Into the Lake ( MGE )

Sep 2nd, 2016
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  1. Beck ran, ran as fast as his legs could take him into the clearing. What was once as night that involved only some ‘Monmuso go’, spending time with his good-for-nothing roommate Michael, and shakes and smoothies was a now a race for freedom. Ushi-Onis were on his tail and his only comfort was that he was the faster of the two men. He knew it was cruel to think this way, but he also knew that at the very least if Michael got caught it would slow the rest down if they took the time to fight for or share the man. However; the beasts were fast and even a distraction as distracting as Michael wouldn’t do him any good if he didn’t put it to use.
  3. He would have sighed, could he afford the time to relax, after he realized using Michael wouldn’t be necessary. They came across a clearing in the woods as they ran, one that had a short cliff that turned to a lake. Beck wasn’t the wisest man around, but he had his fair share of knowledge to give and share. One piece of trivia he had was that, at least rumor states, Ushis have an overwhelming fear of water and bathing! Beck let out a holler of a cry and directed himself towards the lake, preparing to make a dive into it from the cliff’s edge, and save himself from his pursuers. Beck couldn’t spare the breath to scream ‘Into the Lake!’ so he jutted out his arm while running to point at it, however a rock jutting out from the ground three inches higher than the rest of the earth below put him off balance. He hand waved and pointed at who knows where, and he had to bring it back in to adjust his weight, otherwise his running would've slowed or become clunky. Once he was all together again, Beck reached the edge of the cliff and took a leap of faith. One that turned out not so well at all, as when he had jumped a vine caught his foot and threw him off course. What was once a straight leap into the crystal-clear water turned into a head-driven fall into the side of the cliff. His body flew into the underside of the cliff before his foot became untangled, where he would then limply slide into the waters.
  5. Despite his descent not being nearly as fast or graceful as intended, Beck managed to stay ahead of his pursuers. He saw two of the Ushi-Onis run down a softer slope around the edge of the lake, near where the water wasn’t as deep. There they waited in wake for him to drift towards the edges after falling into the water. However, they waited in vain. For as soon as Beck touched the water, he couldn’t help but sink. Or rather, instead of sinking, he was being pulled bellow. As he was dragged below the surface, he could see three feminine figures surrounding him. One was on his leg, and the other two swimming circles around him as he sank. They appeared to be clothed entirely in…seaweed? Beck would have inspected them more closely, but panic set in. The moment he felt something tugging on his leg again, he would scream as he was dragged into the lake. With all the air already outside his lungs, all he could do was thrash about as the figures brought him deeper and deeper down, much farther then he thought the lake had any right to be. He looked up towards the surface to see the Ushi-Onis looking down with concerned and scared looks on their faces, they slowly skittered away as Beck’s consciousness faded. He couldn’t help but feel scared for his friend’s(as well as his own) safety, and irony’s cruel touch as his thoughts went dark.
  10. Beck awoke slowly, grogginess overwhelmed him as he returned to the world of the conscious. The moment he opened his eyes, the events he just went through replayed in his head. His body tensed, he tried to get his blood pumping and ready fast as possible. To his pleasure, he discovered that despite being soaked to the bone and nearly freezing, he was uninjured. To his dismay, his arms had been completely bound behind his back. He spent nearly a minute rolling on the ground grunting and tugging, but was unable to free his arms from their binds. He rolled onto his front,took a minute to stand, then examined his eerie surroundings. He was in the dead end of a cave, it was damp, and it was nearly pitch-black. It would have been completely black if not for the light coming from down the way. Though the cave twisted and turned slightly, he could see light coming through, and hear the sparks and crackles of a campfire. He considered his options, and figured that whatever was held in store for him near the fire would be better than whatever was waiting for him here in his cove. However, before continuing forward he attempted to rub the binds on his arms against the stone walls, attempting to find some sharp edges to damage and break whatever it was that held them back. Smooth walls surrounded him, and offered no assistance. He quickly realized that he would be stuck without his arms, and that if was to go forward he was going forward shackled.
  12. Every step Beck took he took with an ounce of caution and a pound of fear. He attempted to stay quiet as possible, and constantly looked at his surroundings to get a better feeling of where he was and what he was dealing with. What he saw, he did not like one bit. The ground had scraps of seaweed on it, all of different shades of greens, sometimes with a blue tinge in them. What really scared him though, were the skeletons. He saw two of them, both of them humanoid in shape with some grave deformities. They looked smaller than the average person’s and all lacked arms. The bones near there back appeared to be wider than average, and where the arms would have been were instead replaced with small curved bone ‘plates’. Beck struggled to keep himself for letting loose the content of his stomach. He repressed the urge to hurl and diverted his gaze away from the bones while continuing forward towards the flames.
  14. The cave opened up, becoming more and more spacious. Beck would say the room with the fire in it became nearly as big as a small theater room. In the center, he could see there was a pit dug several inches into the ground, there was a campfire surrounded by stones and very make-shift tools. Over the flame there was a stone bowl filled with something he couldn’t see as of yet, but he knew it smelled delicious. Between him and the bowl were three young women kneeling on the ground in a row, looking towards beck. Beck’s plan to make a mad dash towards the exit was instantly brought to a halt, this wasn’t what he was expecting at all. The way even the Ushis looked scared when he had been caught made him worry what was down the hall; this was nothing! Though the bindings on his his arms would suggest he do otherwise, Beck calmed slightly.
  16. “Greetings. May you take a seat?” the girl in the middle spoke. Her voice was thick with an indigenous accent, and was high but not shrill. The girl lifted her tendrils of kelp and pointed towards a rock in front of them. It was nearly three feet high and smoothed to a flat surface at the top. Beck thought about rushing past them and just trying to escape, but fear of not knowing what to expect past this room made him act otherwise. He went over to the rock and took a seat on it, but was sure he was seated so at any given moment he could easily stand and run. He quickly glanced at the girls in front of him; each of them was obviously a nonhuman, they were covered in seaweed and kelp, and had no arms. He knew now they were Flow Kelps, but what they wanted with him Beck didn’t know.
  18. “I believe introductions are in order. My name is Neyu.” The girl in the center of the three introduced herself. She looked older than the other two, and was nearly a foot taller than them; surprising considering the others weren’t exactly runts of the litter. If he had to guess what a healthy flow-kelp looked like, it would have been Neyu. “I’m the oldest sister; the current head of our tribe.”
  20. “I’m Kalurette! But my sisters, and you, call me Kalu.” The lady on the left spoke up now, she was much more excited than the other two ladies were. Her body and hair had a deep blue tint to it, and she was also packing a few more pounds around her thighs, stomach, and chest. When she saw Beck had been looking her over, she gave him a sultry smile and lifted up the kelp dress around her waist and her thighs. “Like what you see?” She spread her knees across the ground; her insides would have been clearly visible if there weren’t three pieces of kelp waving back and forth in front of it. The third sister coughed loudly, and Kalurette closed her legs as everyone’s attention was drawn over to the girl on the right.
  22. “My name’s Wyana. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Wyana was close in appearance to Neyu, with more child-like features. She also was only as tall as Kalurette, as opposed to Neyu who towered above her sisters. Her ‘hair’ also draped across the right side of her face. When Beck acknowledged her with a nod and started to give her a look-over, she turned red from ear to ear and turned her face away, her face making a small smile when doing so.
  24. Once they had introduced themselves, silence quickly filled the room. Beck glanced over each of the sisters again, and then around the room. All of them were smiling expectantly, waiting for him to say something.
  26. “I’m Beck. It's uh, nice to meet the three of you.”
  28. “Hi Beck!” Kalurette was the first to speak up.
  30. “Welcome to our tribe Beck.” Neyu piped up after her sister.
  32. “Hello Beck…” Wyana softly followed Neyu, unable to look him in the eye.
  34. Again, silence filled the room. More expectant looks were made towards Beck. Would he actually have to talk to these girls? He had heard stories of men who had similar encounters to his before, about how Men ran into natives who were hidden away from the rest of the world. Many men tried and failed to escape them and return home, many of which made the same mistake. They had all tried to rush their escape. Beck knew if he wanted to escape, he’d have to make them comfortable first. So he knew he had to entertain them.
  36. “Well, now that we know each other, mind telling me what these binds are for? I don’t plan on hurting anyone; you saved me from the Ushis after all!” Beck fidgeted in his seat and turned around until the binds faced towards the Kelps, and then continued to speak. “And where is the rest of your tribe? It seems awfully mean to just leave the three of you to fend for yourselves.”
  38. “I’m really sorry Mr.Beck, but we already decided you have to stay bound until the ceremony.” Wyana said, her smile disappearing. “But I promise once it’s off we’ll never have to bind you again! Unless you misbehave…” her voice trailed off as she quieted. Beck didn’t like where this was going already. They obviously wanted him to stay a while, and he was already sure he knew what kind of ceremony they were planning. He found the girls cute, but he already had an Elf he was sweet for on the surface, and he wasn’t going to get sidetracked by a bunch of ill-mannered desperate seaweed clad natives.
  40. “They’ve all left a long time ago; they all left the lake and never returned. That’s why we agreed we would never, ever let any of us leave the lake again. Now that you’ll be one of us, you won’t be able to ever leave this lake as well. Understand? Never leave the lake, ever ever.” Neyu picked up where her sister left off. Beck nodded, to show he understood her words. He understood that he needed to leave this place as fast as possible, and that maybe taking his time to escape wouldn’t be something he could afford to do. They girls were already setting off flags in his head. Plus, the way she talked unnerved him. The others acted a little strange, but Neyu more than the others scared him. There was something he saw when he looked into her eyes that frightened Beck, she was not healthy in the head.
  42. “I’m so glad you’re here and you understand! We’ve been sooooo lonely without anyone to love.” Kalurette giggled, and then wobbled across the ground on her knees till she was right next to him. She then stood up, and sat herself on his left thigh. Even through his wet jeans he could feel her warmth. She rubbed herself against his leg and rested her face against his. She was already breathing heavy, and was staring into Beck’s eyes. However, Neyu was quick to stand up and drag her sister off before she could satisfy herself. Wyana right behind her sister, her thighs rubbing against each other; looking as if she had gotten up to copy Kalurette instead of support Neyu.
  44. “Step Back! No touching until the ceremony starts!” Neyu barked at her sisters, who both stiffened in place. They both backed away from Beck and behind Neyu, Kalurette letting out a sad whine while doing so. “But I… I also wish to speed the process. So we’ll get started at once. Wyana, prepare the walls! Kalu, get the broth!”
  46. The girls lit up, and entered giggling fits. Wyana grabbed a long and thin piece of wood near the fire, and rested it in the flames. The moment it caught afire, she lifted it and walked over to the walls. Now that Beck focused on them, he saw that this section of the cave was covered with plants and herbs he saw in the lake. She gently rested the make-shift torch against sections of the wall where all of the plants would meet, letting the fire spread before going to the next patch. Kalurette went over to the firepit and quickly snatched away the stone bowl that was sitting above the small fire. She brought it over to Neyu who was currently wearing the biggest grin Beck had ever seen. Neyu moaned and wriggled in place as the kelp sprouting from her arms began to slowly pull strands of kelp that she was keeping inside of her pussy out. Beck could see threads of her juices still hanging from the kelp as she lifted it up and dropped it into the broth. Once she had done that, Neyu took the bowl and let Kalurette do the same. She made a weak moan, then a gasp as she tugged out the blue kelp strands she had been hiding inside herself. She also dropped them into the broth.
  48. It was now that Beck thought he might just make an effort to leave. He tried to stand up and prepared to sprint, but Neyu was quick to push him back down. “Please sit, we’d hate to have to bind your legs as well. Just be a good boy and wait, ok? If you don’t do anything naughty we’ll let you have your arms back during the joining ceremony.” Beck nodded, and sat in silence. The two sisters waited impatiently for Wyana to finish lighting up the herbs on the wall. The more and more the flames spread across the cavern walls, the heavier and heavier Beck’s body became. His thoughts became clouded, and his eyes couldn’t help but be drawn to the bodies of his captors. The sisters were getting restless, Neyu was rubbing her thighs together and Kalurette was loudly masturbating. Wyana was rushing to complete the walls as fast as possible, making the others wait only a few minutes before everything was complete. She dropped the torch where she stood and skipped over to the others. Wyana was quick to copy what the other girls did and drop her pussy-stained kelp into the broth. The moment it fell into the dish, Neyu nearly shoved it into Beck’s face.
  50. “Drink. Its proof of the love we wish to share. Drink, and we will be together.” He wasn’t in any position to say no, so Beck put his mouth up to the bowl. The stone wasn’t too hot or too cool, but the liquid it contained almost burned his lips. It had a thick musky scent that further clouded his thoughts. The moment he was ready, Neyu lifted the bowl and poured the contents into his mouth. Beck slurped it all up, both out of fear and out of arousal. He made sure he didn’t miss a single stand of kelp or a drop of soup. Once the bowl was empty, Neyu tossed it to the ground and grabbed Beck by the face. He had already drank most of the soup, but struggled to force the last few strands and ounces of soup down.
  52. “Open!” Neyu ordered as she rested some of her kelp against his lips. Beck was quick to obey, and opened his mouth wide as he could. Seeing the last of the soup being swirling around in Beck’s mouth pleased all three of the girls. Kalu was masturbating even harder than before, and Wyana was drooling uncontrollably. Neyu, with an eerie smile across her face continued with “Now, chew.” Beck closed his mouth and followed her orders; he chewed slowly and tried to make the smacks in his mouth as audible as possible so they’d be pleased with him. He did a great job, as with every twist of his jaw the girls got closer and closer to him, entranced by his movements. He felt Neyu caress his cheek and jaw before giving him one final command. “Swallow.” Beck obeyed, taking all there was in his mouth down with one gulp. Before Neyu could even tell him what to do next, he opened his mouth as wide as he could again so they could see inside. Upon seeing this, Wyana charged at Beck and shoved her tongue inside his mouth. She violently explored all that she could while her sisters began to encircle Beck and pull him towards the ground.
  54. “We did it! We found him! He’s perfect! Perfect!” Kalurette, who was now at his left side, tore off the bindings around his arms and grabbed his hand. She forced him inside of her and used both of her kelp-made hands to guide his fingers. Kalu also pushed her breasts and stomach against his arm and side, while resting her mouth on his neck. She gently nibbled and suckled on him while using his hand to pleasure hereself.
  56. “It’s time for the joining ceremony to begin…” Neyu whispered into Beck’s ear as she tore all of his clothes into pieces and scattered them across the ground. Neyu copied her sister Kalu, using his other arm to please herself. She breathed heavy in his ear, licking and biting at it while Wyana took control of his cock. “Now we’ll never be lonely ever again…”
  58. Wyana wrapped Beck’s dick in her kelp, lubricating it while coaxing it into getting harder and harder. The entire time, her mouth never left his as she stroked him, getting him ready for her insides. When Wyana was done waiting, she moved all of the kelp around Beck’s cock to the base, and used it to steady him as she lowered her pussy on top of him. The head of his dick met her entrance, and she slowly lowered herself just until the head had been completely swallowed by her insides. She moved her kelp from his dick and wrapped her arms around his back, looking for any skin that wasn’t being hogged by her sisters, before slamming herself down onto his rod. Already Beck struggled to keep himself from letting loose inside her. Through his clouded mind, the teasing from all sides, and the pussy trying to milk him dry he doubted he would be able to last long or satisfy any of his partners.
  60. “I see you fighting the urge to release, it’s ok Beck.” Neyu whispered into his ear before giving it another love-bite. “We’ve mixed in something special in our soup; you won’t shoot blank for a loooong time.” She traced circles on his ear with her tongue, than continued. “So let it out as much as you want!” Beck’s struggling ceased, and he relaxed as he allowed himself to get milked by Wyana. Mouths still interlocked, they moaned into each other as Beck released inside of her; Wyana clamping on him harder at the same time. Wyana weakly gyrated her hips as she recovered from her orgasm, Beck still hard inside of her.
  62. “My turn!” Kalurette shoved her sister out of the way once Wyana had recovered. “Mine now! Take his hand” Beck felt droplets of pussy-juice fall onto his cock before Kalurette dropped herself onto him. Instead of making out with him, she pulled Beck’s head forward towards her breast. Beck didn’t need any orders to know what to do, he suckled at Kalu’s breasts, both of her nipples in his mouth he harassed them with his tongue while Kalu mounted him. Wyana whimpered, but then quickly took Beck’s hand and took her old spot, drooling all over where Kalurette had teased, licked, and occasionally bitten. She moaned, screamed, and whimpered as she fucked Beck senseless. Now that Beck was no longer trying to keep from cumming, he pumped his seed into Kalu without worry. Every time he came inside her she pulled him closer to her chest. This went on until Kalu reached climax herself, letting out a howl as she came, making a mess all over Beck with her saliva, sweat, and juices.
  64. Neyu put her hand on Kalu’s shoulder, who then immediately got up and switched places with her. Due to their height differences it was much easier for Neyu to pull Beck into her chest. While there, he did the same with Kalu; he teased and licked them all over while Neyu shook her hips atop of him. More so then here sisters, Neyu was greedy for Beck’s cum. She continuously squeezed it out of him, letting out giggles or moans whenever he released inside of her. Eventually, Neyu too would reach her peak from Beck’s drug-fueled dick, she would then give Beck over to Wyana, and the cycle would repeat until they all became too exhausted to move. They would end up lying across the floor next to each other, waiting for sleep to overtake them.
  66. When Beck awoke, the first thing he did was stretch his arms and legs. To his pleasure, none of the girls had used him as a pillow or bed for the night, so he could easily stretch and stand without worrying about waking them up by simply moving about. So; he stood. Beck then made swift and silent work of crossing the room towards the stone corridor he had yet to explore, ready to find his way home. As much fun as he had the previous night, he wasn’t about to let them keep him because of their strange tribal rites.He played their games, went along with there demands, and now he would show himself the way out. He couldn’t help but feel a little guilty, but the happiness of three desperate seaweedgirls who lived in a cave under a lake wasn’t worth his freedom. As he left the dark room, he turned back to see if either of the two girls had been woken. Wait, two? Kalurette and Wyana were on the floor, nuzzling remnants and scraps of his clothes, but Neyu was nowhere to be seen. Though he didn’t like what this could mean, he knew that now was still the best time to leave.
  68. Beck slowly made his way through the unexplored cave and learned that it, just like the section he had awoken in, didn’t branch into extra networks or caverns. It was just a long hollowed out ‘hallway’ of stone, with several sections being more spacious then others. After nearly fifteen minutes of skulking the stone corridor, he reached a dead end with water trickling down it. Beck looked up, and saw that the corridor now went up instead of straight. He brushed his hand against the wall looking for anything he could grab onto to climb, but the wall was too smooth. He jumped about, trying to find something to hold onto, but he couldn’t find anywhere to sink his fingers into. He could hear the sound of kelp being scrunched behind him, and finally realized that this was not a wall humans are able to climb.
  70. “What are you doing over here, Darling?” Neyu asked, Beck turned to her and saw a concerned look on her face. Clearly she didn’t like what he was doing. Beck knew his chances of leaving were slim to none, but he had one more card to play before he could give up. Beck got down on his knees, put his head to the ground, kissed Neyu’s kelp covered foot and then looked up at her, making sure to make eye contact.
  72. “Please, let’s go to the surface! Let’s leave the lake, I’ll take you to my home and we can live there! I can introduce you to my roommate Michael, he’s a nice person. I can make room for all of you, so we can live comfortably above.” Now, Beck intended to follow through on none of this at all, but he’d like to think he could be pretty convincing and persuasive, especially when it came to begging. “If you want, we could even get married and make it official! Come on, let’s leave this dreary lake! And we-“ Beck was interrupted by a swift kick in the face, tears filled his eyes as blood filled his face. He looked back up to Neyu and saw that her concerned smile had already disappeared, leaving behind something much more sinister. She was filled with what he could only guess was Disappointment and rage.
  74. “No! We’re never leaving the lake. No one is ever, ever allowed to leave! Ever! Ever!” She shifted her legs, and Beck prepared himself for another kick to the face while trying not to openly whine and whimper in pain and fear. However, Neyu lowered herself and squatted next to Beck, looking him over. “Why do you lie? Are you scared of something down here?” She brought her face to his, using her kelp to keep his arms from his face as she lapped up the blood and tears spilling from his face. “No need to cry, nothing will touch you down here. We’ll keep you safe with us.” Beck tried as best as he could to pull away from her; but couldn’t escape her grasp. “Now now…calm down.” More tendrils reached around his body and pulled him into her chest. “It’s ok, you’re safe now. We'll never let you leave our side again.” He bleed and cried into her chest as she lifted him up bridal style and carried him back to Wyana and Kalurette. Beck, now completely devoid of hope, sobbed loudly into her chest.
  76. “Shhh. Nothing will ever hurt you again while you’re with us. You’ll be safe with us here. Forever.”
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