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  1. [09:36:15] [@smokemonster1] did you hear the story about yipes a while back
  2. [09:36:15] [@smokemonster1] lol
  3. [09:36:17] [@competitiveonline] even shitty mlg teams pay ur fair
  4. [09:36:21] [@competitiveonline] what story
  5. [09:36:21] [@competitiveonline] ?
  6. [09:36:25] [@smokemonster1] they were at some tourny i think it was uh
  7. [09:36:27] [@smokemonster1] the one where daigo came
  8. [09:36:29] [@smokemonster1] i forgot the name
  9. [09:36:34] [@smokemonster1] seasons beatings
  10. [09:36:40] [@competitiveonline] yea
  11. [09:36:41] [@smokemonster1] so yipes was there and he's in emp
  12. [09:36:42] [@smokemonster1] lol
  13. [09:36:53] [@smokemonster1] so all the emp members were mad hungry but they didnt have money
  14. [09:37:00] [@competitiveonline] lol
  15. [09:37:02] [@smokemonster1] so they all went to sleep and yipes came into the room
  16. [09:37:10] [@smokemonster1] and someone there was awake but i forgot who
  17. [09:37:18] [@smokemonster1] so yipes went into the garbage and took out an egg roll
  18. [09:37:20] [@smokemonster1] and ate it
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