MagiReco Another Story 5.1

Aug 13th, 2018
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  1. The Last Pancake
  3. 5.1.1
  4. Homura: "That time..."
  5. "In the world of stopped time, she said..."
  6. "The city where magical girls will be saved:"
  7. "Kamihama City"
  8. "It was the name of a town I'd never heard of before..."
  9. "But her words had a powerful allure and I found myself headed for that city..."
  10. "But I never imagined that something like that could ever happen..."
  11. [in the bridge at Mitakihara Middle School]
  12. Homura: "..."
  13. Madoka: "Oh yeah! Mami-san said..."
  14. "...?"
  15. "...Homura-chan?"
  16. Homura: "..."
  17. [flashback to the scene where she'd stopped time in the intro]
  18. Homura: "Kyah! W-who are you?"
  19. ??? (Ui): "...Come"
  20. Homura: "Huh?"
  21. Ui: "If you want to change fate, come to Kamihama City."
  22. Homura: "Fate? Kamihama? What are you talking about?"
  23. Ui: "In this city..."
  24. "Magical girls will be saved."
  25. [back to the bridge]
  26. Homura: (What does she mean, they will be saved?)
  27. Madoka: "Homura-chan? Homura-chan!"
  28. Homura: "Hyah!? Ah, I'm sorry..."
  29. Madoka: "Come on, what has you spaced out like that?"
  30. Homura: "It's nothing. What were you saying about Mami-san again?"
  31. Madoka: "Ah, yeah, about that, Mami-san said this..."
  32. "A new cafe in the next town over has really good pancakes!"
  33. Homura: "Pan...cakes?"
  34. Madoka: "Yeah, pancakes. Want to go there with me after school?"
  35. Homura: "Eh?"
  36. "Uh, yeah, I'm okay with that."
  37. Madoka: "Then it's decided! Hehehe"
  38. Homura: "Y-yeah."
  39. Madoka: "Ah, I can't wait!"
  40. girl: Kaname-san, the teacher is calling you!"
  41. Madoka: "Ah, I'm on my way!"
  42. "Then, see you after school, Homura-chan!"
  43. Homura: "Yeah!"
  44. "..."
  45. *That was the first time that happened.*
  46. *In order to save Kaname-san, I have turned back time countless times...*
  47. [flashback to the intro scene again]
  48. Ui: "If you want to change fate, come to Kamihama City."
  49. [fade to gray]
  50. Homura: *Fate...*
  51. *The fate of... magical girls...*
  52. [creepy Kyubey eyes appear]
  53. Kyubey: *Anything you want, I can fulfill any miracle you wish for.*
  54. *However, in exchange for that wish, a Soul Gem is produced.*
  55. *Those who receive one are given the responsibility of fighting witches.*
  56. [note: direct quote from Episode 2 of the anime]
  57. [fade to gray]
  58. Homura: *Magical girls...*
  59. *Those who must bear the fate of fighting witches in exchange for having a wish granted...*
  60. *The fate of those magical girls...*
  61. *...*
  62. *I will change it. I will deny fate!*
  63. [return to the intro scene flashback]
  64. Ui: "In this city..."
  65. "Magical girls will be saved."
  66. [back to the school]
  67. Homura: "Magical girls will be saved... But, how on earth?"
  68. "Who is that girl?"
  69. "Does she also know the truth about magical girls?"
  70. "I have to confirm it... So..."
  71. "I have to go to Kamihama City!"
  72. [fade to gray]
  73. Homura: *If the secret to saving magical girls is in Kamihama City...*
  74. *Then I might find something that will help me save Kaname-san...*
  76. 5.1.2
  77. Madoka: "Huh? Kamihama City?"
  78. Homura: "Yeah. Have you been there, Kaname-san?"
  79. Madoka: "I've been there quite a lot! I've gone there with Mami-san too..."
  80. Homura: "What kind of place is it? I haven't been there before..."
  81. Madoka: "What kind... If I had to say, it's a normal town?"
  82. "But lately, there are lots more stores, and it's becoming a lot more fashionable."
  83. "Homura-chan, do you want to go there?"
  84. Homura: "Uh? Yeah, kinda."
  85. Madoka: "..."
  86. [she stares at Homura]
  87. Homura: "Eh!? What is it, Kaname-san?"
  88. Madoka: "Homura-chan... Are you hiding something from me?"
  89. Homura: "Uh, no, I'm not hiding anything."
  90. Madoka: "No, you're definitely hiding something. I can tell!"
  91. [staaaaaaare]
  92. Homura: "Kaname-san!?"
  93. [stare]
  94. Homura: "Uhhh..."
  95. (What should I do...)
  96. (It's probably fine if I only tell her about Kamihama, I think?)
  97. "You know, there's something I'm curious about."
  98. Madoka: "What is it?"
  99. Homura: "It seems that in Kamihama there are unusual phenomena that don't occur in Mitakihara."
  100. Madoka: "Huh? Unusual phenomena?"
  101. Homura: "Um, I don't know exactly what happens either..."
  102. "But I was curious, so I decided I wanted to go to Kamihama..."
  103. Madoka: "I... see..."
  104. "You think these unusual phenomena are caused by witches?"
  105. Homura: "I wonder..."
  106. "But, if it's something strange, then that might be the case..."
  107. Madoka: "...Then I'll come too!"
  108. Homura: "Eh!? No, but..."
  109. Madoka: "Homura-chan, you mustn't go alone!"
  110. "If we're fighting witches, we have to help each other as fellow magical girls!"
  111. Homura: "But..."
  112. (Ah, I shouldn't have told her after all!)
  113. (That's right... Kaname-san would try to help people...)
  114. (I'm glad, but...)
  115. "Kaname-san... After all, I..."
  116. Mami: "I'm against it."
  117. Homura: "!?"
  118. Madoka: "Mami-san!?"
  119. Mami: "I happen to see you two, and you're talking of going to Kamihama?"
  120. "I was surprised..."
  121. "Listen, you two."
  122. "Kamihama is dangerous. Under no circumstances should you go."
  123. Madoka: "Dangerous?"
  124. Homura: "What do you mean by that?"
  125. Mami: "...That's right, before we discuss this, can we go somewhere else?"
  126. "You two were planning on going to a cafe, right?"
  127. "I was planning on heading to one as well."
  128. "It'll probably take a while, so why not talk over some tea?"
  130. 5.1.3
  131. Mami: "Mmmm... Yup, the cake here is really delicious."
  132. Madoka: "Yeah, it's great! It's so light and fluffy!"
  133. Homura: "Umm, excuse me... Can we get to the topic...?"
  134. Mami: "Ah, that's right. Sorry about that."
  135. "First off, Akemi-san."
  136. "Why is it that you want to go to Kamihama?"
  137. Homura: "Um, that's..."
  138. Mami: "It's already dangerous enough fighting witches here in Mitakihara."
  139. "And on top of that, Kamihama City is a mysterious place where unusual things are happening."
  140. "So what makes you want to go there despite the risk?"
  141. Homura: "I- uh..."
  142. Mami: "Heh, I'm sorry."
  143. "Maybe that was a bit too mean."
  144. Homura: "No..."
  145. "But is Kamihama really such a dangerous place?"
  146. Madoka: "When you brought me there before, Mami-san..."(edited)
  147. "The witches were really strong and numerous, weren't they?"
  148. Mami: "Yes, that's right."
  149. Madoka: "They were strong, but even I was able to defeat them."
  150. "I don't see exactly what makes it such a dangerous place."
  151. Mami: "The situation is completely different from back then..."
  152. "I've gone there many more times, and I saw something happen..."
  153. Homura: "Something happened?"
  154. Madoka: "What was it?"
  155. Mami: "First off, there are rumors in addition to witches."
  156. Homura: "Rumors?"
  157. Madoka: "You mean things passed from person to person, like urban legends?"
  158. Mami: "Yeah, in Kamihama... those rumors are existences that take physical forms."
  159. "Almost like a witch."
  160. Madoka: "They take form?"
  161. Homura: "Wouldn't that be the work of a witch, though?"
  162. "Or is it something else?"
  163. Mami: "I don't know. However, the chance that it's due to a witch is high."
  164. "Also, one more thing exists in that town."
  165. Homura: "What is it?"
  166. Mami: "It is... a witch in the shape of a person."
  167. Homura: "In the shape of a person!?"
  168. Mami: "Its appearance was completely human. In fact, it took the form of a magical girl."
  169. "However, that was clearly a witch. I could tell."
  170. "And it was quite powerful as well. It would be extremely difficult to defeat."
  171. Homura: *The mass outbreak of witches and the mysterious rumors...*
  172. *And a witch in the shape of a person...*
  173. *I knew it, there's something in Kamihama!*
  174. Mami: "Basically, on top of witches, there are two more types of enemies."
  175. "And that human-shaped witch was behaving like a magical girl..."
  176. "It had blended in perfectly."
  177. "The magical girls it was with seemed to be completely unaware."
  178. Madoka: "Ehh?"
  179. Mami: "I plan on investigating rumors as a start."
  180. "After all, they might start appearing in Mitakihara as well."
  181. "We need to keep them in check as best as we can."
  182. "So for the time being, you two shouldn't go to Kamihama."
  183. [battle]
  184. Madoka: "Those pancakes and tea were both really delicious."
  185. Mami: "Yeah, they sure do have wonderful stuff. We should come back here again with everyone."
  186. Madoka: "Yeah!"
  187. Homura: "Uh, umm, Tomoe-san..."
  188. Mami: "What is it, Akemi-san?"
  189. Homura: "Um, please let me help investigate these mysteries with you!"
  190. Mami: "Help... with Kamihama, you mean?"
  191. Homura: "If it's that dangerous, then I don't need to be very involved, but please let me help."
  192. Madoka: "Homura-chan!"
  193. Mami: "I can't let you. It's too early for you."
  194. "I don't know the full details yet."
  195. "And on top of that, fighting witches outside of Mitakihara..."
  196. "You might run onto others' hunting grounds."
  197. "Do you know what meaning that holds?"
  198. Homura: "You might be mistaken for a hostile magical girl..."
  199. Mami: "Yes."
  200. Homura: "But still, I want to go!"
  201. Mami: "You put me in a tough spot. You're unexpectedly stubborn, Akemi-san."
  202. Homura: "..."
  203. Madoka: "Mami-san, I want to go too. I can't let you be in danger alone!"
  204. Mami: "Even you, Kaname-san..."
  205. "...sigh"
  206. "Alright, then."
  207. Madoka: "Eh!?"
  208. Homura: "Really!?"
  209. Mami: "Yes, but promise me one thing."
  210. "At least wait until I find out more about rumors."
  211. "If I don't know what dangers exist, I won't be able to protect you two."
  212. "When I get back, then we can prepare so that all three of us can go the next time."
  213. Homura: "Okay!"
  214. Madoka: "I'll work hard to be as much help as I can for both of you!"(edited)
  215. Homura: "Yeah!"
  216. "I'll try to help Kaname-san as much as I can too!"
  217. Madoka: "hehehe"
  218. Homura: "..."
  219. Mami: "Well then, I'll head on over to Kamihama."
  220. Madoka: "Right now!?"
  221. Mami: "Otherwise, you might feel like you're being left waiting."
  222. Homura: "We wouldn't!"
  223. Mami: "Haha, I'm just kidding with you."
  224. "I'm just going to head to Kamihama, find out what is going on, and come back."
  225. "Then next time, all three of us can go. Okay?"
  226. Homura: "Yes!"
  227. *And so we saw off Mami-san.*
  228. [fade to black]
  229. Homura: *Without realizing that the next day, Mami-san would... go missing...*
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