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  1. UPDATE:
  2. At the moment, the site will take around a weeks worth of work to fix.
  3. However, when it comes back it will be 1000x better, and there will be fuck tons of brand new leaks and resources for YOU to download.
  5. Here are our plans for BlackSpigotMC moving forward.
  6. -To improve the overall theme/feel of the site to make it better for the users
  7. -To leak more plugins, and push out more public plugin leaks
  8. -To unblacklist most of the blacklisted plugins
  9. -To keep up the updates for some of the big plugins, whilst also posting smaller plugins for the userbase.
  10. -Uploading more from places like MC-Market, etc...
  11. -Working with members to leak things, as well as helping users with their questions more.
  13. What happened to BSMC?
  15. Earlier today, our website was defaced by multiple staff members, including but not limited to OhYeah55, T0R, Java, and kittykat.
  16. These users have started their own blackspigot copycat website, however they have little to no knowledge of how to run a website.
  17. WifiSpy, and a few loyal users will be restoring BlackSpigotMC to a backup, and fixing the damages.
  18. Although blackspigot WILL be weakened from this betrayal of trust, we WILL rise up stronger, and better.
  19. The staff members who left us were angry that WifiSpy had not shared profits from BSMC with them, however there were no proceeds to share, as Wifi was putting them all back into the website.
  20. To us, BlackSpigot has always been a non profit project.
  21. Our goal was to put leaks out there for the community, and to help up-and-coming server owners.
  22. The site will be back up soon, and we hope our community can come back to keep the site going!
  24. Thank you,
  25. The Staff
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