Novice Maid Kanagi (Ch 19-20) -END

Sep 7th, 2018
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  2. Chapter 19
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  4. >Reira: U, Um! It's not like she's mad at you or anything!
  5. >Kanagi: Really?
  6. >Reira: ...Yes. People misunderstand all the time, but she's just extremely shy. It's not like she's mad or in a bad mood.
  7. >Mito: The last time we came, she fainted because she was looking at someone she's met for the first time for a long time.
  8. >Kanagi: I apologize for that.
  9. >Reira: should be the ones apologizing. If it's just the two of us, she's fine, but it seems like she gets nervous in front of other people.
  10. >Mito: But you see, Seika's class is going to do a maid cafe at their culture fair so she wants to do her best as a maid.
  11. >Seika: ...Y, Yeah...
  12. >Mito: That's why last time we came here in order to prepare for the maid cafe.
  13. >Kanagi: I see... Then you must have been disappointed with an imperfect maid like me.
  14. >Reira: it's a bit hard for me to say this, but...a little...
  15. >Kanagi: No need to hold back, it's the truth. Back then, I didn't think about what was important as a maid.
  16. >Seika: ...B, But... you boldly..................
  17. >Kanagi: ...No need to hurry. I'll wait until your words come out.
  18. >Seika: ...I, I...I couldn't do something like that...I don't...have the...con, confidence...
  19. >Kanagi: (Confidence, huh...)
  22. After the break, the story picks up from where Seika pointed out that she couldn't act as confident as Kanagi.
  24. >Seika: ...I, I...I couldn't do something like that...I don't...have the...con, confidence...
  25. >Kanagi: (Confidence, huh...) You don't need to worry about that too much.
  26. >Seika: .........
  27. >Kanagi: Can you see that maid over there?
  29. She points over to maid-senpai, entertaining another customer.
  31. >Maid-senpai: Now then~~ I'll pack this full of my love. Become yum~~~my! Become yum~~~my!
  33. >Kanagi: She's a veteran with a lot of experience. If someone says the word maid, someone like her is probably the first one to come to mind.
  34. >Mito: In other words, she's like The Maid-san!
  35. >Kanagi: But, that's impossible for me. Even though I respect her, I can't become exactly like her.
  36. >Reira: ...True...I can't really imagine that...
  37. >Kanagi: But... I think I want to make sure that the customers have a good time in my own way.
  39. Suddenly, a voice shouts out:
  41. >???: AAAAAAAHH! It's Nagitan! Nagitan's returned!
  42. >Kanagi: Mu?
  44. The two guys from chapter 7 come running up to Kanagi.
  46. >Guy A: Nice to see you've returned, ma'am!
  47. >Guy B: It's an honor to meet you again, ma'am!
  48. >Kanagi: You remembered me...
  49. >Guy B: Of course, ma'am! We're fans of yours!
  50. >Kanagi: No, I'm the one... who feels honored.
  52. >Mito: Nagitan, you have fans! Coo~~~l!
  53. >Kanagi: I also learned that for the first time.
  54. >Seika: .........
  55. >Kanagi: Even someone like me has people that are waiting for me. Master, maybe you should aim to be a maid in your own way, don't you think?
  56. >Seika: .......A maid in my own way...
  57. >Kanagi: Yeah. Apparently, becoming a kuudere maid is popular too.
  58. >Seika: ...I, I don't know...what a kuudere is...but...but...but... ...I, I...will do my, best...! Because I want to do my being a maid-san...!
  59. >Kanagi: Umu. I'll cheer you on from the sidelines.
  62. From Kanagi's own sidelines, Karin is impressed to the point where she's in tears.
  64. >Karin: Na, Nagitan...! A, Amazing...I...I' happy...!
  67. >Seika: U, Um... A pic, picture...
  68. >Kanagi: Fine with me. However, I won't allow my face to be shown.
  69. >Reira: Even though you're a maid-san!?
  70. >Kanagi: I have a lot of people I know around town. If they find out, it'll be a hassle for me.
  71. >Mito: Huh~ then maybe I'll hide my face too.
  72. >Reira: Mito, you too!?
  73. >Mito: Well, it seems fun! How about you two?
  74. >Reira: ...You wanna do it?
  75. >Seika: ...Yeah.
  78. >Maid: Then~~, here we go!
  80. >Click!
  82. >Mito: Ahaha. With this it's hard to tell who's who~
  83. >Reira: Ahaha. You're right!
  84. >Seika: Fufuu.
  85. >Reira: Now, we better head home soon.
  86. >Mito: Ehh~~, already~~? I wanna play some more--
  87. >Seika: We just need to...come back again.
  88. >Reira: ...Seika.
  89. >Mito: You're right!
  90. >Kanagi: ........Master, before you go I'll cast a spell to help give you courage.
  91. >Seika: A, s, spell...?
  92. >Kanagi: Umu.
  94. She strikes her signature pose.
  96. >Kanagi: I will always assist you, Master! In other words...if you have a problem, leave it to your maid, Nagitan!
  98. >Mito: Ohhh~! Nagitan, you're so cool!!
  99. >Reira: Ahaha, she is a little weird after all.
  100. >Seika: ......Fufuu.
  101. >Kanagi: If you get nervous, just remember. If you remember fun things, it'll relieve some of the anxiety.
  102. >Seika: ...Yes...!
  103. >Kanagi: See you later. I'll always be waiting for your safe return.
  104. >Reira/Seika/Mito: Yes!
  107. ++++++++++++
  108. Chapter 20
  109. ++++++++++++
  111. After the girls leave, Kanagi heads over to Karin.
  113. >Karin: Nagitan!
  114. >Kanagi: Artist, I think I've done everything I should have, but how did I do?
  115. >Karin: You did a good job! You did a lot better than before!
  116. >Kanagi: I see...It must be because I changed my attitude. ...Thank you for watching me.
  117. >Karin: ...Yeah. What are you going to do from now on?
  118. >Kanagi: That's...
  120. Onee-sama appears.
  122. >Onee-sama: Nagitan, do you have a moment?
  123. >Kanagi: Yes.
  124. >Onee-sama: How was it?
  125. >Kanagi: I think I was able to convey how fun this place is to make up for the amount of disappointment they felt last time. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to do so. With that, I was able to see things through to the end.
  126. >Onee-sama: ...Are you satisfied?
  127. >Kanagi: No, I simply finished what I started. It's not a matter of whether or not I was satisfied.
  128. >Onee-sama: ...Is that so? True... I'd be concerned if you were satisfied just with this. Just as I thought, you should continue to work as a maid.
  129. >Kanagi: ---!? Is it okay if I continue?
  130. >Onee-sama: Though I'm sure the girls in the kitchen will be disappointed~ But you know, it'd be a waste for you to stop here, seeing as you've finally realized what's important. What do you think?
  131. >Kanagi: I want to continue.
  132. >Onee-sama: For your salary's sake?
  133. >Kanagi: My salary is important too, but... I think I want to put what I've learned to use. If you're fine with me continuing to work as a maid, then I intend to continue working towards my goals.
  134. >Onee-sama: Good. I look forward to seeing the kind of maid only you can be, Nagitan!
  135. >Kanagi: Yes. I plan on working to meet your expectations.
  138. A few days later...
  141. >Coworker: Nagitaaaan! Please deliver those drinks over here!
  142. >Kanagi: Understood.
  144. >Customer A: Ohhh! It's Nagitan! You're cool today too.
  145. >Customer B: So cool... I want to be protected by a maid-san like her...
  146. >Coworker: Once you're done over there, could you take care of this latte order?
  147. >Kanagi: Mu, latte art, huh? Understood.
  149. >Kanagi: Here's your Revolving Cafe Latte. Thanks for waiting.
  150. >Customer C: Nagitan, is it true you can do latte art?
  151. >Kanagi: Yes, I can.
  152. >Customer C: And you can draw Kirin-chan too?
  153. >Kanagi: It's true. Wait just a moment.
  154. >Customer D: Nagitan-samaaaa~ We'd like to have a picture of you!
  155. >Kanagi: Understood. Only, my face will be...
  156. >Customer E: You don't want your face seen, right? Please put this mask on.
  157. >Kanagi: ...You came prepared.
  160. >Kanagi: Thanks for waiting. Here's your Fuwamoko Sweet Sweet Parfait.
  161. >Customer F: ...Eh!? Y, You're that type?
  162. >Kanagi: That's right, I'm that type of maid.
  163. >Customer F: T, That's different...
  165. >Karin: Naaaa--giiii--taaa---n! I want you to do that! Y'know, that!
  166. >Kanagi: That, huh? Understood.
  168. >Customer G: Ohhhh! Here it is!!
  169. >Customer D: Ahh! Wait wait! My camera! Is it okay if I use my camera!?
  170. >Maid-senpai: We'll take the picture ourselves, so if you would like one, please let us know.
  173. >Kanagi: If you have a problem, then leave it to your maid, Nagitan! Master.
  175. >Customers: Kyaaaaaaaaah!! NAGITAAAAAAN!
  177. >Karin: You're looking great today too!
  179. >Karin: Haaa~~ that was fun!
  180. >Kanagi: By the way, Artist.
  181. >Karin: Hm?
  182. >Kanagi: How's the manga coming along?
  183. >Karin: .......Oh. I, I totally forgot it halfway through!! M, My senpai will be mad at me! Wwwwwwwwhat should I do...!?
  184. >Kanagi: Fumu, I owe you for today too. If you need help, I'll gladly assist you.
  185. >Karin: ........
  186. >Kanagi: .......What's wrong?
  187. >Karin: ...You're not going to do your signature pose?
  188. >Kanagi: I'm not working right now, after all.
  189. >Karin: ...That part of you is still strict...
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