Uber Jason - Speed 8

Jul 18th, 2020
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  1. Jason lifted the bottle up as if to drink, and Eddie stared up, mesmerized by the giant's every move. But the big guy didn't put the bottle to his lips. Instead, he raised it higher than his lips, higher than his head, higher, like he he was going to pour the wine on top of his head. With lightning speed Jason brought down the bottom of the bottle onto the top of Eddie's head. The bottle shattered at impact, and it was just a nanosecond before the first holding the bottle slammed Eddie's crown, forcing his brain downward against the brainstem that pierced through the spongy gray matter.
  3. Blood shot up and around Eddie's head like a fountain, splashing down to his shoulders, leaving only shreds where Eddie's head should have been. Blood spurted out his nose and mouth, out of his bulging eyes, Eddie's body stood rigid for a few moments before the former prize fighter went down for the last time.
  5. Jason X: To the Third Power - Page 327
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