Mint Berry Trolling

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  2. Neverwinter: Ah mah gad, pc bluescreened, stop hacking me plz
  3. Sir Mint Berry is now Away.
  4. Sir Mint Berry is now Online.
  5. Sir Mint Berry is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
  6. Sir Mint Berry: my pro hax > ur skillz
  7. Neverwinter: so you admit you hax, must banned berry from spammoman group
  8. Neverwinter: Berry's pro hax 2gud
  9. Sir Mint Berry: wintr pls
  10. Sir Mint Berry: i alredy hakked spmoman group
  11. Neverwinter: oh my god, that means MDNZ has been hax too
  12. Neverwinter: Need report 2 valve
  13. Neverwinter: gg haxxor
  14. Sir Mint Berry has changed their name to Gabe Newell.
  15. Gabe Newell: Yes, what seems to be the problem?
  16. Neverwinter: Hai Gabe, when releaze Half Life 3?
  17. Neverwinter: Also banned berry plox
  18. Neverwinter: He gud haxxor
  19. Gabe Newell: Ah, certainly my dear friend! Will do!
  20. Gabe Newell: Also, Half Life 3 is currently in the alpha phase. We will send you the beta as soon as we are ready.
  21. Gabe Newell: After nine years in development, hopefully it will have been worth the weight
  22. Gabe Newell has changed their name to Sir Mint Berry.
  23. Neverwinter: Thanks Gaben
  24. Sir Mint Berry: np
  25. Sir Mint Berry: wat
  26. Neverwinter: Berry u got banned by gaben. wp
  27. Sir Mint Berry: y poliec took my computr
  28. Sir Mint Berry: nooooooooo
  29. Neverwinter: good game. Enjoy being banned by poliz.
  30. Sir Mint Berry: fukk u nevrwintr! i came bak and kik u ass
  31. Neverwinter: lololololo, try to kik me. I maek sure Gaben bans all ur alts too
  32. Sir Mint Berry: oke yu win wintr. was gud gaim and i loost
  33. Neverwinter: gg haxxor. Gaben > Pro Haxxor
  34. Neverwinter: Alwayz
  35. Sir Mint Berry: wintr plz
  36. Sir Mint Berry: i waz gaebn entire tiem
  37. Neverwinter: Iz not possible. I spoke Gaben juz nao. He promised HL3 and banned u
  38. Neverwinter: He saiz i get beta HL3
  39. Neverwinter: Is realz Gaben
  40. Sir Mint Berry: waz a lie. der is no hl3, i use hat moni from tf2 to buy me lotsof foodz
  41. Sir Mint Berry: oh noez now i die fron high blood pressur
  42. Neverwinter: ah my gadz
  43. Neverwinter: U also impersonatorz and scammerz nao
  44. Sir Mint Berry: hear take al my monies
  45. Sir Mint Berry: gudbie wintr
  46. Sir Mint Berry: *dies*
  47. Neverwinter: NOOOO!!
  48. Neverwinter: You deserved the death for all your crimes. However, I shall not accept your money for I have my reputation and dignity to keep. I shall never accept any sort of fund from impersonators, scammers, and hackers, Good day
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