.1) Emulator |
  19. | 1.2) ROM and Patching Info |
  20. | 2. About the Patch |
  21. | 2.1) Features |
  22. | 2.2) Version changes |
  23. | 3. Bugs |
  24. | 4. Other Information |
  25. | |
  26. +------------------------------------+
  29. --< 1. Getting Started >--
  31. 1.1) Emulator:
  32. Only VBA (VisuaBoy Advance) and VBA-M are officially supported for PC. Other emulators may cause some errors.
  33. MyBoy! and John GBA for Android mobile appear to be stable.
  34. There are no known compatible iOS GBA emulators at the moment.
  35. Playing on any other platforms will cause crashes at either the Oak intro or anything Mega Evolution related.
  38. For VBA:
  39. Go under Option > Emulator > Save Type
  40. 1) Check Automatic
  41. 2) Check 128k Flash
  42. Fixing saves:
  44. 1.2) ROM and Patching Info:
  45. The UPS file must be patched to this specific FireRed GBA ROM:
  46. 1636 - Pokemon Fire Red (U)(Squirrels).gba
  50. If the ROM you have on hand does not have the above filename, we strongly advise against patching to it.
  51. You can verify if you have the correct ROM. The CRC32 hex code for the correct ROM is DD88761C. The MD5 is e26ee0d44e809351c8ce2d73c7400cdd.
  53. Use a .ups patcher (such as NUPS or tsukuyomi) to apply the .ups patch to the .gba ROM.
  54. We recommend keeping a fresh copy of the original ROM for when a new update is released.
  57. --< 2. About the Patch >--
  59. 2.1) Features
  60. All featured Pokémon have been replaced with their Moémon counterparts!
  62. In addition to most of the Gen 1-3 Moémon, several future generation Moémon are also available to catch.
  63. Several future generation moves are also in the game. Including the physical/special split from Gen 4.
  65. The Mega Evolution from XY and ORAS has been implemented.
  66. How to Mega Evolve:
  67. 1: Have a Mega Bracelet in your inventory
  68. 2. Give the Moémon the correct Mega Stone to hold
  69. 3. In battle, select Attack, then press Start (whatever your key is)
  70. 4. Use a move.
  72. Blaziken, Sceptile, Latias, Latios, Banette, Aerodactyl, Mawile, Altaria, Lopunny, Gardevoir and the Kanto starters can Mega Evolve.
  73. Mega Stones can be bought in Cerulean City after obtaining the Mega Bracelet from Mr. Fuji.
  75. Many post-Gen 3 and trade evolutions in FireRed have been changed to other evolution methods
  76. The most common evolution being using evolutionary Stones.
  77. Please experiment among stones, level-up, and friendship for evolving Moémon.
  79. Almost every trainer has been updated to use different mons and moves from the base game.
  81. Movesets and Learnsets for every mon has been fixed/updated. Moveset are base on Pokemon X and Y.
  82. Most evolved mons can learn egg moves or TM moves in future generations through the Move Relearner on Two Island.
  84. Move Relearner on Two Island no longer needs mushrooms to teach moves.
  86. Move tutors are now reuseable. Many move tutors teach different moves than in the original game.
  87. TMs are also reuseable.
  89. 2.2) Version changes
  90. 1) The Old Rod has been ra-added
  91. 1) The Old Rod has been moved to Cerulean City.
  92. 2) Some maps have been changed.
  94. --< 3. Bugs >--
  96. 1) The National Dex will CRASH if selected. Use A-Z sorting instead. Gen IV+ Moémon will NOT appear in the Pokédex.
  97. 2) Certain Abilities that boost stats will freeze the game if they are allowed to boost past 6 boosts.
  98. - Lightning Rod in particular has been seen healing instead of boosting Special Attack when two mons have the ability
  99. 3) There's a fishing "MissingNo" bug. This will likely cause a crash IF CAPTURED. Do not fish while standing on a grass tile.
  100. - The same can occur if you Rock Smash a rock while standing on a grass tile. Please do not do this either.
  101. 4) Mega Evolution does not work in double battles. They don't work for link battles either. Doing so will cause a bad egg to spawn.
  102. 5) Shedinja will not evolve from Nincada using the normal method. You can catch a Shedinja in the Pokémon Tower.
  103. 6) False Swipe and Brick Break do not work as intended. They have been removed.
  104. 7) While TMs are reuseable, using a TM on a mon that does not have 4 moves will cause the TM to disappear.
  105. 8) Minor Pokédex glitches for post-Hoenn Moémon captures and other text errors. You will usually see Rattata as the "registered" Moémon.
  106. 9) Wild double battles host a wide variety of glitches
  107. -The capture text in a wild double battle will always show the name of the first Moémon encountered.
  108. -If any item was used in a double battle but the battle ends before the item could be used, that item is still consumed
  109. -Any wild mon using Teleport will end the battle regardless of whether the other one is still there
  110. -Abilities and moves that trap mons will only work the affected mon, the other mon can still run from battle
  111. 10) Using Fly in certain places will show the wrong map, the wrong current position, or both.
  112. 11) The ruins at Seven Island have broken encounters, you will either encounter a broken Unown or fight the last battle you fought.
  113. 12) Flash as a field move has white text against a white background. It is still selectable.
  114. 13) Various graphical and textual errors.
  115. 14) Opponents will sometimes send out a Moémon that is already Mega Evolved. This a limitation of the current engine.
  116. 15) The abiliy Download, in addition to its normal function, also makes the mon immune to major status effects. Moves such as Toxic and
  117. Thunder Wave will play their normal animation but will not apply status. Yawn still works.
  118. 16) The ability Regenerator does not work as intended. It's actual function is unknown.
  119. 17) Mega Lopunny has a missing voice clip when Mega Evolving
  121. --< 4. Other Information >--
  123. We do not provide support for cheats or randomization. We heavily advise against using them as the results are unpredictable.
  125. Version Notes: 1.1.X is planned to be the last version where .sav files are compatible from 1.0 and beta versions.
  126. To use a save from a previous version, make sure the name of the .sav file and the .gba file match.
  127. The planned 1.2.0+ versions require new saves, but will have new features and requirements.
  129. Haven't seen your favorite mon? Chances are we do not have a sprite ready for it.
  131. Breeding is extremely limited, we don't recommend breeding egg moves at all.
  133. Contact info:
  134. Interested in spriting for Moémon?
  135. Found a bug that isn't listed above?
  136. Please join our discord at:
  137. Please read all the rules and resources.
  139. Support Us:
  140. Support the spriters!
  143. The spriters are the backbone of the project. Without them, we wouldn't have a ROMhack to showcase the wonderful work they have contributed.
  144. If you appreciate the art in the game and would like to see more in the future, consider supporting their hard work!
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