Bronon 2

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  1. >This royal wedding was okay, though honestly it was kinda boring up untill your bro Anon started the music.
  2. >If there was one thing that you loved, it was humans sick beats.
  3. >Of course he did have to mix some sappy stuff in there, but even those were okay.
  4. Hey bro, you definetally made this wedding 20% cooler.
  5. >He holds up his free hand, his other holding up a headphone to his ear.
  6. >You complete the brofist, and you hear Celestia call for attention.
  7. >The music stops, and everypony takes their seats.
  8. >Shining Armor walks in, guards formed up behind him before splitting off into proper positions.
  9. >All attention focuses on Princess Cadence as she walks in.
  10. >Leaning over, you whisper to Anon
  11. When I get married, Promise me you will make sure it is more exciting than this.
  12. >"20% more awesome?"
  13. You know it.
  14. >The pair of you brofist behind the table, when everything seems to erupt into green flames.
  15. >Twilight and another more dirty looking Cadence stand in the doorway, and the first Cadence has been replaced by a black bug/pony thing.
  16. >Celestia immediately tries to fight it, but is easily overpowered.
  17. >TS"Girls! We gotta get the Elements!"
  18. >You take off, with the girls, and just as you are about to exit, you hear something.
  19. >Anon has started a song.
  21. >It starts off slow and his voice joins it
  22. >A"From underneath the tree's we watch the sky
  23. >"Confusing stars, with satelites
  24. >"I never dreamed that you'd be mine
  25. >"But here we are, we're here tonight
  26. >"Singing, "Amen I, I'm alive"
  27. >(I'm alive)
  28. >"Singing, "Amen I, I'm alive"
  29. >"If everyone cared and nobody cried
  30. >"If everyone loved and nobody lied
  31. >"If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
  32. >"Then we'd see the day when nobody died
  33. >"And I'm singing
  34. >"Amen I, Amen I, I'm alive
  35. >"Amen I, Amen I, Amen I,
  36. >(I'm alive)
  37. >Everyone seems to have stopped what they are doing, and many have begun swaying to the music.
  38. >"We'll show the world, they were wrong
  39. >"And teach them all to sing along
  40. >Many join their voices with anon for the chorus
  41. >"Singing, "Amen I, I'm alive"
  42. >(I'm alive)
  43. >"Singing, "Amen I, I'm alive"
  44. >"If everyone cared and nobody cried
  45. >"If everyone loved and nobody lied
  46. >"If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
  47. >"Then we'd see the day when nobody died
  48. >"If everyone cared and nobody cried
  49. >"If everyone loved and nobody lied
  50. >"If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
  51. >"Then we'd see the day when nobody died
  52. >"when nobody died
  53. >"And as we lie, beneath the stars
  54. >"We realize how small we are
  55. >"If they could love, like you and me
  56. >"Imagine what, the world could be
  57. >"If everyone cared and nobody cried
  58. >"If everyone loved and nobody lied
  59. >"If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
  60. >"Then we'd see the day when nobody died
  61. >Celestia and the Changeling queen are next to eachother singing
  62. >"we'd see the day,we'd see the day
  63. >(When nobody died)
  64. >"we'd see the day,we'd see the day
  65. >(When nobody died)
  66. >"we'd see the day
  67. >(When nobody died)
  68. >
  69. >
  70. >And just like that the music ends, and a silence hangs in the air.
  71. >Everypony and every changeling looks at Anon, who is standing there, tears flowing freely, yet he is still standing tall and strong.
  72. >Flying over, you touch his shoulder.
  73. "Hey, bro? you okay?...
  74. >He nods, then collaplses, leaning agains the dj stand.
  75. >"It doesn't matter.... even here....""
  76. "Huh? Whats wrong?"
  78. >He slams a fist into the stand, the resulting slam echoing through the silent church.
  79. >"EVEN HERE, WHERE EVERYP0NY IS SO KIND... Everyp0ny is the embodiment of the good things from humanity.."
  80. >"Even here, the evil aspects live... Here, where it seemed like a truely peacefull place..."
  81. >He stares up at the ceiling
  82. >"I guess peace realy is just a pipe dream..."
  83. >He looks back down, and you feel tears slipping.
  84. >You slap him, and he looks up at you in surprise.
  85. "You are a bucking idiot, you know that."
  86. >"Dash...?"
  87. "Nothing is impossible, I mean just look around you."
  88. >YOu gesture to the ponies and changelings, who are silently watching.
  89. "YOu single-bucking-handedly stop an entire war with just a song. I Dare you to sit there and tell me peace is impossible."
  90. >"Ah... I..."
  91. >Your hoof raises.
  92. >He looks at it, giving a small smile, before pounding it in the sacred ancient ritual of bro-itude.
  93. >Pulling him up, the collected ponies and changelings start stomping and cheering.
  94. >Celestia and the changeling queen walk over.
  95. >CR"That was... beautiful. Thank you strange monkey thing, for helping open my eyes."
  96. >C"Indeed, thank you Anonymous. Maybe, just maybe we can find peace."
  97. >He smiles more genuinely and you give him a shove
  98. "Play us another song, bro."
  99. >He grabs his music playing thing and spins up a new tune
  101. >You stare at him, and he shrugs
  102. >"This is supposed to be a wedding isn't it?"
  103. >You sock him in the shoulder again.
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