Jonathan Holmes & Zoe Quinn

Apr 9th, 2015
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  1. Subject: Jonathan Holmes & Zoe Quinn
  2. Sources: Twitter, Destructoid.
  3. Date Compiled: April 09th, 2015. (EDITED August 16th, 2015)
  4. Credits: Original Investigation.
  6. **************************************
  8. Summary:
  9. Offers to help Quinn make games, offers to assist with a Let's Play series, multiple comments on hanging out or a desire to hang out, a statement on worrying about being "zoe-biased", and just general comments that question how distant the writer is from the subject being covered.
  11. 06.18.12: (@TronKnotts) @ZoeQuinnzel Yeah, dawg.It would have been fun to hang around with you and your interesting friends!
  13. 07.15.12: (@TronKnotts) @Radstronomical @ZoeQuinnzel I WANT YOU TWO TO GET MARRIED
  14. 10.26.12: (@ZoeQuinnzel) Any games folks in boston free after 9:30 and feel like getting beers with other gamefolks? (@hanfreakinsolo and @neilogd so far)
  15. 10.26.12: (@TronKnotts) @ZoeQuinnzel @HanFreakinSolo @neilogd WHAT YOU'RE IN BOSTON NOW!?!?! Fuudge. How long are you here?
  16. 10.26.12: (@TronKnotts) @ZoeQuinnzel OMG LETS START BEING IRL FRIENDS IMMEDIATELY! Also, any time you want to guest host Sup Holmes, it's all yours!
  17. 10.26.12: (@ZoeQuinnzel) @TronKnotts Duuuuuude we should hangout and high five sometime
  18. 10.26.12: (@TronKnotts) @ZoeQuinnzel For real! I wish I was free tonight, but I have to review the next Paper Mario game like a real nerd.
  19. 10.26.12: (@TronKnotts) @neilogd @ZoeQuinnzel @HanFreakinSolo Maybe I can even bring cookies! Chocolate Chip with a pinch of fancy salt on 'em!
  20. 11.11.12: (@TronKnotts) @mrprice33 @ZoeQuinnzel I wanted to do a post on that one woo, but I didn't want to seem to Zoe-biased.
  21. 11.14.12: (@TronKnotts) @ZoeQuinnzel @konjak We should hang out once a week and I'll teach you everything I know! Also, I really have to learn Flash. Just Gotta.
  22. 01.19.13: (@ZoeQuinnzel) Playing Kobolds Ate My Baby last night kinda felt like if you were playing Pokemon as the monsters, rebelling. Now I wanna make that game.
  23. 01.19.13: (@TronKnotts) @ZoeQuinnzel Make the Teenage Pokemon game! I'll help!
  24. 02.16.13: (@TronKnotts) @ZoeQuinnzel I wrote a little thing about your thing. It'll be on the thing later. Let me know if there is anything you want me to change.
  25. 03.02.13: (@TronKnotts) @HanFreakinSolo @ZoeQuinnzel @mass_digi You gon do good you guys are goooooood
  26. 03.12.13: (@TronKnotts) @ZoeQuinnzel I'm glad you are famous now.
  27. 04.05.13: (@TronKnotts) @ZoeQuinnzel NO YOU'RE SO COOL! I was thinking me, you, and Patrick could do a in-person sup holmes if you want some time.
  28. 04.06.13: (@ZoeQuinnzel) @TronKnotts @aliendovecote @christinelove COME OVER
  29. 04.06.13: (@TronKnotts) @ZoeQuinnzel @aliendovecote @christinelove Argh thank you for the invite! I'll see if I can make it!
  30. 04.19.13: (@ZoeQuinnzel) @HanFreakinSolo @mroahrig @aaronlinde @daveoshry I have a fan jam in mind actually.
  31. 04.19.13: (@TronKnotts) @ZoeQuinnzel @HanFreakinSolo @mroahrig @aaronlinde @DaveOshry I would like to help for sure.
  32. 04.23.13: (@TronKnotts) @ZoeQuinnzel I WANT TO FIX ALL THE PROBLEMS!!!!! But thanks for the support.
  33. 05.15.13: (@ZoeQuinnzel) @TronKnotts I kinda wanna make a game about it where you're a giant stone head going around barfing guns at people
  34. 05.15.13: (@TronKnotts) @ZoeQuinnzel I will help you in anyway that I can to make this videogame.
  35. 06.24.13: (@HanFreakingSolo) @TronKnotts aw thanks! Also @ZoeQuinnzel and I were talking just the other day about how we should hang out again soon.
  36. 06.24.13: (@TronKnotts) @HanFreakinSolo @ZoeQuinnzel I was just thinking that too! I was at the diner we went to last time and it made me think of you guys.
  37. 07.02.13: (@TronKnotts) @ZoeQuinnzel The feeling is 100% mutual. You are seriously the greatest sugarbear.
  38. 07.24.13: (@TronKnotts) @ZoeQuinnzel @NewtonsNinja @JimSterling @ConradZimmerman Holy smokes! We really are like minded pals...
  39. 07.31.13: (@ZoeQuinnzel) I am gonna need cohosts for this 3DO Lets Play series wherein I inflict 3DO games on you and you'll be the ingenue to my grizzled veteran
  40. 07.31.13: (@TronKnotts) @ZoeQuinnzel I will help you with anything you want! I played a 3DO once! The one with the ghosts. It was great!
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  44. 02.16.2013: Depression Quest is about life, will evoke real feelings
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