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  1. [23:42:31] <Taoki> Separate question, not sure if I asked some months ago already: Is there really no way to make some surfaces be affected by some lights only? Some function, or hack...
  2. [23:42:38] <Taoki> Really need this for an Irrlicht project
  3. [23:44:55] <serengeor> what do you mean by some surfaces?
  4. [23:45:02] <serengeor> on a single node?
  5. [23:46:01] <Taoki> Can be multiple nodes too at worst. But for example if I place two surfaces one next to the other and two lights one next to the other. I mean some way to make one surface affected by one light and the other by the other light
  6. [23:46:16] <Taoki> Basically limit each light per surface or even node
  7. [23:46:42] <serengeor> well, there's light manager
  8. [23:46:51] <serengeor> which probably could be used
  9. [23:47:01] <Taoki> Any more info about that somewhere?
  10. [23:47:05] <Taoki> And can it achieve that?
  11. [23:47:45] <serengeor> there's an example in irrlicht sdk I think
  12. [23:48:20] <serengeor> http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/docu/example020.html
  13. [23:50:35] <Taoki> Thanks, worth taking a look at
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