Finding Father Debrief (Stendra)

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  1. Post Game Information
  3. Players: (please format Player name/character name)
  4. Bun -- Lex
  5. LordOdment -- Ahsoka
  6. RoguePhysicist -- Indigo
  7. Shyshy -- Foxtrot
  8. Silversought -- Urge
  9. Xarcara -- Luna
  11. Summary of run:  
  12. The group is hired to extract an unwilling target and deliver them to a certain location.
  14. Notable Events:
  15. They had a very good matrix search, knowing that the target is awakened and nobody assensed him even though they had multiple chances, only when they were ready to kidnap the entire family, but they rolled badly and he was able to mask his magic and spirit.
  16. They painted Luna’s truck according to one in the Run Run Runner (8 hits) and dressed up as the characters from the show aside of Luna (8 hits on disguise, I don’t think Indigo could keep them all). She followed the family from the hotel to the event hall and announced their arrival to the team, who was waiting for them and tried to trick them that they were the 1000th people who took a picture with them and they won a day long Run Run Runner experience with sightseeing, posing, restaurant and a real runner event. The mother was concerned but they eventually signed the fake documents accepting their prize. They were hundreds of eye witnesses.
  17. They drove around in Downtown, acted ICly from the RRR, entertaining the family and taking pictures all over Downtown in their costumes and chatted them up. Urge and Luna followed them on bikes (Luna from a distance, since she was spying on them in the hotel’s restaurant while they had breakfast) and when they got to a C zone (Columbia I think it was) they stopped the car on the street, in broad daylight, it wasn’t emphasized if they went into an alley or not so I assumed they just legit pulled the car to the side, then Ahsoka punched the parents to unconsciousness. Paco began to scream for help and Prometheus materialized, placing itself between Paco and the others and they fought back.
  18. Indigo tried to shoot Paco with a neurostun capsule. Paco dodged and she hit Lex instead, who had to resist 16 stun at the end of the combat turn, we’ll get back to that.
  19. Ahsoka fought with the spirit who was wrecking the inside of the vehicle plus Ahsoka inside there.
  20. Urge opened the car door and zapped the kid with shock arms. Paco was in a lot of pain but didn’t pass out, he began to scream for help even louder and tried to get away.
  21. Lex grappled Paco and tried to get him out of the car to get him away from the spirit and Ahsoka/Urge fighting with it.
  22. Foxtrot gets out of the car, disguised as a RRR character but her animal features are visible.
  23. Luna casts silence on Lex (F4) so the screaming and cry for help gets muffled.
  24. I warned them that they are doing all this in broad daylight and people are watching.
  25. Ahsoka defeats Prometheus after a while, majorly beaten up, she got out of the car to have more space, her golden skin exposed along with her mentor’s mask.
  26. Lex passes out from the stun damage. Paco gets free and starts running. Foxtrot casts vines on him (F8) and gets him tied up. He gets out of the silence spell and continues begging for help from the bypassers.
  27. They argue for a while what to do: dump the wife with the kid and drive off or take the kid in the van and drop them off by a hospital. Urge drags Lex (unconscious) and Paco into the van and they drive off. Witnesses all over. Broad daylight.
  28. They haven’t scrubbed any astral signatures, just drove off.  
  29. Paco cries and whimpers in pain, which Indigo stops with muffling him with a piece of clothing, as I quote “She doesn’t want to listen to this all the way to Redmond.” Ahsoka and Foxtrot wouldn’t do it so she has to do it herself (as Lex is still knocked out)
  30. Fox turns into an actual fox and starts to cuddle/lick Paco.
  31. When they were ready to deliver to Ludmila, Luna and Lex broke down that they can’t do this, got into an argument and a fight of what to do, realizing that the guy worked for Aztechnology and out of fear of blood spirits and guilt, Luna, Lex and Ahsoka voted not delivering the package while Indigo and Urge voted over delivery, with Fox being indecisive. They eventually woke up the wife with a slap patch (note that the kid was still bound and gagged and crying in the back with a fox licking him) and Luna tried to earn their trust and apologized, dropping her physical mask and removing her gas mask, along with Lex removing his ballistic mask. Fabiana was furious, demanded answers, demanded his husband and child to be freed and let them go at this instant. Luna offered an escape route via her contact Thom, who could smuggle them out of Seattle, which she ‘agreed upon’ once the mage cuffs and bag and all of their binds were gone. The team was tense and argued a lot but they dropped the people off at Thom in a hope that he’d take care of the rest.
  32. Indigo gives the burner to Luna to deal with the J (she is infuriated as she has consummate professional), lying that the wife got a call and they had to get out of town asap and they slipped away. Ludmila wanted more detail on the matter but she insisted that there was nothing they could do. She wasn’t happy and broke the line. This call happened within an hour after they left from the scene and dropped the family off to Thom.
  34. Player Feedback:  They had fun in the convention, the freaks were especially popular. They were posing for the people and such, Urge with his unusual augmentations, Foxtrot in her kitsune cosplay and Ahsoka with her strength and unusual looks, along with Luna dressing up as a sidekick (with physical mask) from Neil the ork barbarian. They mentioned a couple of times that I’m stabbing them with the feels when I was talking about their happy family. Sorry not sorry.
  36. Feedback:  The run certainly didn’t go as I expected. I thought they would just do the “good guys” deal, instead they went with the “cold hearted bastard” way and then they let the family go out of sheer guilt and fear of blood spirits hunting them down. I warned them several times when they were doing immoral or bad decisions, which were repeatedly ignored. I feel really bad.
  38. How did the run go?:  Well, see above.
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