RoBo Corp Rules

Jun 9th, 2016
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  1. RoBo Corp Rules
  5. In addition to following all server rules, you must also adhere to the rules listed below.
  6. Follow the rules, breaking them with result in punishment of the violator.
  7. Respect clan members, along with all players on the server.
  8.  You will not attack or steal from any clan members
  9. Racism is not allowed
  10. You will not annoy other clan members
  11. Report any violators to higher supervision
  12. Obey orders of the superiors appointed over you, there word is final.
  13. This is a game, and you must have fun.
  14. You will not spam in the chat or in voice.
  15. Excessive “goofing out” will not be tolerated
  16. assist players in need both in the clan and not.
  17. Limit teaching non-clan people, then there will be less threats.
  18. Do not desert the clan, if you wish to leave, talk to your supervisor.
  19. Do not abuse personal and clan power
  20. represent the clan with dignity
  21. do not say any codes in public chat (voice/text)
  22. do not build your own base, unless given permission from your supervisor
  23. do not let random people into RoBo Corp controlled areas
  24. Do not go on raids without someone from the Raiding Department
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