Crime Never Pays 3 ch1

May 21st, 2015
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  1. >Day Crime Never Pays 3: The Breeder in Equestria.
  2. >Be The Handler.
  3. >It took a while, but Dr. Stable examined both Bon Bon and Octavia.
  4. >He said that there was no evidence that Anon raped these mares.
  5. >There were no candle wax burns.
  6. >No rope marks.
  7. >Nothing.
  8. >They spent two weeks under psychiatric evaluation.
  9. >The doctors confirmed that they were fine.
  10. >You went with them to Anon’s mansion to apologize.
  11. >When you got there he was gone.
  12. >Furniture was thrown haphazardly.
  13. >You can’t be sure if this is happened during your fight with Anon, or if he did it afterward.
  14. >What strikes you as the most odd is the broken mirror.
  15. >It looks like somepony carefully placed it, and then smashed with one hit.
  16. >That was two weeks ago.
  17. >You’ve gone back twice to apologize, but BonBon always sends you on your way.
  18. >Maybe one day he will let you make up for what you did to him.
  19. >
  20. >
  21. >Be Anon.
  22. >You’ve been in reclusion the last few weeks.
  23. >Octavia usually brings you your meals, and cleans up after you.
  24. >She tried to talk to you a few times, but you would always tell her to leave you alone.
  25. >You’ve taken this time to think, about yourself, about The Handler, and your role in society.
  26. >But your mind always drifts back to one thought.
  27. >Revenge.
  28. >When you fought with The Handler, you swore you would kill her.
  29. >That seems like it would be too merciful.
  30. >What you need to do is to make her feel worse then you felt when she violated you.
  31. >So it is decided.
  32. >You’re going to rape The Handler.
  33. >Octavia is behind you making your bed as you look out the window.
  34. ”Tavi?”
  35. >A moment passes.
  36. >”Anon?” She asks just over a whisper.
  37. >You’ve yelled at her anytime she spoke with you.
  38. >She’s probably frightened that you’re going to have another outburst.
  39. “I think I’ll have breakfast in the garden today.”
  40. >You hear her sharply inhale, and you turn slowly to face her.
  41. >She looks shocked.
  42. 1/9
  43. >”You’re feeling better then?”
  44. >You offer her a weak smile.
  45. ”Yeah.”
  46. >Octavia runs toward you and leaps into your arms.
  47. >”I thought you were gone.”
  48. >She buries her face in your shirt.
  49. “But I never left.”
  50. >She looks up at you with watery eyes.
  51. >”No. You were completely different. It was like you were lost.”
  52. >Her eyes glisten as she looks at you.
  53. >You lightly pet her mane.
  54. >”BonBon will want to see you.”
  55. >Tavi shakes a few times and you let her down.
  56. >She tugs on your hand and you follow closely behind her.
  57. >”BonBon?”
  58. >She looks around.
  59. >”She was here a minute ago.”
  60. “That’s fine. I’m su-“
  61. >”Anon?!”
  62. >BonBon drops your breakfast tray.
  63. >The cinnamon roll lands upside down.
  64. >Somehow the glass of milk teeters but doesn’t spill.
  65. >BonBon starts to clean the mess, but you kneel down and pull her into a hug.
  66. “I wasn’t very hungry anyway,” you assure her.
  67. >She scrunches her nose when you grab her.
  68. >BonBon returns the hug, but whispers into your ear, “You need a shower.”
  69. >You laugh at this.
  70. >Same old BonBon, always telling you what to do.
  71. “You’re right, but first I want to talk about my plans.”
  72. >”The Handler. We know who she is,” Octavia offers.
  73. ”What was that?”
  74. >BonBon jumps in.
  75. >”The Handler, her real name is -,”
  76. “Stop. I don’t want to ever hear that name again in this house.”
  77. >”But she –“
  78. “No. Nothing happened. That mare never here.”
  79. >Your two friends exchange confused looks.
  80. >”Anon, it’s not healthy to just pretend it never happened…”
  81. >”You locked yourself away for a month.”
  82. “I just needed time to think, that’s all. Now let’s never talk about The Handler again, agreed?”
  83. >Octavia frowns, but nods in agreement.
  84. >BonBon just scoffs at this, but you know she will come around.
  85. 2/9
  86. >
  87. >
  88. >Half an hour later you are sitting in the garden with your girls.
  89. >Both occupy either one of your arms.
  90. “I’ve decided I’m not going to work anymore.”
  91. >”So you’re going to spend more time with us?” Octavia asks as she snuggles closer.
  92. “Probably. But instead of work I’ve decided to focus on philanthropy.”
  93. >”Really?”
  94. “Yeah. Like a hospital for ponies with mental problems, or the insane.”
  95. >BonBon looks up when you say this.
  96. >”That would have helped you.”
  97. >You pat her twice when she says this.
  98. “And since we’re talking about a hospital, I’ll have a research lab in the basement.”
  99. >”I didn’t know you studied medicine.”
  100. “Well, I haven’t, but think about all those ponies I can help,” you lie.
  101. >”I’ll help you pick a spot,” Octavia offers.
  102. “Don’t worry about that. I’m sure I’ll find the perfect location.”
  103. >”With all you spare time you should find a new hobby.”
  104. “Like what?”
  105. >”I could teach you to play an instrument.”
  106. >”No, I think Anon would prefer learning how to bake.”
  107. “Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of sewing.”
  108. >
  109. >
  110. >A month later.
  111. “And now Anon, if you will, please cut the ceremonial ribbon.”
  112. >The mayor hands you an oversized pair of scissors.
  113. >You take it and slowly cut the fabric so ponies can take pictures.
  114. “We’re now officially open for business!”
  115. >You hear cheers from half of the town.
  116. >A hand moves on its own to wave at your crowd.
  117. >One pony isn’t cheering though.
  118. >You watch the minty pony trot away from the others.
  119. >She looks familiar.
  120. 3/9
  121. >
  122. >
  123. >Be Lyra, The Handler.
  124. “I’m telling you Mayor, something is wrong.”
  125. >”Oh, not you again.”
  126. >You toss the newspaper at her.
  127. >It takes two tries before she finally grabs the paper.
  128. >She’s drunk again.
  129. >”What am I looking for?”
  130. “The front page. This is the third sperm bank robbery this week.”
  131. >She adjusts her glasses.
  132. >”It says, ‘Bundles of Joy loses another batch. Time to retire?’ Everypony knows she’s forgetful.”
  133. “Mayor, something has to be done now!”
  134. >”Though she was looking a bit tired last time I saw her. Maybe she just misplaced it?”
  135. “You can’t just misplace gallons of semen.”
  136. >The mayor takes off her glasses and pours herself another drink.
  137. >She halfheartedly raises an eyebrow to ask if you would like some.
  138. >You wave a hoof to dismiss her offer.
  139. >”Handler, I know you’ve done so much for our town,” she says before taking a sip.
  140. >Here it comes.
  141. “But we both remember what happened the last time you... had an intuition.”
  142. >You turn away from her.
  143. “That was a mistake.”
  144. >”Poor Anon locked himself away for weeks. I’m just glad he decided to forget about the whole thing.”
  145. >She’s right.
  146. >You were wrong about Anon.
  147. >What else have you been wrong about?
  148. >”Now if you want to see for yourself, then go ahead,” she takes another sip. “Do a stakeout or something.”
  149. ”So you won’t help me?”
  150. >The mayor sighs loudly.
  151. >”I think you’re making a big deal about nothing.”
  152. >That’s all the answer you needed.
  153. >You jump out the window.
  154. >”Now if you – where did you go?”
  155. 4/9
  156. >
  157. >
  158. >You wait outside of the Ponyville fertility clinic.
  159. >It’s just past midnight.
  160. >You checked the building a few hours ago.
  161. >There was a piece of tape in the side entrance that prevented the door from locking.
  162. >That sick fuck, or one of his helpers was here earlier.
  163. >You’ve waited for hours, but the thief still hasn’t arrived.
  164. >Annoyed at wasting time, you stand up to go, but stop yourself when you see a figure in the distance.
  165. >He’s here.
  166. >You crouch lower so he won’t spot you.
  167. >The stallion has a very strange gait.
  168. >He easily walks on two legs.
  169. >You watch as he opens the unlocked door.
  170. >The building illuminates brightly as he turns on every light.
  171. >He doesn’t care if anyone sees him.
  172. >Alright, Lyra.
  173. >Go slowly so he won’t hear you.
  174. >You approach carefully.
  175. >You poke your head through the doorway to see the tall stallion in front of a large industrial refrigerator.
  176. >He is wearing a red and black jacket over a white shirt.
  177. >Faded blue canvas pants with a red bandana wrapped around one leg.
  178. >But you can’t make out his face.
  179. >He is wearing a mask, or maybe large sunglasses.
  180. >The only pony as big as this stallion is Trouble Shoes.
  181. >The stallion examines the lock for a moment before reaching into his bag.
  182. >What is that?
  183. >It looks like white putty.
  184. ”That’s far enough.”
  185. >He freezes, and turns his head toward you slowly.
  186. >”Handler. So nice of you to join me,” he says half smirking. "I thought you would have been sleeping by now.
  187. “Justice never sleeps.”
  188. >”Of course not, but you aren’t justice. You are just a vigilante. Justice is a slow process. It’s slow to make sure that mistakes aren’t made. Do you ever make mistakes, Handler?”
  189. >He takes a step toward you.
  190. “Everypony makes mistakes. It’s my job to make sure that they pay for crime. Now lay down on your stomach, and spread your legs out.
  191. 5/9
  192. >”Hmmm, let me think about that for a moment,” he says while pretending to think. “I’ll go with no.”
  193. “That’s what they always say.”
  194. >You charge up your horn to force him to the ground.
  195. ”This is your last chance.”
  196. >He sits down on the edge of a chair, while leaning toward you.
  197. >He smiles with an open mouth.
  198. >It’s almost as if he wants you to throw him down.
  199. ”You asked for it.”
  200. >You use your magic and -
  201. >Nothing happens.
  202. >”Oh, no. It didn’t work,” he says imitating your voice.
  203. >Shit.
  204. ”That was just a fluke,” you say as you try again.
  205. >He laughs as you try in vain to throw him.
  206. >You hate it when ponies laugh at you.
  207. >Your magical hands explode to life.
  208. >He stands up violently, and his chair flies back.
  209. >His hooves, no… he has claws!
  210. >He must be a griffon.
  211. >The griffon grabs you and throws you across the room.
  212. >A magical hand braces reaches the wall first and slows your impact.
  213. >Still you make a thud when you hit the ground.
  214. >He’s so strong!
  215. “You’re a big guy.”
  216. >He smiles at this.
  217. >”For you.”
  218. >The griffon dashes toward you.
  219. >You throw an arm in an uppercut and he barely dodges.
  220. >He spins and a red shoe impacts your other arm.
  221. >You stumble to the side and he takes this chance to grab you by your collar.
  222. >Your head moves on its own and pokes him in his throat with your horn.
  223. >”Arg.”
  224. >The griffon’s grip loosens and you punch him in the face.
  225. >He lets you go to defend himself.
  226. >You punch him twice in the gut before drop kicking him across the room.
  227. >He lands on the chair and it splinters into a thousand pieces.
  228. >Time to get serious.
  229. >You pull out a giant dildo and spin it twice before facing him again.
  230. >The griffon wobbles up just as you leap toward him again with a magical fist.
  231. >His gloved claws grab you in midair and he slams you against a wall.
  232. >He tries to stomp you but you barely roll out of the way.
  233. 6/9
  234. >You wave the dildo at him, and he leaps over it.
  235. >Without thinking you jump up on two hooves and swing your weapon as hard as you can.
  236. >He blocks with his right arm and your attack harmlessly bounces off.
  237. >This makes him smile.
  238. “What’s so funny?”
  239. >He flexes an arm to show you.
  240. >You see bulges in his red jacket.
  241. >”I’m wearing armor.”
  242. >Fuck.
  243. >”Think of all those lives you’ve ruined, Handler.”
  244. >He has to have a weakness.
  245. >”You’re such a busybody aren’t you?”
  246. >Magic doesn’t work, and neither does physical attacks.
  247. >”Have you ever considered just being a normal pony?”
  248. >You look him over closely.
  249. >”I think it would suit you just fine.”
  250. >His face and legs don’t look like they are armored.
  251. >”Why don’t you settle down and start a family like a good mare?”
  252. >You’re going to have to grapple with him.
  253. >You turn away slowly as if you are thinking.
  254. “Yeah? With you?”
  255. >Behind you he takes a step forward.
  256. >”That’s right. You could be my girl.”
  257. >He puts a claw over your withers.
  258. >Bingo.
  259. “Let’s both be girls!”
  260. >You drop so your front legs hold you weight.
  261. >Both back legs buck as hard as they can.
  262. >You feel something squishy before settling into muscle.
  263. >”Fuck!”
  264. >As you turn the griffon falls to his knees, holding his crotch.
  265. >You punch him twice in the face and he doesn’t even try to block.
  266. >The griffon falls backwards and you get a good look at him.
  267. >His canvas pants are soaked.
  268. >Your kick must have ruptured something.
  269. >”You fucking bitch!” He snarls.
  270. >You take the dildo and chop toward his face.
  271. >An arm barely moves up in time to absorb the blow.
  272. >With your other magical arm you take the opening for another punch.
  273. >He takes the hit instead of abandoning his prize.
  274. >You reach back for another swing but he grabs you by your throat.
  275. >His legs snake behind yours and he bucks his hips so as to roll to the side.
  276. >Shit.
  277. 7/9
  278. >As he rolls you fall down and he ends up over you.
  279. >You try to buck him off but he’s too big.
  280. >He takes another punch in the face before grabbing your horn.
  281. >Your magical arms instantly disappear.
  282. >He throttles your head a few times.
  283. >You helplessly flail against him.
  284. >”Are you going to be a good girl?”
  285. >You spit at him.
  286. >The loogie lands on his sunglasses and slowly trickles down.
  287. >He leans to the left and elbows your face with his right arm.
  288. >You feel a warm rush in your mouth and spit again.
  289. >This time there’s blood.
  290. >”You ponies think you’re so great.”
  291. >How are you going to get out of this?
  292. >”That you know everything.”
  293. >You search the room for an answer.
  294. >”I was a normal person not long ago.”
  295. >The dildo is too far away for you to reach without magic.
  296. >”You ruined my life, Handler.”
  297. >If you can get your horn loose you can magic something to help.
  298. >”And I thought, I know, I’ll lure her into a trap, and then ruin her life.”
  299. >To your left lies a piece of the broken chair.
  300. >You’ll play along to distract him when you make your break for it.
  301. ”Yeah? How?”
  302. >He waits a moment before answering.
  303. >”Have you ever been pregnant, Handler?”
  304. >You’re eyes open wide at this.
  305. >Griffons and ponies can’t get anything together, right?
  306. >Well there is that one Hippogryph.
  307. >You forget his name.
  308. >”I know what you’re thinking, that isn’t possible.”
  309. >You struggle to escape his grip.
  310. >The griffon lets you tire yourself out before continuing.
  311. >He reaches down toward his pants.
  312. >”But where there’s a will, there’s a way.”
  313. >His member pops out of its prison.
  314. >The griffon’s balls are grotesquely large.
  315. >”I think that kick drained me a bit, but I’m sure there’s still enough to make do.”
  316. 8/9
  317. >What does he mean?
  318. “That’s why you robbed the sperm bank?”
  319. >He taps your snout twice.
  320. >Suddenly realizing your mouth opens on its own.
  321. >He must have injected himself with that crap.
  322. >That sick fuck.
  323. >”Just play along and I won’t hurt you… too much.”
  324. >He looks down and tries to rip your spandex.
  325. >It’s now or never!
  326. >You grab the wood and jam it into his face.
  327. >It barely misses his eye and his sunglasses clack against the floor.
  328. >He covers himself with one hand and tries to block with the other.
  329. >Your magical hands come back to life and hold his throat.
  330. >You punch him twice and he jumps off of you.
  331. >With the initiative you follow close behind.
  332. >He can only use one arm as the other keeps you from seeing his face.
  333. “I’ve got you now!”
  334. >He makes a dash for his glasses, but you grab them with your magic.
  335. >”Shit.”
  336. ”Give up, griffon.”
  337. >He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small white ball.
  338. >”That’s not my name.”
  339. >You fake lunch toward him and he jumps back.
  340. “Whats your name then?”
  341. >He hesitates for a moment.
  342. >”The Breeder.”
  343. >Breeder slams to ball toward the ground and a flash of light engulfs the room.
  344. >You cover your eyes.
  345. >Instinctively you swing your free magical arm around you.
  346. >An instant later you open your eyes.
  347. >All that’s left is a puff of smoke.
  348. End of Chapter 1
  349. 9/9
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