Little Witch Academia JP Blu-ray details

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  1. Japanese Blu-ray release of "Little Witch Academia"
  3. Currently, there are no plans to sell this in stores; we have only planned to sell the Blu-ray at events and through mail-order sales. Sales will start in the middle of August, beginning at Comiket 84.
  5. Here are the specifics for the Little Witch Academia Blu-ray:
  6. Main feature: 26 minutes long
  7. Sound: 5.1ch/2ch Stereo audio
  8. Subtitles: Japanese/English/Spanish/Chinese/German/French/Italian
  10. Special Features:
  11. Documentary: "The Moment Magic Was Born" (66 minutes long)
  12. This documentary focuses on the young animators working directly on Little Witch Academia and depicts the actual working environment they drew in. It will cover each section's work as well as observing Director Yoshinari's guidance of the project. The Narration will be provided by Noriko Hidaka, the voice of Shiny Chariot.
  13. Note: The only subtitles for this documentary will be in English.
  15. Original Soundtrack CD:
  16. This CD will compile all the music used in the feature as well as an unused short version of the ending theme.
  18. A 112 page booklet:
  19. Contents include commentary about the work by Director Yoshinari, interviews with the staff and cast, production materials, lots of original key frames, an excerpt from the storyboards, and the first draft of the scenario.
  21. Retail price: 6,000 yen
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