SleeplessElite DayZ Server Rules

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  2. 1.Hacking isn't tolerated and will result in a permanent ban. Additionally bans on our servers will also battleye ban and will be shared with our ban network of over a dozen communities.
  3. 2.Glitching/Exploiting will result in a ban the duration of which is entirely up to the staff member who is administering it.
  4. 3.Duping of any kind will result in a minimum of a day ban, repeat offenders will receive a 30 day ban followed by a permanent ban.
  5. 4.Combat Logging will result in a ban, you must go 2 minutes without combat before logging out, Also running away from a fight into Trader safe zone is effectivly the same thing as combat logging.
  6. 5.Any streamers are advised have a delay on their stream of a minimum of 2 minutes (This is to prevent stream snipers as it is hard to control.)
  7. 6.No toxic behavior.
  8. 7.Racism will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.
  9. 8.No harassment of other players or staff, this will result in a long ban followed by a permanent ban for any repeat offence. (This includes Harassing other players for Money or other in game items)
  10. 9.No Building may be made to block a Military area with loot spawns Or with in 700m of a trader
  11. 10.If a staff member asks you to desist in something you are doing on the server you are to do so, if not the action taken against you will be entirely discretionary.
  12. 11.Prop piling and stacking is Prohibited.
  13. 12.No Camping Traderzones. Or Stealing from other players in Trader
  14.     • The Safe Zone for Traders is 700 meters in any direction from the center of the trade zone.
  15.     • The Safe Zone breakdown is 300 meters in any direction from the center there will be god mode, an additional 400 is added to that as a no fire zone.
  16.     • Any fights or gun fire in the "Safe Zone", any fights shooting into it from outside or any fights shooting out of it from the inside will result in a ban.
  17.     • The Hunting Lodges / Camping area next to green mountain isn't protected, you can be killed while there. Fights in that area must stay within 50 meters of the location.
  18. 13.Making plots with a shovel for any other reason for farming is strictly prohibited.
  19. 14.Using plots to raid bases is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban.
  20. 15.No Stacking of items to lift you into the air or to climb over a wall. (This does not include cars, players, and watchtowers.)
  21. 16.No Grieving of Lockers or other storage items you cannot access (aka Destroying them because you cant access the loot.)
  22. 17.Do not log out in an enemy players base. This will be considered combatlogging, whether it is an online or offline raid.
  23. NEW RULE: 18. No blocking off areas to make cement mixers in accessible to other players.
  25. At no point will "proof" be provided to the banned.
  26. No staff member is under any obligation to provide any "proof" that has been used.
  27. Any attempt to circumvent a ban will either increase the ban length for that user or cause them to be permanently banned.
  28. Any attempt to circumvent in game systems will result in a ban.
  29. Ban length is entirely discretionary and up to the staff member handling the situation.
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